Brand new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special

Trailer Simon Brew 12 Dec 2012 - 16:01

Get a better look at this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen, in this new trailer…

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special has a bit of extra work on its shoulders. The big task, aside from telling a good story as always, is to introduce a brand new recurring character. That character is, of course, the Doctor’s new assistant, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, and by the time the credits roll, we hope to have a better idea of just where she fits in.

Also, the episode boasts guest appearances from Sir Ian McKellen (in voice form) and Richard E Grant (body and voice), and in spite of its unusually early slot – it goes out at 5.15pm on Christmas Day in the UK – word is that The Snowmen is quite a spooky adventure.

We’ll have a spoiler-free review of it by tomorrow, hopefully. But in the meantime, here’s the new trailer, fresh from the BBC….

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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Excited now....

Over the top acting, more annoying ditsy girly voiceovers, uninspired and bland 'stock music', more overly grand statements about something 'falling', "The world will fall" blah blah blah more tedious refferences to the 'established' way the Doctor goes about things "That's my job, that's alyays me" . AND FINALLY the obligatory Doctor / companion kiss. It's such a load of nonsense and really very old hat.

Over the top acting, more annoying ditsy girly voiceovers, uninspired and bland 'stock music', more overly grand statements about something 'falling' or coming, "The world will fall" blah blah blah more refferences to the 'established' way the Doctor goes about things "That's my job, that's alyays me" . AND FINALLY. The Doctor Over the top acting, more annoying ditsy girly voiceovers, uninspired and bland 'stock music', more overly grand statements about something 'falling', "The world will fall" blah blah blah more references to the 'established' way the Doctor goes about things "That's my job, that's always me" . AND FINALLY. The obligatory doctor / companion kiss! It's such a load of nonsense and really very old hat.

Not to mention his overdone pun of "Doctor who?" as spouted by another character, for the sole purpose of lame comedic effect... as a comedy writer, he of all people should understand "the law of diminishing returns". And on a trick that never worked, even the first time it was used ("Black Orchid").

Maybe the Moff wants people to hate his vision/version of the show as means to feel more cozy in leaving...

Don't like it, DON'T WATCH dumb dumb.

Indeed the 'pun' is getting old now. It was over-done when they did it in Asylum of the Daleks and now its just become terribly in your face. Furthermore, having the doctor constantly making out is also getting boring.

They are both as atrocious as each other. The 'don't like it, don't watch' argument doesn't wash with me.

OK - Don't like it? Then shut up and keep it to yourself. Does that work for you? How about 'keep complaining, get a punch in the face'?

Seriously - are you some kind of masoshist - you clearly hate RTD and SM's DW yet you still seem to want to watch it. Why put yourself through the punishment?

Oh good, they're getting the bloody kiss out of the way already

Get a punch in the face? How exactly? You're a keyboard warrior, sunshine, why don't you behave yourself? I'm a life long Doctor Who fan who is tired of this 'parody' and can and will openly state that. I do however think Matt Smith has such potential, He's a good Doctor but deserves so much more from Moffat the so called 'genius'. x

I would rather watch Dr Who on Christmas day than Coronation Street, Strictly come Dancing, or whatever other rubiish is on....roll on Christmas day at 5:15.......if it was also a good episode so much the better :)

Surely the whole point of the "Doctor 'Who'" 'pun' is that it is the first question and the Moff is building up to the 50th anniversary when said question will be answered. A rather larger version a Bad Wolf plot strand. I really don't understand the disdain, years Doctor Who is off the air and people campaign to get it back on, it does and people complain. Television moves on, and 4 part 25 minute stories just won't cut it in the modern age. I appreciate the opinion and I'm not having a pop but really, if it is old hat, if it is getting boring and if you are disappointed, I suggest not watching it at Christmas and sitting down with the Power of Kroll instead.

Felt that needed typing twice? Its a trifle unnecessary. If you don't like, don't watch. I shall.

i love how some jerk who's using RTD's name in vain is just blasting hot air at every one. I personally love the trailer and i think i will love the episode.

Leave him to it.

Actually no, Dave. It read as a 'servor' error? I take it by the snippy comment you're upset with my comments? Don't be sad mate. I won't be watching the program.

Blasting hot air at everyone? It's a public forum for commenting, I'm sorry that you are so bothered by my comments that you feel the need to insult me by calling me a jerk. Oh dear me. "If you don't like it, then don't read"! Haha!

Its not snippy, its just annoying to have it twice as it crowds the thread. Why not delete it if its a 'server' error, its not needed.

Hmmm. I did try but I think you have to be a member to do that.

Right on, Dave. It might not be a popular opinion, but at least it's my honest opinion, Eh duck?

Hover your cursor at the top right of your comment you'll see a downward arrow, click on that that and it should say delete.

Afraid not - already tried that, as I say I think you've got to be signed in.

I'll try and flag it with Admin then.

Go back to Gallifrey Base...

Already done that when I realised there had been an error.

Coolio. No hard feelings, chief.

Considering Terry Nation,Dennis Spooner and Douglas Adams all had a history of comedy writing before working on Doctor Who,it's hardly a negative attribute for a writer scripting an adventure programme and Amy being kidnapped and having her baby taken from her was some of the most traditional and effective drama,i've seen in the programmes history.The 'Doctor Who ?' thing,isn't being used for comedy,it's part of the plot.Wasn't it part of the first episode?

I've not told you what to do so how about you don't tell me? I am not and never have been a member of Galifrey base, but from your statement I'm guessing that you're tarring me with a certain kind of brush and demonstrating a fine line of sterotyping a 'certain type of person'. You're very obviosly not a very enlightened 21st century guy. Wonder what the Doctor would make of that?

I'm not talking about me delivering said punch, chum - just those around you who must surely be fed up of your whining. I can't imagine Doctor Who time round at your house - must be quite an ordeal.

By the way - well done on the keyboard warrior quip - was really quite amusing and gave me a good laugh.

I am also a lifelong DW fan (saw episode 1 in 1963 and every one since) and I think that TD and SM's tenure's are both brilliant, not atrocious - so either you are correct or I am... or... it's a matter of taste. In which case, I don't care if this 'washes' with you or not, don't watch it.

Cool, literally and figuratively...

As usual the Xmas episode doesn't look THAT good.
But it will be a passable episode, and it IS on Xmas day, so has to have something Xmassy about it. Perhaps watched once and then forgotten about, unlike most of the regular episode re-watching that DW so often deserves !
Plus its back in April for the last 5-7 episodes...and you know they'll be fun :)

Looks amazing, I can't wait to see what Jenna-Louise Coleman brings to the show.

Get lost troll.

Why are they kissing?!?! I am so sick of these stupid love plots in the new series.

I cant wait! Though it plays 9:30 a.m (or p.m) in the U.S. I wish I lived there. :( in the u.k I mean

This guy posting as 'RTD (PISH TAKE)' must think he is clever and original. Unfortunately the world is full of sad and lonely little people like you.

Yes you 'RTD (PISH TAKE)' sat at your computer every night hoping that someone will post a trailer/news article etc about a TV show that you know a reasonable amount about, rather than getting out in the world and enjoying the great outdoors, you think you may have touched a nerve with your comments and that you have angered some people and that probably gets you off, the truth is however, we feel sorry for you!

I do have one final question, well thought if you will as no answer is required.

You call yourself a 'fan' of Doctor Who' and yet you complain about the people have been in charge of it. My thought is this, why do you watch a TV show you clearly no longer enjoy due to the fact the people running it clearly enrage you?

Finally this comment you mentioned below that "if you don't like don't watch, doesn't wash with me?" why not? if you don't like what Steven Moffat or RTD did for Doctor Who, what better way to show your frustrations than to not watch the show and as a result not contribute to the ratings for the show?

The pun was getting old long before you were born; that pun is exactly one week younger than the show itself - Harnell ad-libbed it into Episode 2!

I don't claim to think Doctor Who has the greatest plotlines, acting, special effects or dialogue but it is an escape and a bit of fun on a Saturday night. Sometimes it surprises me and delivers an intelligent, thoughtful episode and other times it disappoints me and delivers a silly or badly written episode. Most times it is a rollicking good adventure with a bit of science, romance, politics or comedy thrown in.

If I don't like an episode I often comment in reviews to say why I did not like, with no malice. If I enjoyed an episode I will give the appropriate praise. I don't give people the option to disagree with me because it's my opinion with reasons as to how I reached it. Equally, I won't engage in an argument with someone just because they did not like it. You often see on here one person saying "I didn't like it" followed by another saying "Are you crazy?" Different strokes for different folks - you can't argue over opinion.

What I have never done is ranted about how bad an episode is based on a 45 second preview. There's no point. Everyone knows that trailers are edited to draw the viewer in with snippets of the most outrageous and/or exciting parts and often to misdirect the viewer away from an important spoiler. Wait until the episode has been shown and then give a reasoned review of it. Judging the episode on just the trailer is akin to a critic reviewing a restaurant based on reading the menu alone or, to use a well worn phrase, judging a book by its cover. In short only the most shallow, insecure or malicious of individuals will do it out of laziness, a general dislike of the show or malicious intent to wind people up. It doesn't wind me up - just makes me sad that this is how some people find their enjoyment. The best way to deal with sad cases like this is not to give them an audience. Just ignore - responding is what feeds their insecurities.

It is a sad truth that some people just have no sense fun or joy in their soul and just get their kicks from complaining and upsetting people.

Can anyone who is bitching and moaning kindly remove their fingers from their keyboards and save their comments and judgement until after the episode has actually aired?

Life long Doctor Who fan here and I personally cannot wait for this episode

So what you're suggesting is those around me want to deliver a punch! Fantastic Hubris my good man! I've no intentions of watching it, because I've given it a chance time and time again, only for it to deliver a plastic husk of a once great series. The Christmas ep might be fantastic, but I doubt it judging from the trailer.

You don't know anything about me, you're judging me and it makes you feel better to 'put me in a category' as the type of person I am. I've never said I watch it, only the trailer presented by Den of Geek for the public to watch, and I'm commenting on the public board of my honest opinion. You'll be sad to hear that I'm neither sad, nor lonely. I'm very happy truth be told, but my opinion doesn't match yours, so you revert to stereotyping me in order to make you feel better about my opinion that doesn't match yours. It's pathetic and very telling that because an opinion is'nt popular on the internet, it's met with a tirade of insults. Well done, Lee.

Yawn! It's not true! Haha, it's just a bad show in my opinion and the trailer is even worse. My intent isn't to upset anybody personally (unlike the response I've recieved) just to share my thoughts on how bad I think it is.

You appear to be replying under the mistaken apprehension that I was talking to or about you. I was referring to a generic group of, to use your own phrase, keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do than mouth off for no good reason.

But since I have your attention anyway answer me these questions if you want people to take your views seriously and stop 'upsetting' you.

1) Why do you watch it? I know you have said "Don't like it? Don't watch it." does not wash with you as an argument so I am asking you straight - Why do you watch it? If you do not like it since the 2005 return then admitting to continually watching it for seven years makes you look rather stupid.

2) Why does the "Don't like it. don't watch it" argument not wash with you? It is a perfectly sound piece of reasoning. You have failed to convince anyone with your replies so far as to why this should be an acceptable response. There could be the argument that you are hoping for it to improve but for seven years? That's a little long to wait and continually hoping for that long makes you look rather stupid.

3) How can you say it is a bad show if it has not been shown yet based on a trailer of less than one sixtieth of the show's running time? How can you even have thoughts about how bad it is based on this? You can only have fears or assumptions on how bad it MIGHT turn out to be. Giving such a strong opinion on something that you cannot possibly have seen makes you look rather stupid.

This is your opportunity to inform us as to how you have reached your conclusions without coming across as rather stupid. If your reply is compelling then fair enough, you have made your point. If not then prepare for people on this forum to continue to either ignore you or bombard you with hate because that is what you are setting yourself up for.

I look forward to your reply!

This ought to be interesting...

No, well done you.

Your parents must be so proud of your wit and intelligence.

Well boo-hoo-hoo. I guess you'll have to find something else to watch instead so we won't have to put up with your whining.

Here here. I'm fed up of the unimaginitive, miserable sh*ts who are just here to whine or moan.

Nobody is interested in what you have to say Trollboy.

So why, pray tell, if you have no intention of watching it, do you continue to whine about it? Why did you even bother with the trailer. Why did you bother to comment on something you dislike so much? Seriously my friend, if you behave like this in 'real' life then you must be a most unpleasant person to be around. I've had dealings with your kind before - the kind of moron who assures himself that everyone really likes him but, behind his back, is in actual fact, the joke of the workplace/family - but he carries on regardless, blissfully unaware to the fact that those he likes don't reciprocate.

Well done on using the word hubris - the thesaurus website really is a helpful tool.

And by the way - who ever said I was a man? Making a bit of an assumption there pal, aren't you? You know what they say about those who assume...

What makes you say that, Landerson? Or is that uncalled for sarcasm I wonder? Parents eh? That's an interesting comment.

Is it an interesting comment? Why's that then? Care to explain?

Here's what makes me say 'that'. It was sarcasm. Congratulations on recognising it. It was sarcasm because I said you had wit and intelligence when your posts so far display evidence of neither. It was sarcasm because parents generally tend to be proud of intelligent and witty children while they just tend to 'love' (well they have to really don't they?) the dull witted and stupid.

I'm not entriely convinced that you didn't take my comments
on board when you wrote your reply, but there you are.

1) I don't watch. I did but I got tired of the reacurring themes
(as presented in the Christmas trailer, as outlined in my original comment).
I love Doctor Whovand I want to enjoy it, but it's run it's course for me personally.
Can you show me where I said I didn't like it from it's 2005 return?

2) Certainly the majority on here who are commenting
don't agree, but then I'd never assume or expect that they
would do. Every episode has the potential to be different
from the last. For example 'The Doctor's Wife' was a lovely
episode in amongst why I consider to be a terrrible series.
There's always the chance that it might appeal
in a different way. That's why I dip in from time to time. Sadly,
it hasn't improved for me as of yet.

3) It's clear that my comments are about the trailer and the reaccuring themes that
in my honest opinion, continue to plague the new series of what I tentatively call
Doctor Who.

'This is your opportunity to inform us as to how you have reached your conclusions
without coming across as rather stupid. If your reply is compelling then fair enough,
you have made your point. If not then prepare for people on this forum to continue to
either ignore you or bombard you with hate because that is what you are setting yourself up for/'

I've taken you up on your invitation, but it's my right to reply on a public forum that invites debate, regardless of any threat of suggestion of a "Bombardment of hate". Sincerly though, whether you regard my reply as compelling or not is really of no
importance me.

Thanks for that. I'm not a 'Troll Boy' although it might be easier for some to consider me as such.

All through he has displayed the classic hallmarks of an internet troll:

* Inflammatory opinion which often have several logical flaws
* Refuses to accept the opinions or evidence of other readers even if they are correct.
* Anonymity through a senseless or offensive username
* Talking off topic just to be heard (this post is about a trailer, not general hatred of the makers of Doctor Who of the past few years)
* Starts making accusations when confronted or can't seem to get the upper hand in the conversation (did you see him hilariously try to suggest I have 'parent issues' above?)
* When accused of trolling says "But it's just my opinion".
* Always tries to have the last word even if it does not add anything to the conversation
* No recognition that other people's opinions are as valid as theirs, no complimentary comments at all
* Refuses to acknowledge questions which will actually out him as a troll if he gets the answer wrong
* When suitably challenged they will suddenly start to use more intelligent language, longer words etc which were lacking in earlier posts.
* No posts under that same username on other discussion threads on the same site
* Starts to act like a victim when people give angry replies.

And now people are on to him he's gone quiet.

Well, RTD, you are quite welcome to have the last word. I am sure whatever you have to say will be an enlightening read.

Blimey that was quick, some might say too quick to have read my response!

You stated that SM and RTD are as atrocious as each other. RTD has been in control since 2005. QED.

You're welcome to your opinions but you can't possibly have thought that posting something like that wouldn't invite scorn did you?

p.s As far as I am aware, I've only inadvertently done that by my comments about the trailer / show, not by using any personal insults whatsoever. Unlike the name calling I myself have received by some.

Too quick for what? If you're referring to your reply to Paul Childs then I posted my troll list a few seconds before your reply even appeared so I never even read it before writing the above.

Needless to say you replied to all his questions in true troll style - without actually answering any of them or without accepting that any of what anyone but yourself has said might even be right.

I wish you good luck with this discussion but don't expect me to join in any more with your sordid little game. You can say what you like about me from from this point on but I won't rise to the bait and I implore others to ignore him also. Trolls require and audience and I think he has had enough of one for one day.

I've no time any more for this particular bridge-dweller and, for that reason, I'm out.

That's an unbelivable reply! Almost breathtaking, dare I say admirable for all the wring reasons. Seeing as you are now aware of a 'thesaurus website' of which I previously wasn't, please go and look up the word 'Prejudice'.

I'm implying that you have mummy and daddy issues you whining little f*cker. I hope your parents, if they're not dead already, die screaming in agony, in a car crash - on Christmas eve - while you're watching

I've had enough of all you f*ckers! P*ss off the lot of you back to your sad little geeky lives with and watch your children's program like the little whiny, b*tchy little kids you are.

And while you're looking that up perhaps you could do us all a favour and accidentally slam your f*cking head in a door. How dare you talk about my work colleages and family like that! They love me!! They F*CKING LOVE ME!!!!

Somebody has just used my username to post a very nasty reply. Just incase it reappears, I wan't you to know that It wasn't me and it looks like it's hopefully already been removed by the mods.It has an avatar attached. I'm not getting into this as it's bordering on the verge of nastyness. I will however continue to reply in regards to my views on the trailer.

Not sure if this is taking a more sinister or hilarious turn

That's what trolls always say in the end

I fully expected it, but still, it's my honest opinion howeverflippant or crass it may seem. I had high hopes for SM, but it hasn't paid off in my eyes. I did think that 'The Eleventh Hour' was a craking start though.

Fair enough - that's good enough for me. In future though you might want to think about being a little more balanced in your posts' language. It does no harm to be polite, even if you're putting across a negative or opposing viewpoint.

And whoever is pretending to be RTD - grow up.

Exactly my point, you posted before you read my response. I answered Pauls questions honestly. I've no interest in 'an audience' and am not trying to provoke any reactions for the sake of it! :)

I never posted this. Pleae remove your comment, whoever you are!

Grow up RTD imposter. It's obvious you and he are not the same person. Just because I don't agree with him doesn't mean those levels have to be stooped to. I really DON'T need you defending me and I'm sure as hell Stephen Moffat doesn't either.

RTD - I don't think anonymous posters can delete their own messages but I second that - I've flagged to the board mods.

I couldn't agree more, I never typed the above response. Somebody is posting with my username. They have an avatar, I don't. Very sad indeed.

I might disagree with this guy but there's no call for that! Seriously my friend - you need some help.

Woah! Chill out dude! Everything I said about the original RTD I take back and transfer it to you! That's not on, to say those things. Seriously not on.

It's probably more likely an attemp to stop my, uh-hum "trolling" ;)

Ok Paul, I'll consider it. I think my posts after my orignal comment have been very polite on the whole. Thanks for the banter.

Guy? What make you think that I'm a.......only joking chief!

Shame the direction the conversation took in its latter stages.

Oh really? Well I don't class myself as one of those, but somebody is actually posting with the same user name - they have an avatar, I don't. As others have pointed out, it's obvious it's not the same user. Hey ho!

Well there you have it. I welcome responses like yours and I'm willing to have a good debate over differences of opinion and any of my comments. Cheers again.

Very amusing (that was not me being sarcastic).

Seriously,'s time for you to F^&K Off, okay? Perhaps it's even time for you to move out of your mother's basement apartment and become a grown up. If you don't like the show, then please disappear. No-one is interested in the ramblings of a brainless, spineless, mother's basement-dwelling troll, okay?? And if you take this personally, PERFECT coz that's how I meant it!

And if you took that personally, PERFECT coz that's how I meant it!

I, for one, am very much looking forward to this episode!! The trailer looks great!

Blimey! I stopped by for a quick look at the scenery and landed slap bang in the middle of a World War. Still, I suppose that must be how The Doctor feels most of the time.

Ha! Yes, I thought the same thing! :-) I really enjoyed the trailer right up till the end with the kiss, then thought 'really?', it just reminded me of several recent (relatively!) storylines with female companions, but that was just my initial response & I'll remain open-minded & optimistic about the Christmas Special. I usually really enjoy them! :-) But that is just my opinion, & I respect that everyone has different opinions & preferences & I don't expect people to all share my views! :-)
Anyway, thought I'd just send you a friendly reply as I thought a similar thing! (& it seems like there's been a disproportionate amount of negativity & hostility on this thread!)
Just an opinion!
Best wishes :-)

p.s. I guess I'll just wait for any insults coming my way.....'who do I think I am?' 'who cares what I think' etc etc. ... or maybe no insults at all..... whatever. .. hey ho! :-)

Maybe,if the end of the world happens on Friday,the bbc might consider showing it early.If the visual effects aren,t quite completed,maybe not.This end of the world thing could really ruin Christmas.Please BBC.

btw: when I said 'i thought the same thing' I was referring to the 'why are they kissing?' post, not the 'well boo-hoo-hoo' post. I think that's pretty clear from the content of my post, but I wanted to be clear as crystal. thanks :-)

Seems to be aimed right at the kids. And why not. As an adult I've been a bit baffled by the last couple of specials as the plot seems a bit loose. As a child I remember the disappointment I felt at the lameness of the Box of Delights finale. It's been the same with Dr Who. However it could be 3rd time lucky? I think it will be. one last question, a bit off topic, but why didn't Rory and Amy just leave New York and have the Doctor pick them up from a different city, if the Tardis was unable to land in New York again. Seems a bit of a plot hole? Or Couldn't the Dr have landed in Boston and caught a train to New york to pick them up? Looking at the cross ness of some other posters can I just say Happy Christmas everyone!

I am of the opinion that Moffat haters (or, indeed, haters of all New Who writers) who watch the current Who are just emos. It's basically just self-harming, isn't it?

Hubris has a lowercase first letter, unless it's at the beginning of a sentance, obviously. Well done on using an online thesaurus, though. Very ingenious.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of someone who is just a little bit up themselves. Family member loving you I can belive. But surely not all your work colleages love you that much. is a popular opinion. That is, it's popular with all the idiots who like your comments because they hate current Who and want to shout it from the rooftops (and everywhere else for that matter.)

And why is that, do you think?

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