Classic monsters confirmed for Doctor Who return

News Simon Brew 11 Feb 2013 - 16:41

We're not going to spoil it in the title, but some old foes are back for Doctor Who series 7. Details right here...

We figure that if you've got this far, you're aware that spoilers are likely to follow. But just to be on the safe side, if you want to go into Doctor Who series 7 part 2 absolutely cold, it's best to look away now.

Still here?

Right then. The fine folks at SFX have broken the news that the ice warriors are, as suspected, definitely returning to Doctor Who, for the first time since the show was revived. One of the show's most iconic monsters, they've actually not been seen in Who since the mid-70s, in the Jon Pertwee story The Monster Of Peladon. They did get a brief namecheck in The Waters Of Mars though, back in 2009.

This time, they're going to be seen again. Mark Gatiss has penned the episode that sees the ice warriors' return, and what's more, they're going to be trapped on a submarine, according to the report.

The ice warriors will be back in the third episode of the new run of Doctor Who, which kicks off on March 30th. Excellent news.


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Ice Warriors on a Submarine. Brilliant.

can't wait

Greatness indeed.The forthcoming season promises Ice Warriors,Cybermen,Sontarans and Silurians for fanboy pleasure and adventure,then.Can't wait to watch the Martian Marauders rampaging on Television again,invading our planet.Hope they have not been re imagined too drastically as i was quite awestruck by the exhibit at the BBC convention last year and it would be more effective to see the eleventh doctor with the monsters which were so impressive in Troughton and Pertwees' stories.Please be mighty and destructive even now.

Exactly...Wish there was more two parters though. They are not going to get much screen time in 45 minutes. After the setup and the Doctor gets there..."oh look its the Ice Warriors!!!" run about, panic, come up with quick plan, improvise BLAM , dead Ice Warriors, and then its on to the next episode.
Really wish it was a two parter = an old classic four parter for stories like this.
Oh well.

You forgot the part where he waves his sonic screwdriver around a bit.

This had made my day!!! Zygons next please...

It would be nice to see how they update the Zygons as well, not just having them in the background as the did at the Pandorica.


Sounds better than snakes on a plane!

From looking at older designs of the ice warriors, I think a good special effects tip is to give them three thumbs. It would really bring those lego-man hands into the 21st century.

Well... I'll wait to see how the Ice Warriors turn out. So far, I'm hoping that 'The Last of the Cybermen' is actually 'The Last of the Russell T. Davies Cybermen' as I'd like to have them return to their original Mondas and Telos roots minus the irritating catch phrase and robotic marching in unison crap they threw into the mix when the series came back. I'm not that fond on them relegating the Sontarans into a comic side-kick role, and the Silurians are now more like a generic 'Star Trek: DS9'-type alien of the week. I do like the humour that is in 'Who' now, but I'd have preferred them keep the old monsters sinister. Oh, and almost every story needs to be a 2-parter so characters and plots have a chance to develop first before rushing head-long into a whirlwind conclusion like we get in most episodes. Single-parters in modern Who are a bit like Chinese food. They seem filling enough, but shortly after finishing you feel hungry again!

I wonder how they get to the submarine to be trapped on... or what they're doing under water...

Just revamping for the sake of it is silly. May they move the species' lore forward in some way.

The Silurians still lack a third eye and have too many human features...

The Sontarans are still too small and too blue.

It's a shame most stories are now stuck in a hyperactive one-off 43 minute format... that's been the revival's main flaw; no real time to flesh out suspense and atmosphere... atmosphere told by the story; since 2005 most "atmosphere" had more to do with the music cues than the story or characters... Matt Smith's first year is an example of great storytelling, since the music didn't need to be loud and bombastic. The actors did all the work at working the script, which is their job. Music and visuals aren't supposed to steal the thunder, and never should.

I'll wait and see. "Asylum of the Daleks" was rather good, as was "The Snowmen", once you overlook the overuse of stupid puns (are the audience members now averaging age 2 or something?)

How many times must a zygon invade Earth before people get bored?

At least 2 times.

And the original story worked mostly because of the director's style.

I think there's more nutrient value in Chinese food than there is RTD WHO...

Given the budget constraints, the new revamp does a lot in getting rid of the stupid copyright symbol adorning the chestplates, getting rid of the flared trousers look, making big blank eyes again... how they are handled plot-wise will have more to do with it...

As a one-off, the Sontaran as a side-kick is novel and engaging, just like how the Doctor takes humans as companions. Well, most of the time...

I too miss multi-parters...

Probably. Its not just me then? Who does seem a bit dumbed down now. When you compare it to the Pertwee Eras Science and Eco themes, and then on to Tom Bakers run. Can you imagine them making Genesis of the Daleks now? Or - The Ark in Space, Planet of Evil, Pyramids of Mars, Seeds of Doom etc as a few examples?

Its all so rushed...Boom Bif, Bang, Zoom Wahey! On to next story. We have gained so much in new Who and yet lost so much. The Silurians do look a bit Startrek compared to the Classic versions.They need the third eye. That was a massive part of what made them. You dont see Daleks missing the plunger or eyestalk. The Sontarans need to be silver / black, even if they are small. I can live with small. The faces and makeup are fantastic. Just put them in silver black armour and not the blue stuff.

Thats whats missing from the new Doctor Who. The suspense. The creeping horror, the atmosphere. Even though it was low budget it had to be done like that to disguise the fact it was LOW budget. It was all about the mood, suspense, and being creepy....Remember the first episode of John Pertwees Death to the Daleks? Thats the way to do it. Its dark on the alien planet.....there is something out there...we dont know what, fog, mist , spooky noises, half glimpses of something in the fog......and one point you see Sarah and the Doctor together in the middle of the screen in the middle of the picture, and right in the forground, is a huge boulder.

And this HAND just creeps up onto it from out of shot....and the Doctor and Sarah have no idea its there...but we can see it.....but you cant see whats attached to the hand...... and then it slides back out of shot.....

Just BRILLIANT. And its so subtle and creepy. And there has not been a scene like that in new Who anywhere, I am sorry to say.

Ok so the Daleks turn out to be naff and the Exillons turn out to be gonks in cloaks....but the atmosphere of the early parts of classic Who stories like Pyramids of Mars or Brain of Morbius etc have yet to be beaten.

Its a classic case of less is more.....

As silurians are a species of earth origin, I think it's probably not a good idea for them to have a third eye! Only invertebrates have more than two eyes. I take your point that they're too human looking though. I quite like the look but it seems unlikely to me that a reptile would look like that.

Fantastic News. I'm so curious to see how they're going to look; hopefully a photo gets leaked soon. As mad as I am about the delay of Series 7, news like this definitely makes it more tolerable. "intheshadow" has already stated: Zygons next please!!!!

I think it would be best if they just let Zygons be Zygons.

I'll get my coat.

Happy with this news. My only real concern is they get the design right. Doesn't even have to look exactly the same, just in the same spirit. Losing the third eye on the Silurians just felt the complete opposite of that.

I miss the Third Eye but they did explain the they were a different branch of the reptilian genome.

I would love to see a Draconian Court drama done in the style of say a Tudor or Jacobean play. Why have just historical stories set on Earth? They don't all have to be expensive blockbusters. Let's have more character driven stand-alone's like Blink

Ho hum. I just want 13 episodes a year. It's nonsense that this is someway impossible.

Zygons for Steven to ruin, we will get gay Zygons and cross dressing Zygons, and, and, eh.

Untill somebody cries, then they will be hastily defeated in the last reel:)

Go f£¥€ yourself, you useless douche!!

If I ever find out who you really are, I will smash your face in!! Count on it!!

Just ignore - either a troll or just a sad, bitter person not worth engaging with.

This ass-clown has posts all over a ton of Who articles. He likes to insult Who fans. I'm in the process of contacting DOG as I write this to have him banned...hopefully...fingers crossed for one less douchey troll on here.

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