Doctor Who confirmed to return in April 2013

News Louisa Mellor 12 Dec 2012 - 12:32

The second half of Doctor Who's current series is due back on the BBC in April 2013...

It's the news we've all been waiting to hear since [redacted] waved a final goodbye to [redacted] in The Angels Take ManhattanDoctor Who is returning to the BBC! Not, however, until April.

It's been confirmed in the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine that the concluding eight episodes of series seven (including one penned by Neil Gaiman), are due to air next April. Coincidentally, that's the very month that the fiftieth anniversary special, described as "a love letter to fans" by producer Marcus Wilson, will start filming.

In other Who news, Matt Smith was recently heard to say that he hoped to be part of the 2013 Christmas Special, due to air after the anniversary celebration episode. Talking to The List, Smith said, "We've got Doctor Who's 50th anniversary coming up in November 2013, and one assumes there'll be another Christmas special after that, and I'd hope to be part of it."

What about his plans after that point? "I take each year as it comes. All good things come to an end, but my mum is aghast at the thought of me ever not being the Doctor. The show is the star and will continue without me. I'm committed to it next year and will sit down with Steven Moffat and see where we go from there. I've no immediate plans to leave. I'm around for a whole year and that's a long time."

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I would love Matt Smith to stay another year for sure. He's great in the role, but why no new episodes til APRIL?!?!?! WTF!! Why are these seasons all screwed up now? Is it because Moffat is the showrunner for 2 shows and is too busy to get it done? I don't really see the logic here; to me this is inexcusable. I expect 14 new eps per year, not 14 eps every year and 8 months. Something's up....we're not getting the whole story.
Plus, rumour has it there will be no Series 8 during 2013, so what a joke that is......we get 8 eps in April.....and then a 50th anniversary special in Nov and then a Christmas special in Dec, and probably no Season 8 til Sept 2014. Sorry, but the BBC needs to give the show priority and get back on track with 13 eps every April plus a Christmas special. Does anyone else not see that this is F^*&ed up for a show that is supposed to be BBC's biggest moneymaker????

I'm guessing it has to do with finance. Making the show this way allows them to make 16 episodes over two years, instead of fourteen over one, which would make it a little easier on the money, and I would imagine Doctor Who is not exactly cheap to produce. But having said that, we don't know exactly what the plans are for the anniversary (maybe it's two specials?) and some Doctor Who is better than none.

Zaphod you are totally right. What we are getting is one season over two years rather than a season every year. And on its 50th anniversary, it's disgusting treatment of one of the bbc's flagship shows. I know it is expensive to make, but considering its international success, as well as merchendising, how can it not be a money maker for them?

Some Who is better than none for sure, you'll get no argument from me on that one. As for finances, that still doesn't make sense. I've heard Who cost a million or so pounds per ep to produce...yeah that's a lot, but the BBC makes truckloads of money off Who. Don't let them convince you otherwise, so unless they're using that money to finance other projects it doesn't really make sense.
They managed to make 14 eps a year under RTD .

The really annoying thing is that when the Tennant Gap Year happened RTD was upfront about it while Moffat has spun out lines about "moving the series to dark autum/winter nights where it belongs" (didn't happen) and rubbishing the idea that there was going to be less episodes in 2013.

Adding in Matt's comments I also expect him (and Moffat) to leave in the Xmas 2013 Special after which we get another nine month break before Series 8.

I wouldn't want Matt Smith to leave just yet. Doctor Who is back to it's best and it performing on a consistent level at the moment and I wouldn't want that disrupted. As for this news, I can't wait. I don't like the idea of a mid season finale in Doctor Who anyway.

As mentioned below, didn't The Moff say 'I want Doctor Who on the screen when it's dark outside'. Probably he forgot to mention that that was only during Christmas?

They have moved the seasons to Autumn & Spring, we haven't been conned out of any episode provided they keep this practise up.

Mr Matt Smith. You are the best Doctor the programme has had since Tom Baker left, please match Tom's years or even better, beat him :-)

We sure have. Check your math. They started splitting the seasons up in April 2011...and is was to be Spring/Autumn, not Autumn/ Spring. It's now the end of 2012 and we're 8 eps short of where we should've, yes, we've been conned out of 8 episodes.

Yeah that was my exact thoughts when i read that the wernt airing anymore episodes until easter, it really looks like an excuse to rob fans of a proper series, i dont get why they wernt just honest in the first place i really believed they would show a series in january when its dark and cold outside and theres no x factor to compete with, its all pretty unforgivable for the Moff to lie to fans over this issue.

Dang nabbit, your right, don't bring me down man!

Sorry, Tom. Lol

There have been a lot of cutbacks at the BBC since the RTD days though, money does seem to be tight at the beeb just now

I didn't bother buying series 7 part one on blu-ray. Part two and the whole kit will be out by November of next year, so there's no point in falling for this money grab.

The Moff has toyed with the audience in the past... I see no reason to believe him right now.

Maybe the showrunners should stop tabloidizing the biz or crying wolf...

To the best of my knowledge, a lot of the remainder of series 7 has been completed... maybe there are reasonable delays, but few people equate April as being "dark outside"...

Money may be tight, but not because of WHO. Who has never been more popular or made them more money than they are making RIGHT NOW. To me, it just sounds like the BBC being their usual cheap-assed selves. As if we can believe money is tight when, as I've said, Dr. Who brings them in truckloads of money. By all means, trim your budget elsewhere...on a show that's not delivering the goods, but not for Who. If they are cutting budgets, it's not because they don't have money, it's because they just want to make more money.

It's one episode and is referred to as one in the magazine.

I might be wrong on this but I don't think the BBC is allowed to funnel merchandise receipts etc back into making the programme. I think they're only allowed to use those funds to produce merchandising and dvds.

That's why BBC Worldwide is a separate company.

It wasn't Moffat's idea to change the scheduling (confirmed in an interview). I imagine he's no happier about this than anyone else.

The problem with the way the BBC is run is that it's, essentially, not allowed to make a profit from it's own programs. It's daft but true.

All the merchandising, advertising etc is done through a separate company called BBC Worldwide. They make a profit, but they can only funnel it back into advertising, merchandising etc, they can't actually put it towards making the program itself.

yes its wrong i agree. i said this is what was going to happen a year ago, when we found out we were only getting six episodes in 2012. We will only get one or two specials at the most. The BBC was putting the fee up each year , back when RTD was in charge. The fee has now been frozen by the current government, so the BBC has cut everything, but kept other pointless things like BBC3 etc, and so shows and output is suffering. Its obvious that Doctor Who is a casualty of it now. But no one in charge has the guts to come out and say that or much less do anything about it. I bet this is how they do it from now on. Six or seven episodes a year. Its crap. It really is. They can find money for thirteen episodes of Merlin though. I suggest everyone emails the BBC and asks them this. Since there is no more Merlin being made, can they use the budget for that on Doctor Who now. I bet they wont do it, you will just get fobbed off. They would rather make crap like Eastenders and so on. Top Gear is the highest rated show on BBC2. It is sold all over the world, and is very popular, but its been cut this year too. We should have had an autumn series of another six episodes, but its not back till next year. The BBC waste so much money its unreal. Moving studios to salford, splitting things across the country to make it less london centric, when no one wants or needs it, and all we want is for them to make good shows. Its what we pay them to do after all. I have just about given up on them. Next year is the 50th of the longest and best sci fi show of all time. And we are being shafted, all dressed up and lots of dont worries, trust us etc is not going to cover the fact that what I have said is true. I heard a rumour on youtube that there was supposed to be one special a week in November 2013' starting from the date the show first went out, as well as the rest of the series we did not get in 2012. I will believe it when I see it!

I wonder if, instead of airing a full series, the plan is to air some classic stories to celebrate all 50 years. That way each Doctor gets to contribute.

Merlin is infinitely cheaper to make than Doctor Who. Minimal CGI (the Dragon(s) barely feature now and when they did they didn't move much), minimal use of sets, all shot in more or less one place, minimal guest stars, cast paid less, etc etc

Oh dear. Disappointing. In the States you get 20+ episodes per season. Ho hum.

Used to always be the case, but most of the cable channels seem to aim for 12 or 13 at the moment. They seem to have come around to the British TV way of thinking - that quality trumps quantity. I'm kind of happy about that, really...

I don't think that's true, it does go back into the programs, but unlike where a commercial corporation would say "this show is going to see higher returns if we invest in it, so we'll put 50% of the money BACK into it for even greater returns tomorrow" the BBC is oblidged to spread the money from BBC worldwide around, regardless of where it came from.
At a point when the BBC is being asked to tighten it's belt (along with the rest of the country) we can be dissapointed by this, but not really blame them.

I agree with the other comments. Moffat has gone on record as saying, "2013 will be the best year to be a DW fan." Really???? With 9, possibly 10 episodes... and THAT'S IT??? Look, I let this very disappointing year go (it wasn't just the lack of episodes that disappointed me but episode quality) but they're doing it AGAIN next year?? Look, maybe they have yet to announce something. Maybe we're getting more Torchwood, or something else to fill the gaps. I know we can't expect it to be on every year, but when Moff has pretty much stated it's going to be something that lasts the entire year and then its announced it's coming back for 9 episodes only, that's really a poor show. I bloody hope there's more to be announced here.

Sorry I meant to say "every week".

Ah I thought it was that BBC Worldwide funded the advertising etc for the BBC, but the money for making the programmes had to come from the license fee as the BBC can't be a commercial entity.. or some other bizareness. Fair enough.

Ok fair enough Merlin is cheaper to make. That I do get. However Merlin is filmed for three months each year in France. This is at the Château de Pierrefonds that doubles for Camelot. Can you imagine how much it costs, to go to France with all the cast, crew, lighting people and cameras etc? Thats going to cost a lot of money no matter what they do. Also Merlin has a much larger cast than Doctor Who. There is Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, Gwen, Morgana for the main roles, then many Knights, extras and background crowds etc along with whatever guest star of the week is in it. I imagine John Hurt gets paid a fairly large amount just to voice the Dragon and I am sure Richard Wilson is getting a big chunk too. So if you add all that up its going to be getting somewhere near Doctor Who. I know that Who has lots more special effects involved, but there is also just the three / two main actors, along with guest stars / Monster of the week. Matt Smith gets a lot less then D Tennant did in his last year of playing Who. Anyway I dont want to fight, it was a fair comment from you. Leaving all that aside though, we are still getting 13 episodes of Merlin this year and only got six episodes of Doctor Who, then the rest next year. So they have short changed us. This is what makes me really angry about it. The lack of Loyalty to the show that makes the BBC a lot more money than Merlin through merchandise / figures and toys etc, and has been around for 50 years, compared to Merlins 5. I just hope we dont see a return to the mid 80s when they keep cutting the budget, messing with the times its on, and stitching up the fans. It just feels like a kick in the teeth. The worst part of it all is because its the 50th, they should put a whole season on, and they are going to let everyone, AND the hardcore fans down. I expected better from the powers that be at the Beeb. Especially now after it has been back for seven very successful years and is more popular than ever.

Yes I think thats true. They cant spend it back on the show. And they should be able to. The fact is though, although its BBC worldwide, the money STILL goes back to the BBC in the end. Then they spend it on other crap like the ONE show and Eastenders and all the other left wing crap they produce. Its just the way its funded and run and we cant do anything about it while there is a licence fleece in operation. It reminds me of a time I was standing in HMV back in 2004. I was looking at the hundreds of DVDs of classic Doctor Who . I thought at the time, when I was looking at the disks, that there were very few classic stories left to release on DVD, and they had done them all. I thought to myself, so they have released a lot on video, and the fans like me bought them. They then released a lot on DVD with extras and better effects etc, and the fans bought them as well. Now there is nothing left much to release, and the show is no longer being made, thats going to be the end of a big money spinner for them. I wonder what they will do? Go back and Re release them again again on DvD? And what happened in 2005? They brought the show back, and released toys, games and new DvDs of new Doctor Who! Pretty clever marketing move and a sneaky plan! But it all worked out ok for everyone. The fans got what they wanted, and everyone else got a new version of Doctor Who, along with some great toys to play with. Now in 2012 we are getting less Doctor Who again, and they ARE going back and remastering classic Doctor Who AGAIN and re releasing certain classic stories for the second or third time! You could not make it up....

I imagine some classic Who will be shown, though bizarrely they will have to agree the rights. I remember when they showed classic episodes after Elizabeth Sladen died they needed to get permission from UK Gold who had exclusive rights to shown old Doctor Who on UK television.

All very good points. Though I would guess that flying over to France and parking there for 3 months is probably cheaper than constantly building sets and moving around like they do in Doctor Who (how many times have they used that "rock corridor" in Merlin now?)

Otherwise everything you said reigns true.

Please stay, Matt...we love you really...

Can't wait for the return of The River Song Show

long time no see. Check out my review of this years special:)

WHO is now no more than a government brainwashing device.,

What State agenda will next years WHO be pushing onto our kids, I wonder?

Timeywimeywibblywobley will tell:)

I have a sneaking suspicion that Moffat's done that for a reason. If you have a split in the series in the middle, you can actually increase an audience via word of mouth alone. To do it also means Christmas specials will come in the middle of series too, rather than standing alone out-with series'. DVD/Blu-Rays are already split into Parts 1+2, so why not the show? Not to mention that anyone who's been near Doctor Who in Moffat's reign are getting lots of job offers and being pretty busy around Doctor Who too. I do agree that it is annoying we should be waiting for Series 8 to come on and we're still on Series 7 part 2, but you can't fault the quality and the buzz it's created. I do get the feeling though that they wanted the 50th special to be just that, and possibly have it be the 11th Doctor's final appearance, which they'd rather do as a surprise. Plus, Matt Smith maybe agreed to do it at the end of Series 7, which meant holding back a series to end closer to the 50th anniversary.

So another half dozen episodes and then a few specials? Disappointing. They should make 20 a year! I think Matt Smith will leave the role at the end of the year. Funny how he still feels "new". I'd like an older Dr next. They want someone whose slower in the way he talks as a contrast to the last three.

I was jubious when they change the doctor for matt smith and david tennants last episodes was the best by far and didnt really agree when it went american. This is why we have the split series comin up as then it will follow american most viewed air time but i do agree with the comment lower down that it will increase veiwers and if that happens then maybe they can put more money into the show but im biast as ive jus watched all the shows begining to end in the past few weeks

Well better grab your tin foil hats then..

They have placed cuts on all shows since the Recession hit in 2008. Even Top Gear, which like Doctor Who and Eastenders is one their flagship shows has felt the squeeze, so much that the Presenters agreed to have their salaries reduced so that more money can be poured into the actual show rather than their pockets. Yes the budget for these shows are larger than they were a few years ago, but the BBC has to make sure there is a consistent flow of money, rather than it trickling in in segments, which would then just make the show worse. They can't just go, "well Doctor Who is really popular, so, we'll cut massive amounts off these other shows, but not this one, which actually costs us quite alot." They need to be diplomatic. Plus the BBC aren't just going, "well, we need to cut budgets because of less money", it is because the government has imposed that they must cut down on what they spend as part of the economic recovery plan, therefore your argument and anger lies not the with BBC, but with The Coalition.

God God, don't any of you even ENJOY this programme anymore? Call yourself fans? All you do is complain about how the Beeb treats the programme, how crap Moffatt is, and when Matt Smith's going to leave. When Doctor Who comes back on the Telly, me and my kids sit down and enjoy it. When it's not on, we get on withour lives. And I'm 51 years old and I've been watching since Troughton.

Wrong. It returns on the 30th March, check the website and don't make false articles.

I feel that the way they are airing it is really ruining the show for me. It used to be, when it was run like once a week, you were so into it. It was like a non-stop adventure. And because it was one after the other you stayed into it and it was exciting. Now it's like they sprinkle a couple of episodes once in a blue moon then you're left waiting MONTHS for more. And by the time it comes back you have to get into the magic again. It's not as exciting and immersive. Not to mention I have a 10 year old. Do you know how hard it is for a 10 year old to wait as long as they have been making us wait? Not to mention, if they're going to do that, then each episode should be like a motion picture that really pull us in. I'm just left disappointed. I've been a major Doctor Who fan for so long. It's really irking me that they're ruining this show for me and especially for my daughter. I know they said they don't want people to "get used to" doctor who and for it to be a treat when its on, blah blah blah ratings. WTF are they talking about? Starving us of the show doesn't help anyone. It just makes people forget about it, then months and years later when they finally show it everyone's like "Oh... right." and they have to get back into it. Distance does not make the heart grow fonder. Exposure does. Getting used to seeing a face then when it's gone you notice the absence. That's why you don't miss your ex after 2 years, you're used to it being gone. When they show back up you're not as interested as you used to be. If they do this with the next season I'm going to be seriously more angry than before. I'll just DVR all the episodes and watch the all at once. I wont watch the 3 episodes here, 6 months later another one, 7 months later 2 more b.s. again. I know... I know, it's just a show. I get that. However, this show deserves better. Its a cultural icon. If they aren't going to do it right they shouldn't do it at all. As for ratings... it's DR. WHO!! If they show it people are gonna watch it. There's no reason for the crap they're pulling. Maybe it's because I'm sick and disabled and I don't get much joy in my life. Dr. Who is a good distraction. I guess that's why I'm so grumpy at the terrible way they're handling the airing.

I see it It really is F^*&ed up. As I said in my comment above, they're really ruining the show for me. There's no congruency. There's no stream of emotion pushing you further on into the series. It's just dry and empty the way they're doing it. Why are they ruining Dr. Who? And you're right. We're pretty much getting screwed out of a whole season because of this. It's all about money. They think they can make more money by making us suffer. I dunno. If they do this again, I wont watch until every episode has been aired. It's really hear breaking that they're doing this to a show that is so important to people as well as really a part of our culture! >.< And for them to pull this around the 50th anniversary... ugh, I just find the whole thing completely disappointing and disrespectful.

ok i can act like i understand all this mumbo jumbo money rating crap or be honest and say all this political networking bull crap is just that im a tv movie anime head i have ocd of tv and it pisses me off when i cant stream my fav tv shows alot of mystical shows and scfi shows are getting replaced by reality tv and retarded competitions it really diggs in me no doctor who to watch while i work ive been caught up and go back to my fav ones oldeys and new ones i just want them to do more shows is that so freaking hard

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