Doctor Who: thoughts on the new TARDIS interior

News Andrew Blair
20 Dec 2012 - 07:47

Andrew gives us some brief thoughts on Doctor Who's new-look TARDIS interior...

As you may have heard, Doctor Who is getting a modicum of a makeover this Christmas, including a new title sequence and theme music. While those delights await us on Christmas Day, right now we have our first full sight of the new TARDIS interior. 

Our first thought on the new interior set is "Oooh." 

Secondly, and perhaps more helpfully, we think it looks like a cross between the late eighties console (used from The Five Doctors through to Battlefield) and the epic steampunk of the 1996 TV Movie set (certainly when we checked out The Snowmen the other week, it was very much a Davison-era feel that we got from the console of the TARDIS). The walls beneath the roundels are reminiscent of a cathedral. There’s also a touch of Mike Tucker’s miniature made for Doctor Who Night.

It’s got a sterility to it in the photo that feels more like the original series’ main set, which isn’t immediately attractive. It reminds me – and I appreciate not everyone will relate to this - of the cold concrete-enhanced chill of a Nineties-built Scottish First Division football stadium on a November evening. Specifically Forthbank. After the bee-stripe yellow of the previous set, the contrast is decidedly marked. However, once it’s not in a static image and things are exploding, I’m sure we’ll welcome it as we would an old friend. 

The console itself looks like it’s been stolen from a submarine. Maybe it has. The Eighth Doctor would feel right at home next to it, especially in his nice new togs. Meanwhile, the roundels now resemble the eyes of morally ambiguous robots hiding in the TARDIS walls. 

Over to you then: Sterile? Submarine-like? Cathedral-esque? Morally ambiguous robots? Give us your thoughts on the new look in the comments.

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