Ian McKellen joins Doctor Who Christmas special

News Simon Brew 8 Dec 2012 - 08:50

There's an extra treat in store for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, as Sir Ian McKellen is lending his voice to The Snowmen...

The countdown to the Doctor Who Christmas special is well and truly on, with the BBC confirming that the eagerly-awaited The Snowmen is set to be transmitted at 5.15pm on Christmas Day. Matt Smith is starring of course, with Steven Moffat having penned the script.

As well as the new episode introducing, properly, Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new assistant, we've just discovered another piece of interesting news about The Snowmen. And that's that the role of Voice Of The Snowman has gone to Sir Ian McKellen.

We shall thus hear Gandalf himself in Doctor Who, but not see him. McKellen joins Richard E Grant on guest star duties.

This isn't rumour: it's been 100% confirmed to us, and is one further reason to get excited about this Yuletide's Doctor Who adventure.

More on The Snowmen in the next week or two...

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this and the announcement of a new TARDIS console room has me quite excited

Even better is that e reviews have been FANTASTIC.

Good to see that the new series impressive casting tradition is being maintained and McKellen can say he,s worked on a Doctor Who story like Sir Michael Gambon,Sir Derek Jacobi,Dame Diana Rigg,Frances Barber,Penelope Wilton,Timothy Dalton and Richard Wilson.I get the impression a lot of actors think the quality of the programmes writing is quite good although it's a good thing for anybody professionally now since it has a big international audience and is properly supported and appreciated by the BBC.

I'd rather he was there in person rather than lending his voice but at least we have Richard E Grant there.

I don't think there was really any opportunity for a full appearance as i don't think the Hobbit had finished shooting when it was made.Hopefully ,he'll want to be more involved in the production of a story sometime in the future, if it's convenient.

Now THAT'S gonna be awesome. And insanely creepy

they shoot the christmas special in the summer so yeah, ian was rather busy on the other side of the world at the time. technology these days however means that he could quite happily email in a voice performance.


That is all.

Why the false reporting? It's not the Snowmen he's voicing, It's something Greater. And Intelligence-er.

Awesome news!

Ohhh! Well that's a spoiler and a half, but I like!

Uh-oh...a christmas special.....please be good please be good please be good

Really hope that the rumours about the involvement of the bodyless consciousness from Patrick Troughtons' stories in the story is substantiated.I seem to recall Neil Gaiman saying it was an inspiration for House in the Doctors' Wife,i've always wanted to know why it was so interested in Earth and see it executing a greater variety of plans rather than possessing just one person as a method for it's ambitions.

doesn't matter it'll still be as disappointing as ever

It hadn't really occurred to me that he'd still be doing The Hobbit but it would be great to get him in, even if it's a short cameo like Bill Nighy in Vincent and the Doctor.

Wait ... Yetis?!

It's probably going to be the same old crap Xmas special that we have come to expect EVERY YEAR since the show returned. And SNOWMEN?? WTF??? What are they going to do? Shoot carrot guns or throw their snowballs as passing vans?

C'mon Moffat, give us a REAL SCARY Xmas special for a change. What ever happened to your "The Empty Child" or the first "Angel" scripts that had everyone really excited & scared like the traditional Dr Who stories we used to get when I was a kid?

When it was announced you were taking over the show from RTD I thought, right, end of the camp everyone is gay story-lines, now we're gonna get the real deal, PROPER stories with scares, as well as laughs....but what did we get? Half arsed scripts with good plot twists, but NADA on the scare factor.

Remember when it was announced in the Tennant era that the Easter special was gonna be called "Planet Of The Dead"? & EVERYONE was excited that finally we were MAYBE going to get an apocalyptic zombie style storyline? Only to tune in to watch weak ass fling carpet looking Mantra-Rays along with big Fly like people and in one scene the Dr mentioned that they lived on sh*t? Well we were WATCHING SH*T.

Kids LIKE to be scared, they don't want to see nice Snowmen cuddling the new posh drama school brat that is his new assistant. Xmas used to have scary stories on & it was great to be scared knowing full well that in the end the Dr would save the day....JUST, now all we get it this crap EVERY YEAR??

The Xmas Dr Who "Specials" are by far always the weakest episodes in EVERY series since 2005 to date.

OK, rant over.

But to be honest, I do hope it'll be good, but its Xmas special track record tell me that its gonna be weak.

New companion, new Tardis interior, a new look for The Doctor....is it too much to hope that they'll give that appalling title sequence the old heave-ho as well??

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