Doctor Who: 7 glimpses of The Snowmen from the BBC Christmas trailer

News Louisa Mellor 28 Nov 2012 - 09:11

The BBC's first Christmas trailer reveals a few glimpses of Doctor Who's The Snowmen...

Warning: may contain plot information from the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

It's less than a month until the BBC unveils The Snowmen, this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, but until then, we can chew over the tasty new tidbits that've arrived fresh from the Beeb's first festive trailer (available to watch below).

First up, is a shot of the Doctor in his Dickensian velvet topper looking mildly startled by, well, what is that? A group of alien pods? Strax's Christmas stocking? A well-insulated glove for an enormous three-fingered hand? Mysterious...

But not as mysterious as sneering Richard E Grant, flanked by a pair of the horror snowmen we've seen in previous trails, and glaring at the Doctor as if he'd very much like to turn him into festive mincemeat...

Oh-oh here she comes! Watch out boy she'll chew you up! etc etc. It's that clip again of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara running in another red dress. The BBC appears to be quite fond of this clip.

And here she is again, about to plant a smacker on the good Doctor's face. Told you: Maneater.

This is what the Doctor looks like when he's just been kissed by Jenna-Louise Coleman...

And this is what Jenna-Louise Coleman looks like when she's stepping triumphantly out of a Victorian carriage (Barouche, Brougham or Hansom it's hard to tell...).

And finally, we have the Doctor straightening his bow-tie and looking rather pleased with himself in the playroom of governess Clara's two Victorian charges, whom we met briefly in the episode's teaser trailer.

Here's the BBC's "It's Showtime" trailer in its entirety then, featuring Alice in Wonderland, Room on the Broom, Shrek 3, Miranda, Call the Midwife and Shane Ritchie doing what is quite possibly a take on Gangnam Style in Albert Square:

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For some reason, I find it hilarious how with every new companion, there's this tradition of a kiss between them and the Doctor. Strikingly different from the classic series but still humorous.

So could Richard E Grant be playing a Time Lord, given his history with Doctor Who already?

It doesn't look at all sentimental, does it? If I had a tardis, I probably wouldn't spend Christmas Day on Earth every year, the TV is rubbish for a start.

Oh we go again at the BBC Christmas Crapfest.
" Step right up folks!!!! This year we have got Shrek...AGAIN, that everyone has seen or bought on DvD....we have spent yet more of your money on Alice in Wonderland, the film...that everyone has seen or bought on DvD....We have Doctor Who...the BEST thing that will be on the BBC this Christmas. In fact it will be the highlight of the day, so to counter that, we are going to load up on other crap shows and repeats to balance it out...Eastenders Miseryfest and Gloom? Right will be on twice on Christmas day! Mirander starting again? Yep...well thats ok I suppose we all like Mirander. I think! Mrs Browns boys Christmas Special anyone? ERmmmmmm Stuff with Polar Bears....Best of all.. on Christmas day, we have spent thousands on Pixars UP!!!! Thats a really uplifting tale about a couple who grow old together before the lady dies of cancer and the nasty people come along to put the old man in a home, because he wont move out of his house. He then goes off and has adventures and it gets a bit more uplifting towards the end...All in all great film, but a bit grim in subject for Christmas Day...and guess what? Everyone has already seen it or bought it on DvD or seen it on Sky, because it came out 2009. But here at the BBC we dont believe in making anything new or original in case anyone does not watch it, and we dont care because we are guaranteed £145 a year from each and every one of you, that all goes on fees, upkeep of multiple buildings and managers, consultants, Director General payoffs, websites, and BBC Three and Four that we dont really need, rather than making new or original shows. So get ready for Strictly Crap Dancings Christmas filler and more boring soap operas, repeats and yet more films you already own, because we can get away with it, and by the way thanks for another £145, better get saving for next years fee right now, because we will be putting it up again as soon as we can. Because we are the BBC , and We Care." know what? I am sure there will be one or two decent shows in there somewhere, amongst the crap, but I really cant find enough swear words in the English language to cover how I feel about the BBC right now. The sad thing is, I used to get so excited about the BBC tv Christmas adverts in the 70s and 80s, back when they made so many good shows and all the output was mostly quality stuff. Less Channels = better quality shows and more time put into all the good stuff that used to be on. Now everyone has DVD / BlueRay Netflix etc, what the HELL is the point in spending so much money on films like UP and Alice in Wonderland?????? They should have put that money into making some original stuff for the Christmas Season. Anything!!! Remember Box of Delights? How about doing something like the Snow Queen? But noooooooo that would show they had got the message and started to think. I give up.

24secs that not tom ward in the dr who christmas special??

...And breath out.

I really like Richard E Grant and I'm hoping they're not going to waste an actor of his quality on a two dimensional villain. Having Richard E Grant as a Time Lord would make his character stand out.

lol...yes! Just one of my pet hates I am afraid. Thanks for reading. On a serious note, I am old enough to remember the BBCs variety act style Christmas Day viewing. Stuff you could sit down and watch with your mum, dad and grandparents and everyone would share in it and enjoy it. You would get a Christmas Generation Game, A magic Show (Paul Daniels etc) and Morcamb and Wise, or something like that, and they would all be great. Then you would get a first run of a big film, that had never been on Tv before. And since no one had a video then, it was always a massive event. I can remember being at my Fathers parents for a family get together on Boxing day. It must have been Christmas 1976 or 1977. The Towering Inferno was on Tv that evening for the first time ever. And everyone wanted to get back home in time to see it. I watched it at home that night with my Mum and Dad and brother and my GOD we were riveted to the screen. It was so tense! It seems laughable now doesnt it? I was only a small boy at the time...My main point being that now everyone has had the video age, and we now have DVD / Blueray and Netflix / I love Film, Blockbuster and Sky / Tivo / Virgin etc, I just cant see the point in the BBC spending the money on films that more or less 99% of the population must have seen by now. If you want to see Up, you will have seen it at the Cinema, seen it on Sky, and then bought it on DvD or Bluray by the end of 2010. So whats the point it putting it on BBC one Prime Time on Christmas day? Its just lazy. Its lazy for the BBC because it fills a hole in schedule, and they dont have to spend any time on new ideas or making a new show for EVERYONE. Ahem...ranting again. But anyway, I am sure everyone gets my point now. I just wish the bloody BBC would! Cheers!

Why don't they just put The Great Escape on and then everyone will be happy!

Yeah that would be good! But I have it already too. I miss that sense of fun at Christmas. Kellys Heroes, saw that for the first time at Christmas. But its all been on or done. Thats the problem . I will just have to watch Arthur Christmas instead.

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