Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman episode set pics show redesigned Cybermen

News Louisa Mellor 13 Nov 2012 - 10:33

A few sneaky Doctor Who set snaps of Neil Gaiman's new Cybermen story have arrived online...

Spoiler warning: if you don't want to see the new-look Cybermen, look away now...

With thanks to Bleeding Cool who snapped these set pictures up from Tumblr, below are six images of the newish-look Cybermen to feature in the forthcoming Neil Gaiman-penned story. According to Gaiman, it's to be the penultimate episode of the current series of Doctor Who, and was partly filmed at Castell Coch near Cardiff.

The automata's Tomb of the Cybermen-like faces tally with what Gaiman has been saying about channelling the earlier models to make the villainous Cybermen scary again... 

Bleeding Cool

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Awesome ! Much better design ! Not so clunky

Amazing redesign.

glad they've ditched the flairs.

I like em - they've got a helmet not unlike those in Troughton's The Wheel in Space - the expression is more creepy and blank - the RTD Cyberman, I always thought, looked a bit annoyed and confused - and the breastplate brings to mind Davison/Baker/McCoy era Cybermen (Earthshock, Attack of..., Silver Nemesis). Glad to see the Cybus logo is gone - hopefully these guys are from Mondas.

Fingers crossed Gaiman will delve deep into his horror writing experience and give us something to hide behind the sofa from.

They look a bit like the new Robocop costume should have - minus the Cyberman head of course!!

Like em a lot, getting rid of the 'Flared trouser' lookw is a great idea!

That's a bit more shiny now,isn't it?The new design seems be all about stealth and hostility with the weaponry in the arms and head.Setting the story around a castle theme park suggests the cybermen as futuristic knights of technology.I,m confident Gaiman will write an action scene demonstrating their strength and invulnerability too.The previous concept design did look good when i saw it personally at exhibitions and conventions but they always seemed to be in stories where they they were handicapped by a lack of available power.It was annoying they only seemed capable of smashing things up rather than seeming like sophisticated killing machines.I'd prefer them be invading monsters from space like they used to be rather than humans who have lost bits and pieces of themselves.If Gaiman is basing his ideas around sixties stories then presumably a human collaborator will be something to look for.

Much better - the 'Trumpton' style feet of the old design just made the Cybermen laughable.

Extraordinary. They've really done a great job on that design. This design is subtle and far better than the old RTD design. It's so much sleeker. It's a complete makeover. No more ghastly pendulous metal codpieces and g-strings and even the backs of the costume look well thought out. They've even brought back a vague impression of the accordian breathing grill ether side of the centre-chestpiece. All they need now is to tie them into Telos or Mondas and I'll be in fan heaven! If the new Cybermen look this good in some sneaky set pics, how much better will they be under the camera? Cant wait to see that story!

I likey, I likey. Good job on nostalgia!

Stylish design. By the way, one of those Cybermen in the bottom picture is wearing his thigh armor the wrong way round (BBC continuity take note). Just hope these guys come from Mondas or Telos, in fact any planet more interestingly named than Pete's world.

Well spotted! The middle one in the top pic is the same too!

Of course they also need to say "Delete" less and "Excellent" more and the transformation will be complete.

Thanks, I know the Cybermen are supposed to be unemotional but that will be one annoyed Cyberman if he ends up going round and round in circles when his fellows are marching forward!

Gaiman... Will he ever reach the heady heights of his early work again. I wish he'd sort Miracleman out after all this time. I have been waiting a long time for issue 25... I did enjoy "The Doctor's wife" more than Moffat's rubbish. Gaiman is not a hack!

"You will be deleted

If you fall unemployed"

Or less of both... "Excellent" was one of those 80s catchphrases, since the following said the word:

* The Cyberleader
* The Master
* The Tereleptil Leader
* Davros
* Monarch (in a more subtle way)
* Scibus, the Silurian leader dude

I lost count, but I'm sure there are others...


The previous design, known as "offspring of C3P0 and Melkur", has finally been... deleted. :)

Love the angled look.

Love the removal of the piping along the extremities.

Love the blank black eye sockets.

Love the lack of blue-lighted mouth, replaced with a blank rounded rectangle (I hope Apple doesn't sue!).

Love the removal of the codpiece...

Love the removal of the teardrops...

Love the removal of the "C" logo...

Don't love how the one wielding the mace makes me think "Irongron found a new robot knight, or a dozen of them anyhow", though... but Neil Gaiman wrote it; he knows his stuff... the new look is far more threatening, and while Cybermen have cyberguns, to wield a mace only makes them look more threatening...

what i dont get is the cybermen came fram a planet in the classic series so how did they come to be on the earth in the parrell universe it dosent make any sense at all

I would say it's only 10% different to the previous design, and about just as good imo. Both are 100 times better than the 80's men in silver space suits, and still not as good as the 60's "Tomb of the Cybermen" look.

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