Doctor Who: lots and lots of new Christmas Special pictures

News Louisa Mellor 5 Dec 2012 - 07:50

Want to see picture upon picture from this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special? Then step this way. Spoilers ahoy...

Contains potential spoilers for The Snowmen.

This morning, your Doctor Who advent calendar contains not one, not two, not three, not... (okay, this is going to go on forever), but bucketfuls of new images from The Snowmen, this year's Christmas Special

Below you'll see a plump selection featuring the likes of Jenna Louise-Coleman, Richard E. Grant, Tom Ward, and of course Matt Smith, but completists should venture over to Doctor Who News for - if you can believe it - even more promotional stills from the episode. Ready? Here we go then... 

Doctor Who News

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Calvin and Hobbes =D

Is it just me, or does Jenna Louise Coleman's head look abnormally huge in the second image down?

Oh yeah, this is looking promising

Still would though.....

Her head looks fine, it is the rest of her that looks small


Are we going to get an explanation as to why Stax is still alive and now living in Victorian London? Or is Moffat well and truly giving up on any form of continuity? I mean, sure Doctor Who contradicts itself, but its various eras seem to have their own internal continuities. Such as the Davies era with the Doctor's age and recurring companions. Sure, the show contradicts itself at large, but there aren't usually any glaring continuity errors in two episodes so close together. I'm worried that this is just Moffat's patronising middle finger to the viewers. Hope I'm wrong.

I would have thought explaining Strax will be easier than expalining how Clara becomes Oswin and then a Dalek!!....Difficult it may be, but in Moff I trust :)

Please please be better then last years! That was just awful!

I enjoyed Christmas carol though (apart from the singing through the sonic screwdriver part *shudders*)

Well, The Doctor left Strax not only with Vastra but with River, who could have any kind of futistic medical fiffity-faffity-foo on her to heal him.
In fact, considering she knew the post-battle aftermath she would be walking into, it stands to reason she'd bring something like that...
It's testimony to Moffat's skill as a writer that he can provoke such interest in a supporting character who got about 15 minutes screentime and was introducedd and killed in the same episode.

And nobody steal "fiffity-faffity-foo"! That's a Doddsism! lol

I think dear the problem is you don't understand what he's writing, or that this is a show about time travel.
We never saw Strax before, but he knew the Doctor, why on earth would everyone of his encounters with the Doctor be linear any more than river songs? *face palm* I wish these people complaining about Moffat would at least *try* and use their brains before ragging on him.

Also, Strax himself pointed out that Sontarans generally reproduce by means of cloning, so of course there are millions of them that look alike. Good news for the actor who plays him!

So much Photoshop....
Though Richard E Grant = win.


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