Doctor Who: BBC confirms 50th anniversary special

News Louisa Mellor 30 Nov 2012 - 06:44

BBC One's 2013 commissioning announcement confirms "the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special"...

Speculation about next year's Doctor Who 50th anniversary special isn't just rife, it's practically an Olympic event. Will past Doctors return? (Almost certainly). Will there be more than one special? (Two is the current front-running suggestion). Will it be a live episode? (Er, we hope not).

We do know that the Mark Gatiss-scripted Who docudrama, a dramatisation of the show's birth on the BBC, has been officially confirmed, and now in BBC One Controller Danny Cohen's 2013 commissioning statement comes reference to a single "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special".

"Drama on BBC One takes another big leap in 2013 in the shape of some major event dramas, including The Village, Ripper Street, Luther, The White Queen and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. These shows will bring a rich range of tones and worlds to BBC One's fiction."

We'll bring you more on Doctor Who's 50th anniversary plans as soon as we have it.


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Please let Ecclestone return. Please please please!

The Village? They don't mean....

Probably not. But can you imagine?!

Fond of Eccleston as I am, I won't hold my breath. It's very well known that he has a difference of opinion with the staff of the show. It is what it is! Good news otherwise however.

lol. I saw the film for the first time a few weeks ago. It just made me think of it.

As a child I remember the excitment of seeing the Five Doctors. I was a Peter Davison boy and just about remembered Tom Baker. It remains my favourite episode ever. It's a cracking story - and I still hope the Dr stumbles on that prize of Rassilon again at some point. It had it's weaknesses, as ever, not enough emotion. The 5th Drs reaction to seeing his Granddaugher again is on a par with an experience I had recently when a bloke I used to deliever a newspaper to recognised me and gave me a little nod! So underwritten.

However, it had Troughton and Pertwee! Troughton remains the best Dr for just being fun/serious/clever/daft and scary all at the same time. Pertwee is the incarnation of the Dr I'd choose to hang out with, because he is always so in control - as a coward I'd feel very safe with him! The two of them rowing is still great (as is the Three Drs!) The 1st Dr replacement was great too. And Davison, who really is a rehearsal for Tennant's sensitive side of the Dr is just perfect? Why, because he's my Dr!
Tegan, is for me the best companion (yeah big crush) and poor old Sarah Jane does her best with an under-written part and that terrible non-life threatening small hill.

If the 50th Dr special could be just as good I will be thrilled. I think 5 Drs is the most a story can cope with. My choice? Davison, Colin Baker (they'd argue a lot) and the most recent 3. Oh and Paul McGann...and Sylvester. Oh God, I've forgot Tom! Ok scratch that! ALL OF EM BACK! And Tegan, Turlough and Martha! Plus cast new actors for the first 3. Gaiman is right or is it Spinal Tap: It's got to be 11!

I think they'll reboot Dr Who in this special. They will reveal that Drs 2 and onward have all been Flesh... the Timelords were never wiped out, they have just been doing their own thing all the while pulling the strings of the Flesh Doctor. We will finally see the de-fleshification of the Doctor with Matt Smith. :-)

I would love to see the Time War with the Eighth Doctor regenerating (with a few more Doctors, hopefully). That would be epic! We all have an idea of what happened in the Time War but it would be brilliant to see the conclusion televised, giving us a solid idea of what happened, and why he regenerated

It'd be great to see all of them, but in terms of a physical presence, the Bakers are pretty much ruled out (they look far, far too different from their incarnations). Davison looks similar but definitely bigger, and they've already used him once anyway. But McCoy looks the same (except a bit wrinklier and with grey hair, and that can be spruced up a bit), and no-one knows what McGann looked like when he regenerated, so they'd be the two I'd more expect. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Moff hadn't already decided not to include any past Doctors at all.

LOL. Perish the thought, sir!

The sooner we can put that dodgy 'flesh' business behind us, the better.

Plus, it would be a nice way to bring (a freshly regenerated) 9 into the episode's narrative.
The possiblities for this episode are endless. Imagine 9 changing out of 8's war-torn outfit while 11 coughs softly and recommends the leather jacket, lol.

Still waiting for them to have the balls to admit that there will be no regular Doctor Who season in the late Summer/Fall of 2013 which is going to piss me off. They're starting already to sugar coat it by telling us that there is going to be one or maybe two 50th anniversary specials, but I would rather have a full season. I could be wrong but this is something I have suspected for about a year now.

The anniversary episode not including any past Doctors is my biggest concern for it. Such a missed opportunity...

but the staff of the show are completely different now...

I'm more interested in Luther, now that is a *brilliant* series, DW specials are never brilliant, 3 Docs is average at best 5 Docs is fun but hardly top drama, the less said about Silver Nemesis the better!

Always thought the Silence (the aliens, not the religious order) provide quite a nice narrative conceit for different incarnations of the Doctor meeting without subsequently remembering - for all we (or he) know he might have contended with them in previous incarnations, perhaps collectively. I know this doesn't quite make sense, but the Moff is always pretty good with a throwaway line to smooth over such things.

What I'd love to see (and I won't, for too many reasons to list) is a kind of 5-part miniseries where each of 8 through to 11 get their very own (interconnected) episode before all 4 finally meet in the finale. That would truly blow my mind.

I for one would love to see Matt Smith's Doctor stumble across one of his past incarnations by interacting with one of their original episodes - like the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode with the Tribbles. The technology is there - but which episode and which Doctor would be the best for Matt to drop in on?

It would be fantastic to see Eight and Nine, but if the special was simply a "Time Crash" style televised charity spot in which #10 and #11 have a conversation, that would simply suffice

That's an awesome idea! Been thinking along similar lines since I watched the Steve Martin noir spoof Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid a while back, wherein Martin interacts with Bogart/Bacall et al. It would be great if they had one of the first two Doctors, they could reinstate the original theme and titles (plus the show just looks good in black and white). Even if they just did it as a short Children in Need special or some such, I'd love to see it.

That could also be what happens to the new companion! Imagine, the TARDIS crossing paths with itself and she ends up on the wrong one; goes back to the Time War, ends up getting turned into a Dalek, Dr loses it and goes all mad Dr style, "wins" the Time War and she's stuck in the insane Dalek cell while Dr goes off to pout, then boom enter Rose Tyler.

yes you are right. Its going to be a rip off, sugar coated. I knew it as soon as they said they were splitting this season. One full season of Merlin, but half of Who. Since Merlin is finished now, and not on next year, they can take the money they would have used for that and give us a full season. But they wont do it. We will get one or two specials, and this docudrama. I would rather they did no specials, or docdrama, but did a full series with a special episode in it, about an hour and a half long. But that would be too sensible. The BBC do what theyy want, and not what we want, despite us paying them to do what we want and make what we want to see. If anyone complains, you just get excuses, fobbed off, or left wing guff, where they say they understand, but you are wrong, because they have found that everyone else likes it. Simply because no one else can be bothered to complain, does not mean they are doing a good job. I am sick of it. I predict for 2013 all that you and I have said will come to pass, and once 2013 is over Matt Smith will make the same mistake as Tennant and leave the show too soon. I just hope I am wrong.

I'm not a Doctor Who 1.0 girl, so I would be ecstatic with Eccleston and Tennant coming back (along with Barrowman, Tate, Freema, Billie and the Ponds) But I really really want the fall of the 11th in 2013. We're ready for a new Doctor!

I think Tom Baker has already been confirmed. The older appearances have been explained in the "Time Crash" special with Davison and Tennant.

I disagree with everything you said.

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