Doctor Who: Christmas Special synopsis and picture

News Louisa Mellor 15 Nov 2012 - 08:34

The BBC's grand tradition of combining the Children In Need telethon with Doctor Who continues tomorrow evening on BBC One...

This story contains potential spoilers.

Tomorrow evening, Friday the 16th of November, will be host not only to the BBC Children In Need appeal, but also to a special Steven Moffat-penned mini-prequel to this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, and a brand new trailer for the Special itself.

The BBC has released this quite sparing official synopsis for the episode (read: we all knew that anyway) as well as the handsome image below of Matt Smith in his Victorian get-up. 

"Following the epic mid-season finale, the Doctor gets in the holiday spirit in the all-new Christmas special written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock). Accompanied by his newest companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Doctor’s latest adventure through space and time sees him once again crossing paths with the homo-reptilian Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her cohort Jenny (Catrin Stewart)."

This is what Smith had to say about the Christmas Special:

“We’ve got the wonderful Richard E. Grant who’s brilliant as a sort of villainous role. We meet the new companion. We’ve got Vastra, Jenny and Strax making a return appearance which is terribly exciting. And it does the sort of wonderful Doctor Who-ey Christmas things – you know, snow, aliens, good will, good cheer, someone trying to take over the world.”

Remember to tune in to the BBC on Friday night then (and come back here for discussion afterwards), and chums, give generously...


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The annual slice of disappointing, twee mush then.

Never know what to expect for these charity interludes but i appreciate the opportunity for a little preview of the future.Congratulations to Phil Ford,Toby Whithouse and Steven Moffat on their various successes at the Writers Guild of Great Britain awards yesterday.Well deserved.

Next in the auction we have pointless miserly griping. Ah! I see I have a bid, I have a Bah Humbug over here, will anyone raise on a Bah Humbug? No? Sold! to Mr Bunter Scrooge.

Y'know, there are times that I read something like this and can't quite believe what this show has become. I'm just about old enough to remember the 6th and 7th Doctors and even my single-digit self knew that production-wise something was amiss. Then in the 90's Who was remembered as, well, almost as a joke (Daleks in the Kit Kat advert being a particular low point). Now just look at it: two of the best show runners you could have wished for, a cast list that wouldn't be out of place in Hollywood, stunning writing talent, ratings that continue to defy the naysayers, a leading light of 'on demand' programming... Tell a Who fan that'd happen in 1997 and you'd be laughed out of the room.

Oh boo hoo sir. The nice thing about Mr Scrooge was that he was actually in a decent story, plus he got to be very rich AND redeem himself at the end. I doubt the redemption would have occured if he'd found himself wading thigh-deep through a nauseating teen drama. This isn't pointless, miserly griping, this is M&S griping.

Exactly! And yet to look at fan reaction to, well, basically anything, you'd think the show was in its death throes. Thing is about Doctor Who, is, it's so many different things to so many people that they never please everyone.

I may be a fairly "green" Whovian, but I still appreciate the amazing legacy and how, after all these years, the show's true spirit has been able to be restored to it's former glory. Glad to hear a life-long Doctor fan say it and recall the show's history and everything it's gone through.

I have to agree with you here. I love the show to bits when it's on it's usual run but so far I haven't seen a christmas episode I've enjoyed to my dismay.

I'm glad Madame Vastra is back, she was a very interesting character that I thought could be explored further.

Curious about whether she will be introduced to Strax in this story before they were collected to attack Demons Run.I wonder if silurians and sontarans can really get along ,even at christmas.Then there is also the introduction of Clara and the participation of Richard E Grant.Personally,i think it's very promising .Whatever your opinion about Christmas themed stories,they get the biggest audiences of the year.

Whilst the Xmas specials are undoubtedly a mixed bag, it's not like
their hasn't been a couple of really good ones.

Tennant's first episode was one and it was great, so was the Michael Gambon story. After what went down in Manhattan, this one ought to find The Doctor in
"Burnt-out, pensive" mode and that's always great value.

Please God, let no-one spoil it by complaining, please, please, please...

You, sir, are a rare and wonderful thing. Thank you very much. Though I wasn't around for the 90's, my parents and various family members have told me Who was abysmal and that's always been my promblem with people who say the show today is awful - compared to the 90's it's heaven.

I hope it's third time lucky as the last 2 Xmas specials have been weak.

After watching some comments it occured to me that the Doctor looking depressed with the holidays approaching is actually a very accurate portrayal of how lots of people feel during December; even suicide ratios rise... (I was going to include a "LMAO" in my comment, but that would have been inappropriate, right?)

I don't know, I really enjoy the Christmas spirit in these specials when they get it right... it made the next Doctor reedemable and a Christmas Carol fantastic... but most of the specials relied on christmas cheer alone and were, admittedly, irritating tosh as a result.

Nah, the previous xmas special was a bit weak, but the one before that was the only GOOD one in the shows history.

I find the Christmas Specials, with the exception of the first two (Christmas Invasion and Runaway Bride) to be dirge. They are always sooooo forced. I have them on DVD, and they are the only Who stories (apart from Fear Her) , that I just never watch. They are the equivelant of Dr Who lite. And I thought that the last two were positively boring. So I'm not expecting much from this.

The pointless, miserly griping is more than made up for by the M&S reference. *tips hat*

Indeed. Christmas specials are all very well, but who wouldn't want a truly brilliant "normal" special instead, rather than pandering to the festive ratings wars? It doesn't quite seem to fit with Doctor Who that he regularly turns up at Christmas on Earth for heart-warming thrills and spills. Leave that for other programs, why not give us something interesting that can be set literally anywhere and anywhen.

All of Moffs specials have sucked. At least the RTD one's were fun, these one's just bore me to sleep.

Yes, but at least they were fun to watch as opposed to the last three borefest's we have been offered.

I realise we have all seen this episode by now, and I'm very late to the party here, but I have come to find, and so have my children, and their friends that the last three Christmas editions have been thoroughly turgid sleep-fests. When this was broadcast, I fell asleep half way through. I have never ever done that before with an episode of WHO, not even the Moff one's, which are extremely slow and dull, in my opinion. It took me two attempts to sit through this episode, and even though one attempt was more or less upon waking, I still found myself drifting back off......

I hope to high heavens that series 7 doesn't continue in this manner. It would be an outright travesty if the 50th year of WHO is overshadowed by the same boring, timey-wimey-wibbley-wobbley-fakey-wakey-handy-wavey-borey tone we have come to expect from Moff.

Well the bulldog has spoken, it's too dull for the under classes so those of us with an education are required to stop enjoying it. Sorry dude, keep your killer Christmas trees.

As opposed to killer cubes? Now there was an episode that made sense. Caused heart attacks, all swiftly reversed by the flick of the demi-god's screwdriver. Like that's realistic. At least the killer christmas tree's had charm, unlike the silver shark that had no charm at all ans was utterly dull. I take it you like WHO under Moff because it's now aimed at the glorious, better than thou middle classes?

RTD made both Daleks and the Sontarans epic again. Moff as reduced them to a joke, just like the rest of the show, these days.

TardInSexy, what is with the condescending tones? You think because you are middle class you are better than everybody else that isn't? I bet you vote tory, don't you. I wonder if the Doctor would agree with your political leanings and class snobbery? I somehow doubt it, babe.

Errr that episode was written by CHRIS CHIBNALL. The worst writer of the Moffat era, who incidentally, is one of the old remnants of RTDs handpicked writing team!
There is no charm to killer Christmas trees, you can say there isn't be there simply isn't - however the Dickens esque steampunk setting of that same serial had a lot of charm.
I like Who under Moffat because it's more intelligent, more thoughtful, more creative and panders less to the lowest common denominator. I brought up class because your nickname clearly shows you have a chip on your shoulder.

No one, but no one thought RTD made the Sontarans epic again. Helen Raynor did very little with them. RTD never wrote for them - but it was still a very average two parter.
Rob Shearman made the Daleks scary for *one* episode and then RTD destroyed them almost immediately, turning them into a joke, fleets destroyed at the push of a button time and time again.
The only Dalek episodes Moffat has written, the Big Bang and Asylum of the Daleks, have both made them significantly more menacing than anything RTD did with them.

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