Matt Smith reveals premise of Doctor Who 7b story

News Louisa Mellor 18 Dec 2012 - 12:02

The Eleventh Doctor has revealed the premise of a forthcoming episode of Doctor Who's seventh series...

Contains story details for a series 7b episode.

Those of you with proper jobs may not have caught Matt Smith's brief appearance on today's ITV1 show This Morning, so we've done you the courtesy of taking a look.

Speaking to Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford, Smith was on the show to promote the Doctor Who Christmas Special (read our spoiler-free review here), but while there he also let drop some details about one of the forthcoming series 7b episodes, written by Steven Moffat.

According to Smith, one of the new Moffat-penned stories has the following premise: "What if there was a monster in the Wi-Fi?", said Smith, "It's the genius of Steven Moffat again. What exists in the Wi-Fi? We all need it..." 

Could Moffat have been influenced by the Mark Gatiss-penned The Idiot's Lantern, which had television as a vehicle for nastiness? Whatever the inspiration, we're sold on the idea.

While on the ITV1 sofa, Smith also confirmed the TARDIS' new-look, saying that the set has been "slightly revamped, interior designed as it were". He also tantalisingly mentioned the short stories he wrote about the Doctor in the period between being cast and his first appearance, and once again cited the characters of Blackadder, Frank Spencer and Inspector Clouseau as his comedic inspiration for the role. Oh, and apparently he's nicked the hatstand from the old TARDIS interior for his house.

Finally, he praised new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman as having "started thrillingly" and done "brilliant, very detailed work" on the show so far, and declared Christmas Special villain Richard E. Grant as "born to play a Who villain". Based on what we've seen, we'd have to concur.

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Oh god oh god oh god, turkey sandwiches and a new episode of Who. If I don't burst from one I surely will from the other......

Has ITV not sacked Schofield yet?

Why does this idea sound so familiar?

Anyway, until further notice I'm calling these baddies 'The Wi-Fiends'

Disconsolate about the necessary destruction of the only TARDIS i've ever entered.I answered it's phone ,sat in it's comfy chair and explored it's undercarriage.Properly gone like the Pandorica opened and it was destroyed.A hatstand here, a pair of binoculars there,all over the country.Appropriate Matt saved the hatstand considering how much his Doctor loves his hats.Somebody needs to ask Matt about whether his desire for a visit to Atlantis had anything to do with him knowing Pond couldn't swim.He went on about it for two years.Poor Karen,if she went to a performance of Moths ate my Doctor Who scarf,she would have a blanket over her head,asking'Will they attack?'

So its a ghost in the machine premise

What are you talking about?

I took mys soon to a special screening of 'The Snowmen'. Typically the Doctor uses the sonic to activate gas lamps that melt the snowmen. Very uninspiring.

Sorry.I attended the convention in Cardiff earlier in the year and there was a tour of the set when they weren't filming.Also,Karen has a strange Moth phobia and can't swim.Perhaps,the ghost in the machine premise is the Belles of St John story. Matt said he saved the hatstand from the destroyed set in the interview and he has it at home.Karen stole the binoculars from the console when she left.

HUH? Did I miss something?

The article is about the interview.I probably shouldn't elaborate on what i've said until after the special is screened.

Ya think? That's pretty random....nothing at all to do with the article from what I can see, but cheers I guess.


Aaah, you just wanted to show off coz you got to go onboard the tardis, jammy git!

Obviously not. & there is no reason to.

The convention was great too,Genuinely gutted it's actually gone,it was beautiful.River Song was even concieved in it.Not when i was there,obviously.

your a d**khead, people reading this do not want to see spoilers for the xmas special.

Apart from his journalistc incompetance costing ITV thousands and almost ruining an innocent mans reputation of course ethere isn't. Mong!

it has to be said: "TROOOLLL....In The Wi-Fi"

TWAT! Mods can we get this comment removed. for spoilers?? (And of course my reply for, justified, offensive language)

Really? Because at the press screening I attended that's not what happened. Perhaps you were watching something else, or dreaming, or just trolling boards to try to upset fans. Either way - it won't work. Just ignore this sad minded little man folks.

In regards to the wifi monster...... The Wire.... that is all

Seems like it. Ghost in the Machine was the episode that got me hooked on the X-Files if I remember right, so there's promise there :)

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