Doctor Who: William Shatner for The Master?

News Den Of Geek 19 Dec 2012 - 13:28

Matt Smith would love Star Trek legend William Shatner to join the cast of Doctor Who...

At BBC Television Centre last night, Getty swapped a few words with Matt Smith and co. when the subject of The Master came up...

"Is The Master coming back? Who knows?" Smith answered, echoed by new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman saying, "Who knows indeed. Ask Steven."

Were The Master to return to Doctor Who, what did Smith and Coleman make of the suggestion that William Shatner could fill the shoes of the iconic villain?

“We’d love to have William Shatner on Doctor Who I’m sure. He’s a sci-fi God! He’d be great" said Smith, adding "John Simm is pretty damn good in the role though".

Steven Moffat backed up Smith's support for the current Master, then went on to claim that Simm would gladly attack an eighty-one year old man to defend the part:

"I love William Shatner but John Simm is The Master... John Simm would beat [Shatner] up if he thought he was going to take that part." Moffat continued, "William Shatner being The Master would be too confusing wouldn’t it? He’s Captain Kirk! It’s already confusing that there are now two Captain Kirks. But if I was considering it I wouldn’t tell you.”

No, we don't suppose he would.

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Scrambled egg on toast.


Bring Simm back. Regenerate him. Then cast an actor that will compliment Smith the way Simm complimented Tennant.


Would have been my choice once upon a time too, but he's too famous now I think.

yes. They need an anti-Smith the same way Simm was an anti-tennant.

And a bit too obvious, I think, seeing as he's already Moffat's OTHER golden boy. I'd like to see Cumberbatch in some capacity in Doctor Who, but maybe not as the Master. I agree that Simm should come back, but maybe we could see him regenerate at some point into a new Master who would be the opposite to Smith's Doctor.

Partly after seeing him in Ashes to Ashes, (but prior to him being cast in Night Terrors), I quite liked Daniel Mays for the part. Him and Smith both have that weird baby-faced-but-with-gravitas thing happening. They seemed to have good chemistry too, based on NT.

YES! Bandersnatch would be THE BOMB.

Simm was good but what I would dearly love to see is for Smith's Doctor to go back into the past and meet Jacobi's Master before he transformed himself into Professor Yana. As the re-born Master he had about 1 minute's screen time but every second of it was gripping!

I'd quite like to see either Paddy Considine or Iain Glen as The Master.

I know Glen's been in it before as a different character but that never stopped them casting Agyeman or Gillan, or Colin Baker for that matter!!

Or Bill Nighy - He does evil very well and he has that quirky thing going on that a Time Lord needs...

Watched Love Actually again last night and had he gotten the job as the Doctor as the rumours suggested back during the run up to the relaunch then he could have done a lot worse than to have continued to play a variation on 'Billy Mack' in the role.

Terance Stamp! Zod it up!!

Or perhaps Rafe Spall or Chiwetel Ejiofor - There are a lot of great quirky Brit actors who also play sinister rather well suddenly springing to mind!

Kneel before The Master!

Agree 100%. Jacobi's 1 minute of "Master-time" was right up there with the original, Roger Delgado. Absolutely excellent!

That would be aweosme! We need a darker Master.

Steve Guttenburg was born for the role.

Whilst I don't ever see this happening (nor would him as the Master be that good an idea. Him in it, on the other hand...) I do think Steven Moffat might tell us something he was planning, then say he wouldn't tell us, then do it anyway, just to make it more of a surprise.

Jorah Morment was in Doctor Who???

Apart from anything else, I'd like to see the Moff write a 'Master' story. I think the character's devious scheming would be well served by his labyrinthine plotting

Yep - he was Father Octavian, head of the clerics, in the Flesh & Stone/Time of the Angels two parter from series 5

Mays is a brilliant shout. By the end of Ashes to Ashes, he was the whole reason I was still watching.
Regardless of Night Terrors, they could still use him. The show has form for that sort of thing.

Yeah, you're right. Maybe they should just cast him as a one-off villain or something. Like they did with Anthony Head in "School Reunion".

Am I the only one who didnt really rate Simm as the Master? It just never felt comfortable he was good with the darker moments but the laughing and manic bits felt forced, would rather they recast the role. Maybe Bradley James from Merlin, give him a shot at the bad guy.

Would be thrilled to see Shatner involved in a Doctor Who story in some capacity.Big fan of his work on Mathesons' classic Twilight Zone scripts,he's an impressive actor.The Master's a bit of a narrative problem as Russells interpretation of him was too sympathetic.It was a bit of a betrayal of how he was intended.I think Simms not convinced he got him right and wants more.


Guy who plays Hal in Being Human (I don't know his name, how bad is that? It'll be on DoG somewhere.)

I don't really want the Master to come back (we had two series finales with him and it got a bit boring), but if we're voting, I'd say either Damien Malony or *cringes slightly*...Tom Hiddleston? Possibly?

The actor who I would love to see playing The Master is...... Dexter Fletcher! I think he'd be great!!! :-)

Yep. & I think the man for the job is Dexter Fletcher! :-)

Shatner as 'The Master'??? That would be like a former James Bond playing Rassilon!

I like the idea of Stamp!

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