Doctor Who: more 50th Anniversary rumours

News Louisa Mellor 21 Jan 2013 - 15:23

Disclaimer shields up as the latest 50th anniversary rumour arrives without quotes, context, or indeed, a source...

Far be it from us to douse enthusiastic reporting on Doctor Who's forthcoming fiftieth anniversary with the waters of scepticism, but there's just a chance that the newest rumour is more enthusiasm than fact.

The Birmingham Mail is reporting, without source or quote, that "Show boss Steven Moffat is close to completing a script which will see the current Doctor, Matt Smith, needing the assistance of ALL his police box predecessors", going on to add that "Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann have all signed up to record an anniversary audio adventure, and are keen to appear in the historic TV show, too. Christopher Eccleston is said to be reconsidering an earlier decision not to take part, and David Tennant – a friend of Moffat – has hinted that he has been invited to reprise his role."

Hmm. "Keen to appear" and "said to be reconsidering" are somewhat bet-hedging wouldn't you say? While we'd love nothing more than to confirm the long wished-for news that Moffat's fiftieth anniversary episode plans will indeed feature all eleven Doctors (three added in post-production, naturally), at present, this seems like little more than wish-fulfilment.

Birmingham Mail

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I know I may be alone in this but... I kinda wish that we could go into these episodes cold. I guess I just don't understand the burning need of Who fandom to know every last plot detail, costume change and scheduling decision a year or more before it happens...

The whole story does seem rather vague, speculation and recycled news for the most part. Just waiting for some official source to come and torpedo this rumour now.

I think I want to be surprised by the story line, but I do want to know which doctors will DEFINITELY be taking part! I'm really hoping David Tennant will come back!!!!

Seems too good to be true, particularly the bit about Eccleston reconsidering. Until I see it, I won't believe it. Still keeping fingers crossed for McGann, however.

you can "go into these episodes cold." No one is forcing you to read these articles. . .

I hope Christopher Eccleston will appear. I just love him. He was really great in the part.

Make it so........oh bugger, wrong programme!

just wait and see what is coming

If only hartnell was alive he'd whoop them all.

3D. Eccleston wants to see a script. Tennant's a yes. McGann a maybe. No previous Doctors. Timewar.

I'd love it if Eccleston would reconsider. To have him standing alongside Tennant and Smith in full character would be a dream come true. Would be great if they gave McGann's Eight more screentime too.

The very definition of "Nothing to See Here". Unless some frustrated Who fan/low-rent journo's wish-fulfillment tickles your fancy.

"Dowse" means to detect water, using, for example, a split birch twig. I think you mean "douse" which means to soak or dampen.

ALL 11! That's being extremely hopeful, I'd just be glad to have the last 4, with some referencing to the others involved too

This wil be Epic. But will they answer the question , the first question, the question that shal never be answered, the questions he's been running for all his life, Doctor Who ?

It'll be shot in 3D, fact fans.

The British news just loves to lie and lie and lie about this kind of stuff. I'm waiting for official confirmation.

It'd be more interesting if they brought back all his timelord aversaries - the Master of course, the Meddling Monk, the Celestial Toymaker....

Or maybe every past companion.

Surely the two Bakers would be added in post production too (having supplied their own voices) - Davison only just about pulled it off in Time Crash, with a little cod-science to describe his aged appearance, but Colin & Tom are so different in appearance to back then that their days of being able to play the Doctor on screen are FAR behind them.

I am just happy to let the show catch me unawares and I hope the production crew manage to keep a lid on any really big surprises until the broadcast.

My own feeling on what will happen is that we will finally get an explanation of why the TARDIS exploded in the fifth series and it will be linked to Omega (who seemed to be foreshadowed in the sixth) and the possible return of the Timelords - which opens all kinds of possibilities to the likes of Susan (which will certainly tie in with celebrating the start of DW and the rumours that the events in An Unearthly Child will be important in the coming episodes), Drax, The Master, Rassilon, Romana, Borusa, Morbius, The Rani, The Valeyard, the previously unseen Corsair, Flavia, Darkel and many more.

Me too - I don't mind reading the odd casting note here and there but I hope the production crew keep a tight lid on the big surprises because if they get leaked it will be very difficult to avoid them.

The BBC and the production team kept the appearance of the Cybermen in Earthshock - Peter Davison's first meeting with them, and their first episode in seven years - a secret so it can be done!

Yes, but back then we didn't have the internet as we know it today.

True, true - nor did everyone carry a camera with them wherever they went with instantly viewable images!

Looks like clickbait to me, not falling for that.

'd love at least The Master to return, the proper one not the John Simm craziness. How was Omega foreshadowed? I must have missed that

Isn't this just mis-reading the Big Finish story where 4 - 8 appear?

In 'A Good Man Goes To War' the army of The Silence had banners with Omega's sigil on them - they were all over the base on Demons Run

Cool, that would be great!

I think you are right but would love to be proven wrong - the technology is available to recreate dead and ageing Doctors now - might explain for the fact that the production team have been apparently saving money by cutting the last two series in half...

I wonder if they should touch on the Lungbarrow plot line?

Actually it's pretty much impossible. Because of the burning needs of fandom the BBC has to announce at least some details. To go in cold I'd need to not read websites, stay off twitter, stay off facebook, not read or even see the front pages of some magazines and newspapers... But that really wasn't my point, I just miss the times when surprises were considered a good thing and the more nutty sections of fandom didn't erupt in rage if they didn't know the TV schedule 18 months in advance!

I was holding out for David. I'll watch just to see him play in his role once more

I couldnt get into the new "Dr" because I've been spoiled rotten with David. I am one who've been looking to see if David's Dr. would be returning in any way so I can watch. This helped me in knowing.

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