Doctor Who: new TARDIS interior revealed

News Louisa Mellor 19 Dec 2012 - 15:34

The revamped TARDIS interior we'll see in this year's Christmas Special has been revealed...

Here it is then. The new-look TARDIS interior, to be unveiled in full during next week's Christmas Special...

We'll post a more in-depth (or quite possibly knee-jerk) reaction to the revamped look later, but in the meantime, bask in the aquarium-meets-electric-blue-Polo-Mints thing the Eleventh Doctor (or more properly, production designer Michael Pickwoad) has gone for. Tasteful.

And for anyone who missed it last week, here's a detail from the new console design:


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1) The new TARDIS interior looks AWESOME... more of a throwback to the one that Tenth had and way more spread out. I like that. 2) I will not accept this new interior unless the outfit that Eleven is wearing in this picture comes with it - and STAYS. Because this outfit is AWESOME.

Hmmm, I liked the steam punk look, it gelled with the bow tie. Also this looks very cold, understandable with the Doctors current apparent apathy, but a bit dour and clinical for an extended run.

Agreed on the outfit, not the TARDIS though.

Looking at this one might be forgiven for thinking that the show were gearing up to celebrate it's past... :)

I like it - it's in keeping with the new steampunk look of the last three TARDISes (including McGann's) but has quite obvious throwbacks to various classic Who consoles.

The new costume also has hints of Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee about it - whether Smith will keep that look, and if he can resist that ever cool bow tie, remains to be seen though.

I agree with YOU on your take on the previous interior. I liked it but it wore on me quick though. Until we got to the episode "Amy's Choice". For some reason it was way cool. Perhaps because it was dark. And cold as hell.

Hated the last one - this is much much much better!

Yes - the last one had 'intended to be sold as a playset' written all over it. This looks much more like the functional spaceship cockpit that it actually is.

Hey I'll adapt, what am I gonna do boycott Doctor Who?

I have no idea what to think of this... Does it... does it look a bit rubbish?
But then again, maybe... not? Ugh.

I'm just gonna have to withold judgement until the episode...

Looks like Matt's been photoshopped in to me - there's something odd about the lighting. The right half of his face is in shade, but the console isn't casting any kind of shadow at all. I dunno, to me the set looks somewhat CG-ey...

Yeah, I think that's what's throwing me off too. It all looks very flat, a bit like a photoshop image a fan made.
Here's hioping it looks better in action.

Really? Doesn't look Photoshopped to me. And why would they go to that trouble when they have the set, they have the actor, they have the costume and they have cameras?

I'm not saying it IS. Just that it looks like it. It's a weird image, there's something off about it I cant quite put my finger on...

It was probably taken in 5 minutes between filming hence it looking a little amateurish

This is really really cheap looking. It looks more like a theatre set that a television one. When I first saw the sneak peek of the top of the console with the black gallifreyian text on it I though it was fan-art until I read the article.
It is better than the 1st Moffat Tardis interior which was horrible and it may well look really cool when it appears in the show as Who has great directors and production standards generally.

That TARDIS and that outfit is FIT!

What might be going on there is that because he's backlit by the bright light of the control column and the upper row of lights on the wall behind him, they've had to use a single powerful spotlight in front of him otherwise his face would be completely in shadow.

Either that or it's possible he did the publicity shots in costume in front of a green screen because the TARDIS interior set was still under construction and they dropped it in later.

Thats BETTER!!!
The console looks like something that has been based on the classic show, the clutter and crap is gone and best of all YOU CAN SEE THE TIME ROTOR AGAIN!
And it does not look like a glass dildo wrapped in brown paper. They have kept the levels to it, there is a stair case, and a startrekky looking extra bit of console to the left.
I am not too sure about the blue light rings / roundels but at least they are round and not set into deep hexagons. The back wall looks a bit ALIEN / ALIENS reminds me of
some of the pannel work in the colony and on the Nostromo. I loved the previous console room at first, but then when they never used the stairs to show you other areas, and you could not see the time rotor moving because it was a clear glass sex toy in a clear glass tube with extra brown wrapped sides, just to be sure you could not see it at all, I started to dislike it. Thank god the naff bakelite tv has gone, the stupid gramaphone horn, shower handles / taps and pinball bits are all GONE. The extra ring around the rotor with bits hanging off it..all GONE. And now we have some Mcgann Tardis blue tubes that glow...HURRAY!!! It looks more like the Tardis again and not Steptoes Yard....
Everything looks sleeker, cleaner and less like it was made of bits of junk and rubbish and if those top rings with the lights rotate as well....even if one of them does it will be super cool.

Loved the last one - it seemed warm, the golden light and the steampunk-y theme were amazing and look excellent with the bow tie, floppy hair and tweed jacket. Not sure about this one - but it still looks great, with a hint of old Who about it.

It looks alright, I suppose. Needs a bit of getting used to I think. I personally dont think that any of Michael Pickwoad's designs over the previous 1 and a half series have been particularly stunning, and this just appears, at first glance, to be a continuation of the trend. What I dont understand is why it was so difficult to move the old TARDIS Set to Roath Lock? The Previous production team managed to transfer the Christopher Ecclestone/David Tennant Set when they moved studios for the first time. But then again, Matt Smiths first TARDIS Set was a lot bigger and more intricate. So perhaps it makes sense. Although, if I put on my conspiratorial Doctor Who fan hat on for a minute, perhaps it is further evidence of how the show is undergoing a budget cut-induced decline that now means its impossible for the production team to produce a full 13 episode series a year and this is the cause of the new look....

The last TARDIS interior was beautiful, and so well suited to Smiths personallity. Whilst I'm glad they're celebrating the past this seems so dull and lifeless, as though it was created to please those hardcore fans that just don't understand the show and keep claiming it should be an adult drama.

FINALY they got rid of the weird glass thing in the centre of the console and put back the long glowing bars , and rotating TV Screens are back , it's like the classic era TARDIS mixed woth the RTD Style TARDIS, I love it, thank go the glass floor is gone.

Yes the big one was beautiful in its own way. I liked the glass floor, underlevel and space. But you never saw any more, never got to see where the staircases went to, apart from the corridors in the Doctors Wife. The biggest problem was the invisible time rotor. I loved it at first, but as the episodes wore on, it was clear that you could not see it moving very well. I am pretty sure this was the biggest mistake they made, and now the brown shield covers are gone. The Tardis has never had those on the time rotor before and I just cant think why they thought it was a good idea. Because it wasn't and I am very glad they have been taken down. And I just did not like some of the rubbish on the console, gramaphone horn etc. The suspended bakelite tv screen was a nod to the TV Movie Tardis. However it was a nightmare to light and film in the set for them, with all the reflective copper / brass. I wonder why they never thought of this BEFORE spending hundreds on it. Surely they would have done some tests to see what looked good and worked? I wonder if the new one is smaller, and I am not sure about the blue tint to everything, but if that time rotor top rotates...thats going to look good. We dont know what else we will get in there and how it will look until we see it properly so I am going to wait until then to pass total judgement. Next year we will get to see more. The one episode I am waiting to see is the Heart of the Tardis...I hope we see more than corridors this time. Even if its only one or two rooms and the engine room or whatever they do. As for Adult Drama...yes your right again, however can I be cheeky and ask how old you are? I am 42!!! Shock horror....I was there for Genesis of the Daleks, Brain of Morbius, Pyramids of Mars...that really was a fine line between adult drama....the themes of Genoicide and death and war in Gen of the Daleks especially. I watched that with my parents and they loved it at the time. And they will have been about as old as I am now. Anyway i cant wait to see the new Tardis in the show...and if its crap they can allways change it again in a few years. Heheheheheh I can now go out and buy another Tardis playset! Sad isnt it? I just wish they would release a classic Tom Baker Console room toy, I am going to have to resort to making one next year if they dont! Anyway once a Who fan always a Who fan....I love it and will be watching it until the day I die.....

Basically... like it or not WE HAVE TO KEEP WATCHING!!!

Ok... having finally watched "The Snowmen"... all I can say about this new TARDIS interior? ABSOLUTELY EFFING BRILL! It looks like the Moff is taking it back to the old school. I LOVE it. I really want Matt Smith in this outfit as well. I need him to stay in this outfit.

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