Doctor Who: first official pic of David Bradley as William Hartnell

News Louisa Mellor 15 Feb 2013 - 15:05

Want to see what David Bradley looks like in Doctor Who docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time? Then you're in luck...

We'll have to wait until November to see him in action, but here's a first promo image of David Bradley as William Hartnell in forthcoming Doctor Who making-of drama, An Adventure in Space and Time. Next to him is Lesley Manville as the actor's wife Heather Hartnell. 

The sixties-set ninety minute drama is currently filming in BBC Television Centre and on location.

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Er Right ...

Thats nice. But he does not look a lot like William H in that picture, never mind the first Doctor.

I almost wish this was going to be a reconstruction of a missing 1st Doctor story, filmed like it was at the time, with look a like actors and him as the Doctor. That would be amazing and a real treat for the fans and the 50th year.

It will be interesting to see all the drama behind the scenes and how it got made, but a big part of me just wants to see him as the first Doctor, and nothing else....

It would also be pretty good if they got him to play the 1st in the anniversery special later this year, but thats just wishful thinking......

I have wondered if the cast they've assembled for this might also be playing their actual roles in the 50th Special; would seem a wasted gift horse not to!

To say nothing (why not?) about that absolutely stunning Staffie!

Why do they have two-face's dog with them?

Looks more like Last of the Summer Wine.

I'm hoping that the BBC have loads of tricks up their sleeve on this. If not I will be disappointed too.

Having lived through the period when it was off air, your petulant sense of entitlement disgusts me. But, y'know, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Doctor Who is a great show because of the writers working on it, not despite it.

Indeed. Doesn't everyone know that William Hartnell wore tweed trousers, an Edwardian tailcoat and a ribbon bow tie in real life...

Looking forward to this but I'm a little upset that this is 90 minutes when the actual aniversary episode of the show itself is only 60...

Sense of humour bypass?

By George! I think you've identified your problem! Don't worry - it just happens to some people.

Just ignore, Rug Sunshine - It's all s/he ever goes on and on about - s/he seems to think that paying their licence fee entitles them to a considerable say in the making of endless hours of DW.

The mind boggles.

I'm happy to sit back and, come November, let the BBC surprise us with the inevitable secrets they have been keeping surrounding the celebrations.

To Ianderson and Rug sunshine. I pay my fee. Ok? £150 a year, just like everyone else. I dont think it entitles me to have any say in how its made or who is in it. HOWEVER, I do think I am ENTITLED to watch it because I pay for it!!!!!! I am ENTITLED to get a full run for my money because I PAY FOR IT!!!!!

Would you go into a supermarket and buy a basket full of shoping, get to the till and then let the sales attendent take half of it out and put it back on the shelf, but then still make you pay for the full amount? And let them use the excuse that they are busy today / have creative problems / need to work on something else etc as an excuse for making you pay the same for less?????????

I only watch Doctor Who and Top Gear on the Beeb...thats it. For me it would be cheaper to just buy them on DvD when they come out. This is why I get annoyed about this. If enough people got annoyed about it, and complained maybe something would get done.
I just hope that come December 2013 when the year is over, that you are both right and we have had lots of nice Doctor Who and a few great specials. If thats the case I will come in here, find both of you and say publically, that you are right, I was wrong and I am big enough to stand up and admit it. Ok? Fair enough?

BUT since Mat Smith is off to do a film, and the filming schedule is now in place, and you can see whats going on in Cardif etc, then it does not look like we are getting any more than 1 special. Maybe the BBC are just going to show classic repeats or something. But other than the Docudrama and Special in November, thats it. Thats all we will be getting.

I dont count any guests on Chat shows or anything else like that as Doctor Who. I also dont count anything like audio dramas or books etc as they are paid for outside the fee. If they end up doing lots of stuff like that for the 50th, it will mean there is more to buy and see outside of the official show than whats goint to be on BBC1 / BBC3 and I just think thats really bad for the show and a let down for the 50th year. Like I have said its only 50 once and the BBC are not doing enough to promote that fact, or put things in place for that reason.

If we get to September and see lots of adverts for the 50th in the New Autumn Season promos the BBC always do at that time of year, then that will be great. But at the moment, there is no evidence of stuff for that in the filming thats being / been done.

See what I mean Rug Sunshine. Petulant was a perfect choice of words by the way

S/he demonstrated, in FULL CAPS no less, a near perfect demonstration of misunderstanding how TV licensing in the UK works! It entitles one to legally watch or record TV broadcasts in their own home - and that is all. S/he correctly says that You get no say in the making of TV shows for your license fee but incorrectly states that s/he entitled to a full run of a show. Wrong. There is not a single article in the entire license agreement which allows for this. It's there in black and white on the physical copy of the license itself. It's not difficult to understand even for someone of average intelligence.

I hope the BBC does have lots of hidden surprises in store for this year - because I love the show - but I can't help but feel that I will also be satisfied if we're getting exactly Davros01 thinks we are because what exactly is s/he going to do about it? Nothing but leave more hilarious posts in DoG - and I look forward to those immensely!

Ok Ok....I get it. Lets get this sorted eh? For starters I am a HE. I put it in capitols because it emphasises certain points. I care about Doctor Who. I want to see more of it not less. I am not a total Idiot, I know how the License Fee works!

I know there is nothing I can do about getting less Doctor Who. But dont you think thats a shame? Less than ever in the 50th year???? Its a bit of a cock up no matter how you look at it. Fair enough, do less last year, or less next year, but not in the 50th!!! And not less two years in a row. Its supposed to be a celebration.

Anyway I am tired of fighting about it. You dont agree with me, fair enough. Tell me you pay for the fee or is it your parents?? Most of my complaints come from the fact that we , my wife and I dont have a lot of money. Day to day life is a struggle to pay the bills, keep the house and so forth. And the Fee is a MASSIVE chunk of money, when you dont have a lot.

Then if all you watch is Doctor Who, and they make less of that for a few years, can you understand why I am a bit angry and upset about it???? I too hope the BBC have lots of hidden suprises in store. I will be amazed in fact. I have more or less decided to give up worrying about it now, as you say there is nothing I can do. I am just going to watch my DvDs of Tom Baker and so on. And if the BBC pull a Dalek out of the Tardis for the 50th I shall be very pleased and my faith restored.....

Firstly - apologies for the s/he thing. I really did not know if you were male or female.

In answer to your question: I pay for my own license - have done for more than twenty years and I have been very pleased with some of the things it has, in part, paid for:

Life On Mars, Red Dwarf, Our Friends In The North, State Of Play, Red Dwarf, Only Fools & Horses, Pride & Prejudice (1995 version of course), This Life, Band Of Brothers, The Street, The Hour, Luther, Top Gear, Torchwood, Top Of The Pops, Planet Earth, The Mighty Boosh, Sherlock, Later... With Jools Holland, The Office, Jonathan Creek, Spooks, QI, Blue Planet, The Thick Of It, The State WIthin, Jekyll Ghostwatch, Coupling, Karaoke & Cold Lazarus, Rome and, of course, Doctor Who (including the 1996 TV movie).

My wife and I also don't have a lot of money but we find it hard to complain about the value for money we get from our TV License. For the approximately £2500 we have spent on it over the years I would say the above list of shows alone, never mind the stuff that makes other people happy (but which I don't care for) plus all the stuff I have inevitably forgotten, is well worth it.

Yes there has been some great stuff over the years. The 70s and 80s were the best for the BBC. But compare it to what we get now.
For instance if it was 1976 still, last Saturday we would have been watching the Seeds of Doom with Tom Baker.

But in 2013 we had to suffer Lets Dance for Comic Relief. Which although its for Charity, was the worst pile of C**p I have seen on the BBC for a long time. And it was not even funny. It was just terrible, and not even so bad it was good.

There is no more Life on Mars, No more Red Dwarf (its on DAVE and it was great, but the BBC SHOULD have been the one making it...) No more Ashes to Ashes etc, and when did the BBC do a sitcom as good as Only Fools and Horses? Nothing to touch it in the last few years.

Each night, and weekends I find myself watching Dvds . Blu rays, films and Tv series of lots of things, a lot of it classic BBC stuff like Fawly Towers, Two Ronnies, Open all Hours, Doctor Who etc, because all the new stuff is utter drek.
What can you do?

This argument and be put to bed now - Moffat said the following in an interview this weekend "Don't believe the nonsense about one sixty minute film - that is complete nonsense."

Ok Thats good. Great in fact. However it could be more lies / deception. There is a lot of stuff coming out this year thats not on the Tv , like documentaries, the 10th Planet with missing episodes re created etc.

I am just going to leave this alone and wait and see what happens and what we get. Thats all we can do. However I am not going to get my hopes up, but if its a lot of great stuff then I will be very happy.

I am now firmly of the belief that the reason we have one season split across two years, is simply because Moffat cant get enough scripts, is late with scripts, trouble behind the scenes, too much work load with Sherlock etc. There is a lot of evidence to support that theory. No matter what happens, no one is going to come out and admit it at the moment. Maybe in ten years time or something we might find out what has been going on.

I am just going to go with it for now until Christmas, but if we get to that point and there has only been eight episodes and 1 special and one docudrama, I am going to be very angry and disapointed.

I would quite happily pay my entice Licence fee just to listen to Test Match Special on the radio, anything else I like - DW, Top Gear, HIGNFY, 5live football commentary, Being Human, Pointless, Question Time, the Childrens programming, Fighting Talk, The Danny Baker show, Tuffers & Vaughans cricket show, 7 day Sunday, the Radio 4 comedies such as The News Quiz & The Now Show - All current shows - and a lot of the things ianderson pointed out would be a nice freebies and all for half the price of the cheapest Sky package 99.99% of which is bought of the shelf or recycled repeats, often from where? the BBC.

The BBC is *fantastic* value for money, just because there appears to have been less DW so far this year does not make the BBC bad value for money.

Well thats good. I am glad you are enjoying it. However out of your list There is only Top Gear that I watch. I dont watch any of the rest. I dont listen to any radio. Why? Because I am not a sports fan. Dont follow any of it. I cant stand radio. I want to listen to the tunes I like, when I like, and not listen to a pointless prat waffle on in between records.

The reason for this, is because from the age of 17, to when I left at 26, the electronics firm that I worked for had the radio on all day. It was Radio 1. By the end of each day I was ready to kill myself. It was during the Stock Aiken and Waterman era, so each Dj would play the same crap over and over again . It put me off Radio for life. But thats just me.

Question time would be useful if the idiot politicians that went on it would listen to the audience, go away and then do something about what was talked about. But they dont. Its just carry on as normal and sod the rest of us.

So for me, personally the whole thing is a waste of time. Its just me, I know and lots of people love it and thats fair enough, live and let live. I just wish I did not have to fork out £150 a year in order to watch the things I DO want to see. The Fee is a TV tax and nothing else. One day people might do something about it, but I am not holding my breath. I suppose part of the problem is that I have got so used to quality shows that I like from America, the BBC just sames tame, dull and predictable. I would rather be Watching the Walking Dead than the One Show. I would rather watch Game of Thrones, rather than Eastenders. I like Spartacus and not Casualty, I like 24 and not Strictly Come Dancing and so on.....

This is more important.

I am looking more forward to this than I am the actual show. Then I heard about DT and the Zygons, so am all fired up for that. Still, Saturdays episode was meh.

the BBC are busy, covering for all the child molesters at work in it's upper echelons, our show is the last thing on their minds. However they are interested in doing a Jim'll fix it remake:)

Er, so we should just be happy, no matter how shoddy it gets? That's the problem with this country, people like you, who are just happy to get a knee in the ghouls as long as it means they won't get a smack in the face.

Well said Davros. Any chance you can nip into parliament with a dalek hit squad and cleanse the place? You would get my vote.

Well he he would. He also said there'd be no chance of DT and Rose returning, but guess what?

I only watch Who.

Exactly...just seen all your replies to my posts . Thank You. Its nice that Tennant and Piper are back for the special, but that's about the only Doctor who ..heheh could still get away with it as he was at the time. Anyway its still only a 1 hour special, so they could not fit much more in.
I find I am now looking forward more towards the Adventures in Time and Space Docudrama than the actual special. Its a shame and its all the Bent Broadcasting Craperations fault. Another Director General or whatever has just gone in to sort it all out on £450,000 a year.
Great eh? Says the best days of the BBC are yet to come! Pull the other one! The best days were the 70s and 80s its utter dumbed down crap now.

I beg to differ - have you seen Paul McGann recently? He's barely changed - and as he never filmed a regeneration sequence, who knows what he looked like when 8 died.

Moffat said that the anniversary won't be 60 minutes.

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