Doctor Who: Steven Moffat confirms he's planning series 8

News Louisa Mellor 21 Feb 2013 - 12:45

The current Doctor Who showrunner is going nowhere, as Steven Moffat confirms he's started to plan series eight...

We'll keep this short and sweet. Ed Stradling, Doctor Who and documentary powerhouse, interviewed Steven Moffat at the Gallifrey One 2013 convention in LA this weekend.

The fourteen-minute chat took in the return of old foes and fan favourites, the logistics of making the fiftieth anniversary episode in 3D, how keen Moffat is for Russell T. Davies to guest-write an episode, how long Matt Smith will stay in the role ("Forever, for the rest of time"), the showrunner's least and most favourite self-penned episodes, and why The Big Bang was given that title.

During the interview, Moffat confirmed that he'd "just starting planning the next series", meaning we shouldn't expect another showrunner changeover in the near future. 

Oh, and look out for a Twitter question supplied by our very own James Peaty at around eight minutes in...


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Good! Moffat's Who is just a delight and it feels like there's so much more he can do in the job. Plus it'll annoy the usual naysayers on t'interwebs which is always a good thing.

Okay, I'm in love with this man again.

This past series just has been too much of a mood change for me, so I'm glad as long as the Moff keeps it humble and making it with the whole audience in mind. Super excited for the 50th!

What excites me most of all is the throwaway line "Don't believe the nonsense about one sixty minute film - that is complete nonsense."

Ended up watching "A good man goes to War" again last night. I'd forgotten just how many fantastic moments that episode has. Even a curmudgeonly old cynic like myself can't help but get a wobbly lip when Rory turns up with the baby.

There are still a lot of dodgy episodes knocking about, but if they can still produce something of this level once per series, then long live the Moff.

I'm glad that Moffat feels like he's still got more to give. I enjoy that he has a different vision for the show each series. Can't wait to see what the plan is for 8!

‘A good man goes to war’ is the one with the 2 gay marines
who don’t have names because as one of them says “ We're the Thin Fat Gay
Married Anglican Marines. Why would we need names as well?” Is that one of your
'fantastic moments' because to me it’s an indication of just how woeful his
writing has become.

Loved most of this, apart from the assertion that Russell T Davies is the best TV screenwriter alive. If you go back and watch the David Tenant episodes he wrote now, they just seem awful, so inferior to what we've had since The Moff took over.

I hadnt realised his thinking when calling an episode the big bang until now, the dirty devil! He does make the right noises about the show to get the audience excited, did anyone else find his answer to how long Matt Smith will be in the role a little unconvincing? I still think theyre going to slip the next doctor in without anyone finding out until its aired, theyre getting better and better at keeping secrets.

That wasn't one of the high points for me either, but it wasn't terrible. On the other hand, the bit where Rory tries to be cool but ends up crying is one of the best pieces of writing I've seen in a long time.

Also, Rory threatening the Cybermen, The Doctor taking Demons Run without firing a shot, a baby turning in goo and the River Song revelation were all top notch. Even stuff like Strax the nurse worked well.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of episodes that have poor writing in them, but this wasn't one of them

Wonder if the acknowledgement that he and Russell are responsible to other people in the BBC while working on the programme is because he is conscious that he can't please everybody concerning his anniversary plans.It gives me quite a lot of pleasure to note that a lot of speculation about his intentions doesn't look very realistic considering what he says in the interview.I certainly wouldn't want Matt and Moffat to leave before they've done what they intended to do and i think they still have a lot to offer creatively to benefit Doctor Who.Excited to see he's pitching concepts for series8 considering the BBC haven't issued a press release confirming it yet.

I'm quite glad he hates the Beast Below. Going on what he's written, I find Moffat a very strongly consistent writer episode-to-episode. But Beast Below was an exception for me. That was a dire episode, lacking in almost every way. In my opinion, at least. And apparently Moffat's too, now!

Interesting what you just said their in your comment because to me it's an indication of just how woeful your understanding of an incredibly clever and funny bit of writing is.

So we are going to have another two years of boredom? I think the genius as outstayed his welcome long enough. It's time to move on and let somebody else have a shot, somebody who isn't befuddled by his own sense of vanity. Dr Who as ceased to be the DW Show since Moffat took over, now it's the "look how much of a clevery wibbly wobbly genius I am" show. It wouldn't be so bad if he could write dialogue that consisted of words over two syllables. Please Steven, I'm happy for your success, but please don't make the show any more lacklustre than you already have.

Here here. The guys a hack who believes his own fangirl hype.

Oh yes, Moff's dialogue is really clever, isn't it? Notice how he skilfully avoids using any big words like "sagacity" or "inquisitor" He's far too much of a genius for that. Instead we get Teletubby level dialogue that makes most five year olds blush.

He's right, it was a mess. But it still had some good moments in, and one of my favourite Doctor lines ever, when as he says he'll have to lobotomise the whale he says '...and then I'll have to find a new name, because I won't be The Doctor anymore.' Very arguably his weakest (although I think Let's Kill Hitler was the most messy, the most frustrating, the most disappointing, and the most wasteful)

Double post, look, it's because I'm a self professed genius, ok?

Is it just me that feels Moff's writing is more suited to a show like Power Rangers as opposed to a show that needs intelligent scripting like Dr Who?

I like how he has the audacity to call the Ice Warriors rubbish, er sorry genius, but what were the Silents all about again? Oh that's right, you stole them from Buffy. What a genius.

Yes because the cybers would be very threatened by saddo wimp Rory who cant even stand up to his own wife.

The gay marines are just the worst example of Moffat sticking
his head out from behind the curtain and giving the audience a big lairy wink as if to say look at me and how clever I am! It’s a moment that says that these characters are just puppets, because if they were real of course they’d have names.

While I admit that the best thing about the episode is Rory,
the rest is just painfully overblown and false. Moffat’s episodes are full of moments where he wants to be clever and cool, but if you pause for just a second and have a think it all starts to fall apart. For example -

The Headless Monks or the Order of the Headless (what cool
names!), for whom it’s a heresy to take down their hood. There big secret – they’re headless! If it were such a heresy surely they could have chosen another name! However their state somehow conveniently means that they don’t register as being alive and so can pop out of the darkness and go boo!
The squad of spitfires in space, which were very cool with their
lasers, but make no sense with their engine noises and their ability manoeuvre in a vacuum.
Strax, through whom Moffat turns a race of majors villain into
a single comedy buffoon “I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid!”
Finally River saying things like “This is the Doctor's darkest hour… he'll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further”. Personally I’d have thought that being the last member of his race would have been a pretty low point, but that’s part of RTD’s era so obviously out of bounds.

If you’re going to argue for good writing and not confuse it
with unrestrained melodrama then this is not the strongest example to pick.

What a wanker that bloke is.

The threatening of the Cybermen seemed very unrealistic for me in terms of a) can the Doctor really do that kind of thing to a whole fleet, b) would he go to that much trouble to make a point, and c) would he cause that much destruction (and presumably the loss of cybermen lives) just for the hell of it?

Clever writing does not require long words, my verbose friend, as you have aptly proven.

Curious about what you expected from' Let's Kill Hitler.'I don't think a dramatic episode focussing on how the Doctors' relationship with Amy and Rory had changed after what happened previously and examining it's effect would really have been an appropriate Doctor Who story.I did think that a secret origin of River Song story explaining what had happened to her after she had been taken from her mother was needed and it fulfilled that.I was impressed by the story construction and the comedy was very effective to me.

Hey Paul....when your Mom left my house this morning she told me to just ignore your rantings. She explained to me how everyone in your life was ashamed of you and used to ignore you all the time, so now I understand why you're always looking for attention.

No-one cares about your Who-hating all over this website, so please go away.
P.S. Tell your Mom I'll see her on the weekend.

You like dialogue written for Teletubbies in what is supposed to be a mature family show?

Over the hills and far away

Moffat fangirls come out to play

Wibbly wobbly chin boy with the fish custard and cool fezz, geronimo!


PS, Merlin was axed, the writing on Merlin was certainly dire at times, but, was better than Moff's uttering on DW. Guys been way too overhyped., so much so he now believes his own bs. It's safe to assume that he as had his moment in the sun, and is now just milking it for all it's worth. Or could it be that nobody else wants the DW producer role? Look at what happened with JNT? He was locked into his contract and forced to stay, they would have axed it had he left, so being the Who fan he was, he tried his best to keep things going. But in doing so, earned the nerdrage of Who fanboys everywhere Even though he was just doing right by them.

Moff's had his time. He should quit while he has the chance.

Oh, Paul....I can't even reply to you....How do you even reply to a douche who thinks he knows everything?

No, but it does require a modicum of actual talent, which Moff is devoid of.

I get it, you Moff fangirls like this show now because you don't need to posses an ounce of intelligence to appreciate it. The British equivalent of Twilight.

I thought that it was a mess of different ideas, none of which were were developed. 'Mels'? Done and dusted after ten minutes. River as a villain? Fifteen minutes. Anything they could have done with Hitler? Let's remove any potential storylines within 5 minutes. A whole subculture living inside a robot with threatening antibodies chasing after them, a moralistic group who will nonetheless commit murder where necessary? 5 minutes. There was about half a season's worth of episodes crammed in there, and so none of the ideas got room to breathe.

Once more, the Doctor is definitely dying, no chance of survival, but then magic saves him. A complete abbreviation of River's life from the potential she had shown in previous episodes, now every important thing that happens to her takes place inside 45 minutes. No decent followup to the Doctor's proclamation in the previous episode that he'd get the child back, no emotional outcome for Amy and Rory over losing their child (Yes, they still lost their child, and it didn't even break their stride). That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but it was just incredibly frustrating to watch all the good ideas (and Moffat has lots of them) get thrown away.

Moffat is hailed as a genius, but he is anything but. If anything he is a fraud, coasting along on the reputation of far better writers than he, such as Robert Holmes, who made this show what it is in the first place. Moff is pathetic. He can't even handle criticism, hence why he fled from twitter like a little girl. The only thing Moff is a genius of is being a hack, like that other overrated second rate writer, Lindlehoff.

It's Moffat, anything beyond the laws of logic and physics is possible. Good fiction is grounded in reality, as boundaries and laws, Moff just throws all of those rules out the window and hits you with one poorly executed, underwhelming twist after the next, hoping your head will be that battered, you will fail to notice how piss poor his story's are constructed

Hope you have low expectations for April:)

Such a shame when the troll come out from under their bridge. Just ignore and he'll go away eventually. I am sure Paul Phoenixnovarebirth will argue he is not, but if you look into his posting history you have to ask: why would someone spend the last 4 to 5 hours doing nothing but going into various topics on Den Of Geek leaving blatantly inflammatory comments - someone who has apparently never been on this site before this morning...?

Just ignore him, everyone - it's not worth the aggro.

I thought you were a hater of DW? While you were with my mum, who as been dead four years, I was round at yours with your wife. She said it was good to finally have a real bloke in the sack instead of the penis-less wonder that you are.


Nobody cars about your fanwank over Moffat. You must be one sad, no life little goit if you consider Muff a genius and this show as brilliant, under his stewardship.

So just for confirmation, if you dislike Moffats work, you get insulted?

Fanboy nerdgasms all round then.

Why is Zaphod defending a kids show? How old is he, ten?

Why you defending a kids show? Are you ten?

Are you the real life version of Bory Williams? ya sad egg.

I don't recall saying that he was a genius.....i definitely like the guy...I just don't like you.... How delusional are you? RTD did all this same type of stuff youre criticizing Moffat for when he was showrunner. And...he constantly wrote down to children instead of TO them....grow up and get some perspective.

Doctor Who has always been a family show, you chucklehead.

Every episode of Moff's seems to follow that trend. DW used to be intelligent TV. Now its aimed at the same people who follow X factor like a religion. Scifi-lite, hollow drama.

I'm actually surprised this isn't spreading like wildfire. Huge news!

I wouldn't go that far, I actually really enjoy a lot of his episodes (in general I really enjoyed the recent 6 episodes, especially the Christmas episode). But I think his biggest problem now is in his pacing; I don't agree with his statement that you can do a film in 45 minutes, and I think that with an extra 15 minutes (or a second part) season 7a could have been a hell of a lot better.

I like the Cybermen. I liked how RTD brought them back and made them menacing again. Fair enough the Doctor was able to defeat them by disabling the emotional inhibitors they have, thereby allowing them to see themselves for what they are, thus burning themselves out in the process. Admittedly, it was a bit of a melodramatic way to kill off the dreaded Cybers, but it worked. Now, the Cybers under Moff's rule are a bunch of steel woosies easily defeated by the Power of Love, which, when you think about it is the way all of the Doctors foes are defeated these days, under Moff. A crying baby???? Moff as taken the worst elements of RTD and emphasised them, ten fold. Now we have entire alien armies peeing their pants at the mere mention of the Doctor's name. Now we have formidable monsters defeated by kissing, and a whole host of other lovey dovey crap. The show now is an unfunny parody of it's former self. Where is the science? The morality? The heart? It doesn't exist because the genius hack can't write it.

I guess until there are a few more firm details people are reluctant to spread it.

Great news!!! He now has an extra year to not only not wrap up dangling story lines from two years ago but to begin new ones which he won't resolve. Maybe by that time we will all have forgotten about one of the central mysteries of an entire season of who exactly blew up the TARDIS.

It's easy to complain about for Moffat's ideas for River being abbreviated but i think he was actually concerned about how much the character dominated the season which was why he needed the storyhook about how the Doctor would avoid his future death and the multiple Amy storylines.I know it's a matter of contention but i don't think a detailed dramatic character piece concentrating on the effects of the situation on the characters relationships would definitely have benefited the story or been proper Doctor Who.I really love the montage about Amy and Rorys' teenage relationship and the twist that Melody is there all the time waiting for an opportunity to attack the Doctor.Don't agree the background concept of the Tesselecta justice machine isn't comprehensive enough for the episode.

The Great Intelligence is speaking again i see.It's just as well you don't need to do that sort of thing since you don't have a body or a brain really.

I think more character work was exactly what was needed, and the evidence that it works as part of Who is shown in episodes like the wonderful 'The Girl Who Waited', that very same season. That explored Rory and Amy's relationship beautifully, and key emotional beats were skimmed through or dropped completely in LKH. And yes, it may have dominated the season, but it already was dominating it by design, and instead he flitted between great ideas without ever landing on one long enough to make something of it. The montage of Amy and Rory's relationship was about the best executed thing in it, but it didn't add anything to the character of 'Mels'. If it had been part of a story about Amy and Rory then it would have been a wonderful prologue, but as it was it was a 5 minute sketch thrown into an almost unrelated episode.

RTD's episodes always tended to stick to a single idea as the throughline, whereas Moffat likes to put in as much as possible. I'm not saying RTD's way is the definitive way you should make episodes (certainly some of his struggled for ideas in a way Moffat's episodes never have) but sticking to only a couple of ideas per episode is the best way to give everything the time it needs.

Moffat may not have accomplished what he wanted to but he did try to do something which was new and different and i think that ambition is always something which belongs in Doctor Who.Think the overall storyline was so complex that balancing character and plot was just very difficult and Moffat still wanted a number of stand alone episodes for people who possibly might not like River.

True. I just wish he'd give his ideas a bit more time, and it's a fear I still have as we approach series 7b.

Interesting interview. Very good. I wonder about his answer on Mat Smith staying "forever" , he seemed a bit evasive and shifty eyed. Maybe he knows and is not letting on. However if Mat stays for another year , two years or three etc, thats good. We have not had a Doctor stay for longer than three full seasons for a long time.....

And I hope that Mat is looking at the disaster that Tennants post Who career has turned into and is taking note. From Doctor Who, to stuff like voiceover work on adverts and crap films like Nativity Danger in the Manger ....

Dont believe all the nonsense about one 60 minute special????? I dont have a lot of faith I must admit. Maybe they are keeping stuff secret, but I dont count things like DvD releases or audio releases as part of it, however nice they are. I am just going to wait and see now.

He still seems like he is enjoying the show, and thats good. I just wish they had not split the last season like they have, and if he is doing series eight, I hope its 12 / 13 episodes in one full run.

And looking at the comments and fights on here, I thought I was obsessed by the show....heheheheh

I kind of agree with you. Compared to stuff like the Pertwee Era and its hard science grounding and eco themes etc. But thats the difference between the times we live in. Back then people enjoyed 4 - 6 parters and it left time for the chacters to develop.

Now its all biff bang run around and over in 45 minutes. This is because people now have the attention spans of gnats. Its all the tweeting, texting, facebooking generation. Nothing we can do about it.

I am pleased to see the Ice Warriors again. I cant wait to see them, and the Heart of the Tardis...but a little part of me is disapointed and sad it will all be so break neck that it will be over in a flash. Imagine how good a two to three parter with the Ice Warriors could have been. All creepy dread and hidden menace at the start, and no reveal of the Ice Warriors until the end of episode 1.....then two more episodes with them in, fighting, characters, mayhem...That would be great. Thats how it used to be.

But it will go along these lines.....Oh look its a submarine...whats going on here then???? Oh look its the Ice Warriors!!! Run away....panic....wave sonic screwdriver.....booom! Dead Ice Warriors.

Still it will be fun I am sure.

You are so right....If anyone except Steve Moffat (the show's producer) had pitched the idea to the BBC of a giant space whale coming to earth to save Britain's population because it heard children crying they would have been laughed out of the building :)

You nailed it, dude. I cop a lot of flack for pointing these things out, never the less I stick firmly to my guns. As much as the prospect of the IW returning fills me with anticipation, I know that by the time I've seen the episode, it will leave me sadly underwhelmed Say what you like about RTD, but he spent an entire season building up to the re-emergences of the classic foes, and gave them a bit more room to breath on screen, allowing the new audience the time for "the fear factor" to sink in. With Moff, he quickly introduces them, then reduces them to an in-joke, before killing them off in a very cheesy manner "the power of love". Thus cheating everyone out of one of the greatest parts of the show. I'm thinking of Syl, yuck, or Sutekh, or The Valeyard. All these villains had proper development, so when the Doc finally defeated them, there was some sense of gratification and that justice had been done, not just within the confines of the story, but also to the viewer who had been given the chance to get to know these vile foes.

Agreed, landerson. This guy is a douchebag of epic proportions. He probably submitted a script to Moffat and had it rejected or something. He seems to have some sort of personal vendetta to settle.

I accepted it until Moff took over, then somewhere into series 2, Wedding of River, I lost all faith in the programme. It is rapidly losing all resemblance to it's namesake. There is only so many times you can forgive it by default and devotion.

PS, not all the classic serials were 25 minutes. A good number of them were in fact 45 minute two parters, much as we have now. And yet with all the budget constraints, they still managed to captivate and build character. Tell a decent story. Do all the things missing from Doctor-lite, today:)

I'm a troll for not bending to worship at the alter of the god moff?

If I'm a deuch, then Moff is certainly a fraud. All the things you hated about RTD, you praise Moff for? What's wrong with you people?

The BBC employees never tell the truth. Just look at the Saville scandal for confirmation.

I never said I hated RTD. I appreciate both eras of new Who.

I wasn't implying you did, I was on about Moff fangirls in general. They hate on RTD yet blatantly overlook the same issues when Moff does them, for eg, the unsubtle Amy's crack arc, where Amy's crack appeared every single episode, chizzled into the end of every story. RTD got flamed for a word here or an image there, lol.

Now it's a show for family's who struggle to read Dick and Jane books:)

There are a lot of people who hold up Classic Who like it's some sort of consistently brilliant body of work that New Who has never come close to touching. Sorry, but there was plenty of Classic Who that was utter, utter crap. And I say that as someone who has been around to watch it since the early 70's.

Painfully drawn out padding, derisory budgets, pantomime casting, disposable characters and endless endless running up and down (hence why it's the biggest in-joke in the new series), capture and escape after capture and escape. It had all of this and yet, somehow people seem to think that every season it was back-to-back Genesis of the Daleks and Caves of Androzani. There's a reason the really great stories stand out, because plenty of the rest were nothing to write home about. Most of them were enjoyable, ok, entertaining, sure, but classics? You've got a very low benchmark of what makes it to a list of classics if The Twin Dilemma's on it.

And anyone who thinks that Human Nature, Dalek, Blink, The Doctor's Wife, The Empty Child or The Girl Who Waited aren't as worthy of standing alongside the likes of Ark in Space, Carnival of Monsters, The Dead Planet, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Green Death or Earthshock in a list of all time great Who stories is, I'm sorry, simply out of their tiny mind.

Would I rather watch A Good Man Goes To War, for all it's flaws, again right now or Delta and the Bannermen? Sh'yeah right!

Dr Who is as it has always been: It has seasons full of good stories, a couple of ok stories that don't stand up to repeat viewing, a couple of absolute stinkers, and a smattering of stone-cold classics. And if we're lucky, for every Doctor now and then, a season that is mostly good rather than bad.

Oh and all that Classic Who, New Who stuff is bullshit anyway. It's all Dr Who, same guy different face, deal with it. ;-)

There are also people who have severely lessening standards and will accept any old pap as long as it has their fave brand name stamped onto it. Also, I hold up RTD era Who of being a good example of how Who as made the transition into the modern day, so, as you can see, I'm not blinded by my classic bias. It wasn't perfect, nor was a lot of the classic era, but, but these days, under Moff, Dr Who is now the equivalent of fast food, it tastes great, but don't digest it after it's gone cold, or you'll be the shi*.

Also it would help if the guy playing the lead role didn't have the acting range of a vegetable. Have you seen his attempts at anger? Looks like he's constipated, or worse, a petulant child.

I love how Matt Smith makes his sex face when he's doing "anger":)

I'm done with this show. trust me, I stuck it out until The Snowmen. I was hoping Moff would be going this year after the 50th, but apparently not. As a medical pro, I would think that watching this would be an insult to your intelligence. After all, it insults the intelligence of most children that watch it, these day, under the age of 5. So I'm shocked that a learned person such as yourself would fail to see the inherent flaws in this show that was once Dr Who. But with such a decline in artistic standards in this country, I understand. Sadly. I hope that when you attended medical school, or whichever scholarship you are expert of, they didn't teach you the dumbed down version of whichever field it is you are in, lives may well depend upon it. If this is the quality of crap they are putting on for our children, I dread to think what is taught in our schools. And Uni. Inc the medical profession. Or your chosen field of expertise:)

With TV shows like this, who needs enemies?

It's a pointless, terrible idea to do The 50th anniversary special in 3d. Why? The demand is so high? No! Just utterly stupid. A waste of time and money.

I'm pretty sure that if you bend over far enough, someone will be able to extract that stick for you.

What if they do a theatrical run for a couple weeks around the holidays and make enough to pay for a few episodes? Would it be a waste of time and money then?


You're such a dumb troll.

Go away troll

Stupid numbnuts, RTD got flamed because those keywords had no reason to be there. The cracks were there for a story point. What was the point of spreading the word Bad Wolf? It had no impact on the story.

How can someone as dumb as you manage that?

Paul I get that you don't like Moff's Who.......what I don't get is why you feel the need to go on a thread about a Moff interview and criticise the people that do like him and the claim you are not a troll but I can't see why else you behave in this way.

LOVED Moff's individual episodes during the RTD days.

LOVED Series 5.

Really like his Christmas specials.

The other series, well, not a lot of pay-off for all the maneuvering, though I thought Amy and Rory's departure was well-done.

So after reading your comments below let me clarify:

I have the utmost respect and admiration for ANYONE who runs this show, especially in the age of the internet and unending criticism, much of it extremely nasty. I loved RTD's version of Who and I love Moffat's. My personal preference is for Moffat's era as it seems to stand up to multiple rewatches better and offers a more layered approach to story telling along with what, again in my opinion, is the best cast the show has ever had. However this is my PERSONAL preference and I fully accept and understand that people may think otherwise. Opinion will always differ and wouldn't the world be a much darker place if that wasn't the case...

What I can't stand are people who offer no substance to back up their opinions, who don't think beyond LOLcats level when it comes to why they hold a particular opinion and who are convinced the sky is falling if they, personally, are not entertained. These people have, by and large, turned Who forums the world over into vicious, nasty dens of abusive arguments and frequent flamewars at a time when many fans, and I include myself here, just want to celebrate the fact the show is defying every critic and winning over whole new generations of people the world over. Thankfully conventions have remained free from this curse and everyone I've ever met in the real world has, without fail, been fantastic company.

So, in short, roll on March and series 7b!

Yes we also have "An Adventure In Space And Time.

Seriously, I was joking at first, but honestly maybe you should have a word with your GP, and ask for a referral to a behavioural psychologist. It doesn't mean anything, it's just for an informal chat. 1 in every 5 people in the UK experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime. In the vast majority of cases, usually something very treatable and low level, but it is important to identify the problems early on, and the signs include anger, obsessive behaviours, depression, anxiety etc.

And yes, please please stop watching this show. It is clearly becoming a focus for your problems. I do know what I'm talking about, as out of the two of us, yes... I'm the Doctor.

(THANK YOU, I have always wanted to say that!)

In fact, I could do that, because as I mentioned earlier... I'm the Doctor. :-)

OK.... so you're not going anywhere...

... with that in mind, if you're not going to flesh out the characters and properly consider the depths of what they go through, can we at least have a ban on any form of sexism of misogyny from The Doctor? Please?

You all need to get a grip!!! It's a tv programme!!! Enjoy it for what it is!!! I think Moffat is fantastic, keeping the show fresh and exciting. Looking forward to see the 50th , and hopefully return of the zygons!!! Stop hating, at least it's on tv not like when I was a kid. Be grateful for what we have!

Oh god... the import of the american idea of the 'mid-season finale' and the 'mid season break'

Just TELL THE FREAKING STORY ALREADY and let us enjoy it!

Please just give me David Tennant/Mcgan, and maybe baker.. Then, I shall be appeased.


nooo Matt Smith cannot have more seasons than David Tennant! >:(

Matt Smith is a Z list CBBC actor, at best Only put in the show to appease screaming fangirls (who have now hijacked the fanbase) who want to kill river song so they can marry Matt Smith. It's time we had a new Doctor, one with more acting charisma and less foppish hair so we can rid ourselves of the screaming fangirls that have brought this show to the brink of collapse. You can bet when Smith and Moff finally go, the ratings will halve, because all the screaming fangirls will have moved onto the next Twilight inspired sitcom. Thank god, that time can't come quick enough for my liking.

I agree.

To appease the Twilight fangirls, of course. They want to see Matt Smith's ugly chin coming out the screen at them:)

Hello sweety. Another two years of this pap? I predict that Who won't make it any further than season 8 if Moff is allowed to stay. Maybe that's what the BBC are planning, anyway. It's an expense and an headache they don't need. They are sharpening up the axe......

If its written by Moff and starring Matt Smiff, yes!

When DW is axed after season 8, I hope all you Moff-heads don't try to blame it on the people who demanded better. I hope you place the blame at the feet of the man responsible, Steven Moffat, and on yourselves for having such reduced standards. The scariest thing about this show now is Matt's chin, every time I see it, I dive behind the sofa.

Matt smith will stay for ever? I highly doubt that.

Perhaps after the 50th, when the question is answered doctor who? They will finally rename the show to something more suiting to it's current lacklustre incarnation.

I would suggest:

Dire Who
Mary Sue
It's too blue (for kids)

Fangirls say, in defence of massive plotholes, it's a kid's show, don't read too deeply into it. Well, that would be fine, but why is there so much over-sexualisation in a kid's show? Lesbian lizards, gay robots, gay marines, tongue innuendos, every line of dialogue is an obnoxious blatant flirt innuendo between the doctor and whoever.It's sexist. Why are nearly all the cast members gay? What's with all the constant in your face sexuality?

Does anybody remember the camp, sex-parody version of Flash Gordon from the 80s? It was called Flesh Gordon, and is basically the template for what the kid's show Dr Who as become. The difference being, that was certified 18, but this a kid's show. Why are the BBC (aunty) trying to corrupt our kid's using the good Doctor's name?

It all makes sense if you think about the Saville scandal.


A lot of people are saying, it doesn't matter how bad the show gets, the Beeb won't axe it because of the dvd sales, and American buyers, also the ratings.

People would still buy the dvd's regardless of whether the show was running or not, they have done for years, even before 2005. America would just purchase other programs, instead. No revenue would be lost. In fact, it would be gained because the BBC wouldn't have to find the funds to make the show, but they would still get all the income from toy and dvd sales. Then we get to the ratings. Let's be honest, it's pulling in the same figures as the McCoy years. Right before it was put to bed. So, the logic behind these claims is shaky, at best.

It was stated before that nobody else wants the Dr Who producer job, which is why Moff is staying on. It isn't seen as anything other than a kid's show. It will never be taken seriously. Especially not by the BBC. The only reason they revived it this time was to coincide with merchandise sales for the 50th.

If the show is such a success, why have they split the series runs? Why won't they put it up against Corrie? They wouldn't even run it against Primeval It wouldn't stand a chance against the trash that is X factor, or Big Brother, or I'm a celeb.

There are rumours that Moff will write the shows end with the fall of the 11th. No doubt producing a spin-off show or two which will be relegated to CBBC hours. Like SjA. Don't forget, he regenerates 12 times, he his on life 11, and used up a life to create human Doctor clone. While it could be argued river gave him all her regenerations, it was never etched into Dr Who mythos that she was ever really a timelord. That was just a Moff throwaway plot point for the purposes of that story alone.

Dr Who is on it's last legs. And the only way forward is to make the Dr, female, or end it. Which do you think is the most likely?

Dr Who The Phantom Downvoter:)

In the next run, I'd have the Doctor regenerate into ten different Doctors.

Then each Saturday we could have a public phone vote to evict the worst one from the Tardis, based on their singing/dancing/overemoting/sonic screwdrivering abilities.

Bring in Rassilon, Omega, Borusa and The Rani as mentors/judges obviously.

Treble the viewing figures overnight, plus think of all the extra copies of the Radio Times they'd shift with ten cover variants.

It's a family show, not a kids show.

Get a job.

Oh, t'is sad to watch old men living out their increasing irrelevance. Change is hard. Your bitterness is pitiful.

You haven't proven it yet...

To all those defending NuWho and claiming Steven Moffat's scripts are intelligent and cleverly written and maturely themed, there is a vast universe of difference between techno babble and cartoon and completely un-amusing throwaway non-explanations as 'timey wimey'. If the writers can't be bothered to take the series at all seriously then why are they even bothering to write for it? It's just lazy scripting. I'm no fan of in-depth scientific explanations, but I do want some aspect of intelligibility rather than saying 'timey wimey'. Or do you call that good complex scripting?

Get a life you sad Moff fangirl.

Truth hurts eh? The non Who fan, moff fangirls are destroying this show. I doubt it has much longer left.

So why is it written at Teletubby level scripting? Clearly, the wibbly wobblyness is aimed at the under 5's.

First of all you seem to have no idea how the value of viewing figures have changed now there are so many more channels then back in the McCoy era. Back then there were only FOUR channels meaning 5.4 million viewers was considered poor. Now, with so many more channels what with freeview, cable and Sky, 7 million viewers is extraordinary. It is nearly always in the top ten programmes of the day it is shown and is usually only beaten by soaps and things like Strictly Come Dancing. How you can think that a programme which consistently enters the top ten of programmes is in any danger of being axed?Well, you obviously have no clue. Interestingly, soaps like Eastenders and Coronations Street have also had a huge decrease in viewing figures since Sky, Cable and Freeview. I s'pose they are going to be axed too.

As for your views on the shows. I respect your opinion although I recommend you reread all you previous posts and notice how repetitive and boring they are. Consistently calling people who like Moffat's work as "Fangirls" and comparing them to Twilight fans again and again shows a lack of originality and imagination. Also, it is quite arrogant of you to think your views are correct. A persons liking of something is subjective. Just because you do not like it, why do you want to spoil other people's enjoyment. It just seems mean spirited.

So, by all means express your views. But how about in a respectful and more pleasant manner and maybe try to filter out the arrogance and please, please, please stop repeating yourself again and again and again. It just makes you seem unpleasant or that you have forgotten you have said something before.

All the best.

Spoilers, Sweety

The 11th Doctor's entire arc as taken place in a parallel universe. Hence Amy's constantly resurfacing crack (the Silents was a red herring) and will be revealed to the Dr at the end of this series arc. Now's where it gets interesting, and just goes to show how warped Steven's mind actually is. Clara is Jenny, the Docs daughter, but also, she is the Doc's mother! This will be worked into the story with some wibbly wobbley-ness, only Moffat is capable of. Don't forget, the Doc once claimed he is half human, but to be technically precise, he is half TL, half progenitor machine off-spring.

Steven once claimed Dr Who was a load of crap after the very first episode,, which is why he is intent on doing all he can to destroy it. I'm shocked that the BBC would let this guy anywhere near their flagship program. No wonder RTD told him to get lost when Moff begged him to come back to fix the falling ratings.

Peace, until the season opener in March, I can't wait.

I am cutting and pasting my post from above because I want to make sure you see it as I am interested in your response with regards the viewing figures.

First of all you seem to have no idea how the value of viewing figures have changed now there are so many more channels then back in the McCoy era. Back then there were only FOUR channels meaning 5.4 million viewers was considered poor. Now, with so many more channels what with freeview, cable and Sky, 7 million viewers is extraordinary. It is nearly always in the top ten programmes of the day it is shown and is usually only beaten by soaps and things like Strictly Come Dancing. How you can think that a programme which consistently enters the top ten of programmes is in any danger of being axed?Well, you obviously have no clue. Interestingly, soaps like Eastenders and Coronations Street have also had a huge decrease in viewing figures since Sky, Cable and Freeview. I s'pose they are going to be axed too.

As for your views on the shows. I respect your opinion although I recommend you reread all you previous posts and notice how repetitive and boring they are. Consistently calling people who like Moffat's work as "Fangirls" and comparing them to Twilight fans again and again shows a lack of originality and imagination. Also, it is quite arrogant of you to think your views are correct. A persons liking of something is subjective. Just because you do not like it, why do you want to spoil other people's enjoyment? It just seems mean spirited.

So, by all means express your views. But how about in a respectful and more pleasant manner and maybe try to filter out the arrogance and please, please, please stop repeating yourself again and again and again. It just makes you seem unpleasant or that you have forgotten you have said something before.

All the best.

Says the gimp flooding this comments section.

God why won't he leave , Just do the 50th have the regeneration and just leave

No impact on the story ?... it was a warning from rosé to the doctor , by the doctor noticing these messages BAD WOLF that wold eventually lead him to the events in The Season 1 finale. At least RTD Didn't shove story arc down your throaty every five minuets like ,"Oh Look there a Crack LOok at it, LOOK AT IT !"(all the cracks did was wipe out everything RTD Built over the 5 years of his Tenure just so moffat could "do his own thing" ) RTD was more Subtle ,Vote Saxon (who knew it was the master) The planets disappearing (was throw away line by aliens stranded on earth, was the Daleks in the end and unpredictable) ,

I'm not looking forward to the 50th His ep is gonna suck, hopefully it won't

I agree with comments by Paul Phoenixnovarebirth. I think that Moffats writing is by far - and it is hard to express this, so great is the gap - by far the worst that I have encountered in Doctor Who, in any era. It would be impossible to connect the two series as part of the same concept were it not for supporting data, props, and the program logos. I have a VERY young daughter who can't say a great deal at the moment, and she uses phrase like "cat doctor who" to signify Gridlock and "ice planet doctor who" to signify Planet of the ood. She signifies the latest offerings collectively as "crap Doctor who", according to her sister, who is a pretty dispassionate observer.

I don't watch it any more at all, unless by accident, or as a way of watching it slide endlessly downhill, for reasons that even I don't understand. Maybe I'm hoping that they will actually can it and it can restart in a far better format in a decent interval of time, or maybe get rid of the current crew and regenerate it in place.

I thought the RTD era was wonderful - and the Moffat scripts by far the weakest and joyless.

Good. Excellent, in fact.

Now get on with Sherlock series 3, damn you.

You should all check out the MrTardisreviews of Moffs Dr Who episodes on youtube. The guy is the biggest Who fan ever, but even he can see that Moff is just making this up as he goes along. Very shoddy, haphazard writing, Moff really should know better. He can't even remember his own plots from scene to scene, let alone series long arcs. Take the Snowmen episode for example, he needs us to care about Clara, so he writes in her getting the Tardis key, then kills her off, two seconds later, allowing nobody the chance to invest any emotional weight into the scene whatsoever. Characters just appear and disappear at a whim, with no motivations, at all. Moff is a terrible writer, and even MrTardis as said (I know, why give him any credit blah blah) that if things carry on this way, the 50th is going to be a trainwreck. But don't just take my word for it, go and have a look. He rips on RTD a lot, too. So he isn't a RTD fanboy. But he does give very accurate and fair reviews of Moffshit's work.

There are so many things wrong with Moff's so called genius writing, it's hard to know where to begin. Still it's a kid's show, however that shouldn't excuse pisspoor substandard writing.

Thank you.. There are so many people finally waking up to his fraudster ways. So many kid's, the main people this program is aimed at, are turning away in droves through boredom (how the feck can you make Dr Who boring? Ask Moff, lol) and exasperation at the pointless, underwhelming, convoluted for the sake of it, plots. It's a shallow, empty programme now. Take the Let's Kill Hitler episode for example, where was the stand alone story in that? There wasn't one. It only existed as an info dump (what poor writers do) for Moff's self indulgent, self referencing fanwank River arc. In years to come, anybody watching that episode will hardly be counting it as a classic. It has nothing for anybody to get their teeth into, outside Moff's twisted little fantasy's.

Look, it's very simple, good figures do not automatically entail quality, look at how high the figures for X factor are? Three times what Who get's, but it's hardly quality intelligent programming, is it?

Because I care about this show, unlike you so called fans who will jump the bandwagon as soon as the popularity slides. I also care about standards in all forms of entertainment and writing. Is that such a crime? Is it a crime to demand our children, and our selves, aren't fed slapstick bs and told it's a work of art?

I agree about RTD, he had a few flaws, but the Moff fangirls overlook those when the genius does it, but RTD understood what Who was about, it was fun, it was exciting, it had some sort of moral and ethical value enthused into it, it had heart, and it made you excited to see it, every week. Moffs Who as lost all of that. Blink was awful. It's the most boring episode of RTD era, I can't believe it was accoladed as best episode of Who ever. It didn't even have the Dr in it, lol. It's a testament to how far artistic standards are slipping in this country.

How dos Moff keep getting work?

Eventually he will be seen as the hack he is.

Watch any of last years 5 episodes, or The Snowmen, and see how Moff's insubstantial fluff falls apart upon second viewing The only thing holding this show together right now, is the good production values, and occasional, half-hearted acting turns from Matt Smith, who just does not have the gravitas or on screen presence to pull off a character as big as the Dr. I'm sorry, Matt, I criticise you a lot, but I'm sure you are a fine actor, but you were seriously miscast as the Dr, but so is everybody else on the show. The only people not miscast are the guy who plays Strax, and the Silurian woman.

I love how your daughter alludes to Smith/Moff era Who, "crap Doctor", says it all:)

Sorry, dude, I misread your post, I thought you meant me. I couldn't agree more, this show as lost all interest for me until Smith and Moff go.

What killed Dr Who?

Was it the daleks? no
Cybers? no
The Master? nope

It was Moff and the BBC's overconfidence that they could do no wrong and that fans would just keep watching whatever crap they banged out.

That is your opinion, I was just making the point, that quality or not, Doctor Who is unlikely to be axed after series 8 because its viewing figures are very healthy and a lot of people enjoy it. Personally, I enjoy it. I don't think it is as good as I hoped it would be when I first heard that Steven Moffat was taking over from RTD as I was expecting stories like "An Empty Child" or "Girl in the Fireplace" every week but I really don't think it is as bad as you make out. Also, I have friends with children who absolutely love the show. But, if you really find it so unwatchable then you just have to wait till the new showrunner and Doctor comes along and hopefully it'll be more to your taste. That's the beauty of Doctor Who. Like the Doctor himself it regenerates. I would argue that Graham Williams final season as producer was pretty poor (apart from City of Death) and McCoy's first season was pretty lame too. Moaning about it and insulting those who enjoy it will not change the quality of the programme. It just upsets those having a good time. Just be patient and hope for the best.

I mean, whatever your opinion, you must agree that it is infinitely better than The X Factor...

The only way a show will improve is if the true fans, who can admit it's flawed, critique it. In the ep Asylum of the Daleks, there are at last 12 Dalek continuity errors, that is just in that ep alone. And the Daleks have hardly any on screen time whatsoever. How are Steven's scripts getting through the quality control? I really hate ragging on my fave show, but things need to get better This isn't the 60's where kids and adults alike would just accept any old tosh. The audience of today are much more enlightened to the inner workings of a show now, the writing needs to reflect that. Otherwise rebooted Dr Who is absolutely pointless, if the shows creators refuse to improve upon what was wrong in the classic and RTD era. Please, please please Steven, have some care and consideration for what you are putting on screen. Otherwise you are going to lose your core fanbase, rapidly.

Or do you just not care? As you said in that statement a few years back, Dr Who is crap. So why did you accept a job on it? Was it just to destroy it?

Here's my thing. I think I must qualify as a true, authentic fanatic of Doctor Who... The very definition of "a fan". Some of my earliest memories on this earth involve Doctor Who being on in the background. From 1988 onwards I started collecting the series. I currently own every episode (including reconstructions of the missing episodes), I own every novel whether they be New Advenures, Missing Adventures, BBC, Virgin, Telos novella's big Finish Short Trips. I have every Big Finish audio CD of every range and every spin off and I have nearly very comic strip. I have spent the last fourteen months ploughing through every story in chronological order and am currently reading The Missing Adventure "Managra". I know Doctor Who pretty well having watched every classic episode numerous times. But what is my point? My point is that there are many, many classic Doctor Who stories which make littles sense, lacks emotion or is plain boring. I always find something to enjoy though... But I am still confused when people love a story like "The Web Planet". I think it is boring, I can't stand The Menoptera or The Zarbi and I think Hartnell overacts a little too much. However, you look in The First Doctor Handbook and the authors have given it a 9/10. I just do no understand but I do not begrudge this view. Similarly, I love McCoy's final two seasons. Maybe 'cos I was just getting into Doctor Who but I still rate them very highly. I think McCoy's final season is up there with some of the best Doctor Who ever. I adore "Silver Nemesis" and this is a story that is shat on by nearly everybody. Should I feel bad because I like this story? Does it mean I don't appreciate good television? I don't think so 'cos some of my favourite programmes include "The Soprano's", "Six Feet Under" or the much underrated "Carnivale" (which made detailed plotting into a new kind of art form ). I think it is because I watched those Doctor Who stories as a child and I still view them in that way. Now, I do not mind people not liking Silver Nemesis and I enjoy reading well put together critiques of it. But I do resent anybody telling me that I should not like it because they don't. So, is the current series of Doctor Who my favourite?Nope, I do feel mildly disappointed at the moment. But I also know that there are some kids watching it who love it and will want to see all the classic series and get to know the various past Doctor's and who, in decades to come will look back on this series, as I do McCoy's final series and will love it. Who are you, or who is anybody to deny them that pleasure or to tell them they shouldn't like it!? It is still fun, maybe lightweight, but it is still enjoyable. Like many classic stories which don't quite measure up I go looking for the good things, not the bad. And who know, the next show runner may be the reincarnation of Robert Holmes. Fingers crossed!

You see, this is what you do not understand. Moffat and the team do not care what us hardcore fans think. And nor should they. As soon as they start taking note of us like JNT used to and start catering for us then that is when they start isolating the casual fans who make up the bulk of the viewing figures. THAT is when the viewing figures will begin to fall. The show no longer belongs to us old school fans and that is how it should be. But at least I understand why you moan so much now. You seem to think that Steven Moffat is going to start reading and taking note. That is never going to happen and as stated above would destroy the show if he did.

I also feel you really need to stop making statements as if it's the truth when you have nothing to back it up such as that Moffat keeps asking RTD to come back to stop the declining ratings (which I have also explained are in great health considering the number of channels in this day and age... A point you were unable to rebuff). Considering the great viewing figures why would he need RTD's help?

As for continuity problems in Asylum of the Daleks. So what? That does not make a bad story. Do you know how many continuity problems lie within the classic series? There are a lot. In fact, that's part of the joy of being a Doctor Who fan... Using your imagination to tie up these problems. Anyway, I'm not sure why we should take your word as a great authority when you seem to think that "The Silence" are actually "The Silents". "The Silence" is the name of the group... Not the individual. I would check your facts before criticising Moffats.

Considering that Doctor Who has been back on our screens for almost eight years now (longer then most television series get) and that the viewing figures are unbelievably good, that the show is back in the public psyche and not just in the minds of devoted fans (like it was pre 2005) I think it is safe to say that the show is in very good shape. For us devoted fans it may not be as good as the "classic" series but as I said, we really are not at all important to the welfare of Doctor Who. As long as the show continues to get the figures we can be sure of a few more years of this great television phenomena. 50 years and counting... Doctor Who will never die!!!

You say, and I quote "This isn't the 60's where kids and adults alike would just accept any old tosh" and yet you yourself have admonished the viewing public for watching The X Factor. I too, find the fact that reality television is so popular a very depressing notion but it does prove that the public, more then ever, are happy to watch rubbish on television. Doctor Who, whatever your thoughts on it, you must agree it is a better and more worthwhile programme then The X Factor. And although it doesn't beat The X Factor when it comes to viewing figures it does compete... It is in the same ball park as it consistently features in the top ten list of programmes for the day it transmits.

I was talking about the show not u, my apologies

LOL. You heard the news? DT is coming back, Moff asked RTD also, but he turned it down. So you see, my statement was fact, had you done some research, there would have been no need of you making this comment. Silents, Silence, what's in a name? I doubt Moff can remember is own creations anyway, which says a lot considering he just ripped them straight off from Buffy.

Oh great, another season of dumbed down bilge. I used to think the Tennant era was bad - hadn't seen anything till the Moff really got into his stride! Astonishes me to see grown adults praising this subpar juvenilia aimed at slightly hyperactive six year olds.

How disappointing.


Ignore the idiots! Moffat sucks and he sucks big time. Your right!
Moffats fans have horsesh*t taste! They really do! Moffat could just
have the characters just run from one place to another just shouting a
lot of cute little catchphrases and then............Oh wait, he does do

That have no common sense whatsoever so don't feel bad
when one of his little well trained minions attack. They are a stupid
but viscous lot.
If you happen to be one of the Dr Who fans who
actually have a thing called Good Taste then these half-witted morons
trot out all kinds of lame laughable cliches. "Oh you're a Ten/Rose
shipper" and other nauseating crap!

Ten is my 3rd fav after Tom
and Peter. I really didn't like Rose but I'd sooner have a thousand
roses over one nauseating sociopath like rover.

the stories may
excite the creepy nerd sect but the more sophisticated sci fi viewer
actually requires WAY MORE from a story then the meager offerings from
Moffat and company.

Series 8 will be even worse then 7. And so
on. I predict if the BBC doesn't get it's head out of it's rear-end
soon, Doctor Who will be canceled in less then 5 yrs! Wait and see!

Sorry but he should not be planning anything he and his group of useless writers that have presented the UK with the worst 6 episodes ever should resign. As a TV licence payer and this being the only show I watch on the BBC Moffat should quit, Clara is boring despite the fact she may well be related to River and the stories have been less than poor since she became his companion, even Neil Gaimans' episode was poor and that is really saying something. Please all is forgiven RT Davies come back !!!!!!!!!!

No one has ever said original Dr Who was fantastic in fact frankly it was drivel, however for true fans of the show who have been watching since William Hartnel began as the Dr there has been far too much pandering to none UK audiences recently which has pissed a lot of true fans here off. We should be less concerned with foreign audiences and concentrate on those that have to pay a licence fee and pay for the programme to be made

Agree RTD episodes have not always been that great, however with the way the schedule for Dr Who has been for the last 2 years seems the beeb are more concerned about the yank audience than those that actually pay for it, and I definately agree with your comment regarding Dr Who now being some kind of fast food, apologies I was not having a go at you. At this current point I have no respect for some fans who do not have any idea who the original Dr's are and who are quite rude when you challenge them, I myself am not blinded by classic who, but I am fed up of the stupid fans now who think they are whologists lol.

sorry with a comment of in your words and I quote "This guy is a
douchebag of epic proportions" you are either stupid or do not have UK
residence (which means you do not have to pay a TV licence) which also
means if you are not paying for this show to be made SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH

Please stop people from posting comments about Dr Who who do not have to pay for the TV licence which UK residents have to which pay for for shows such as Dr Who to be made.

Are you gonna go stamp your feet and throw a temper tantrum now?! How about you shut your mouth, idiot! This argument is months old and Paul and I have already discussed. With your post not only did you prove you don't visit this site very often, but you proved you have the intelligence of a cabbage. I have invested more money in Who memorabilia, merchandise, DVDS etc than you will in your entire life. So, take your license fee and shove it up your arse!!!

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