Doctor Who: 7 glimpses of The Snowmen from the BBC Christmas trailer

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28 Nov 2012 - 09:11

The BBC's first Christmas trailer reveals a few glimpses of Doctor Who's The Snowmen...

Warning: may contain plot information from the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

It's less than a month until the BBC unveils The Snowmen, this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, but until then, we can chew over the tasty new tidbits that've arrived fresh from the Beeb's first festive trailer (available to watch below).

First up, is a shot of the Doctor in his Dickensian velvet topper looking mildly startled by, well, what is that? A group of alien pods? Strax's Christmas stocking? A well-insulated glove for an enormous three-fingered hand? Mysterious...

But not as mysterious as sneering Richard E Grant, flanked by a pair of the horror snowmen we've seen in previous trails, and glaring at the Doctor as if he'd very much like to turn him into festive mincemeat...

Oh-oh here she comes! Watch out boy she'll chew you up! etc etc. It's that clip again of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara running in another red dress. The BBC appears to be quite fond of this clip.

And here she is again, about to plant a smacker on the good Doctor's face. Told you: Maneater.

This is what the Doctor looks like when he's just been kissed by Jenna-Louise Coleman...

And this is what Jenna-Louise Coleman looks like when she's stepping triumphantly out of a Victorian carriage (Barouche, Brougham or Hansom it's hard to tell...).

And finally, we have the Doctor straightening his bow-tie and looking rather pleased with himself in the playroom of governess Clara's two Victorian charges, whom we met briefly in the episode's teaser trailer.

Here's the BBC's "It's Showtime" trailer in its entirety then, featuring Alice in Wonderland, Room on the Broom, Shrek 3, Miranda, Call the Midwife and Shane Ritchie doing what is quite possibly a take on Gangnam Style in Albert Square:

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