Doctor Who: Cybermen confirmed for Neil Gaiman episode

News Louisa Mellor 7 Nov 2012 - 10:01

The BBC has confirmed that the Cybermen will be making a new appearance in the next half of Doctor Who's seventh series since its return…

This story contains spoilers.

That Neil Gaiman-penned Who episode we’ve been all a-flutter about since it was announced? It’s going to be a Cybermen story.

Directed by Stephen Woolfenden, Gaiman’s episode is to feature the silver villains alongside a guest cast including Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins as “…a band of misfits on a mysterious planet”.

Steven Moffat had this to say, “Cybermen were always the monsters that scared me the most! Not just because they were an awesome military force, but because sometimes they could be sleek and silver and right behind you without you even knowing. And with one of the all-time classic monsters returning, and a script from one of our finest novelists, it's no surprise we have attracted such stellar names as Tamzin, Jason and Warwick.”

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more. In the meantime, why not read our celebration of the Cybermen, here.


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Hmmmm. Is it just me thats getting a bit bored of the 'major' villains popping up at least once a series. The charm of them is that its a SHOCK when they rock up. Not really shocked in any way anymore, they've lost their 'scare' factor. Same with the angels. They've been overused.

All the major villains need to disappear for a few seasons, and brought back ONE every now and again. The Angels are the same. Overused and lost all form of creep factor.

I'd like to see the Vashda Narada come back, or the Autons.

Or you know what... more Monsters of the week, a bit of creativity. Thats what made old Who brilliant.; You never knew what was coming episode to episode, so when 'The Cybermen' or 'Daleks' or even now, the Angels rocked up, it was a shock and a big treat.

Now, its like - i know this season, well have a few average 'MotW' episodes and 'a big shocker' episode with either Daleks, Cybermen or Angels.

Ffs Moffat, show some creativity like your doing with Sherlock, and PLEASE, just a BIT of originality.

Bring back Romana for the love all things - she would make a great "classic" villain to go up against. Or the Zygons. Or something.

True - when the Cybermen made their appearance at the end of Earthshock part one it was such a big surprise - the makers of the episode made the Radio Times use the word 'Leader' instead of 'Cyber Leader' in the cast notes to keep it hidden - it was Davison's first encounter with them (and Adric's last - which was also an immense shock to a 7 year old boy who thought it would be cool to be a boy travelling with the Doctor like Adric did).

That's another thing... how much more of a shock would it have been if there hadn't been major media coverage of Amy and Rory leaving? Rory's first death in Cold Blood was a massive surprise so it's not like these spoilers can't be contained.

It would be nice to have a few more surprises - I have no problem with a Dalek, Angel or Cyberman turning up unannounced because then the viewer has the same level of shock as the characters do.

When the Daleks turned up in The Parting Of The Ways that would have been a well kept secret because there was no hint of it in the media - if only the 'Next Time on Doctor Who' trail at the end of Bad Wolf hadn't included the familiar Dalek POV shot.

Romana wasn't a villian, she was the Doctor's Time Lady companion. Maybe you're thinking of the Rani...

Great idea. Why don't go and write a screenplay and send it to the BBC.

GAH! Yes, that's the one - Rani. Sorry. Brain all over the shop today.

I could have done without more Cybermen but hopefully Gaiman will re-invigorate them somehow.

Part of the problem is that you're reading spoiler articles like this one rather than sitting down on the sofa on a Saturday evening with no prior knowledge like you probably did when you were younger!

Of course, DOG's spoiler filled headline doesn't give anyone on the site the option of not knowing whether they wanted to or not!

Not holding my breath for this one after the Daleks were defeated by a girl hitting the delete button on a keyboard...

I hope Gaiman redesigns the cybermen to make more Mondasian and not the Cybus men

Am I the only one here who's sick of these "new" Cybermen? I really hate these designs and their constant marching and their irritating voices. This is one of the few things that I hate about the new series; I think a major design overhaul is necessary. Give me the Earthshock Cybermen any day of the week. I suppose if anyone can write a good Cyber-story, it's Neil, so we might finally be in for a story where the Cybermen are properly used. Nevertheless, I'm going to say a little prayer. Please let this story be good....please let this story be good...please, please, please.

Me too....that was a cock-up that never did get fixed.

It's not just that - It was almost impossible escape the fact that the Ponds were leaving or that their demise would be at the hands of the Weeping Angels without locking oneself in a cupboard for 6 months leading up to the broadcast.

You are right about the headlines but if I were the DW production team I would take a leaf out of John Nathan Turner's book and keep the major surprises deliberately hidden.

Hopefully Moffat is going to deliver some unexpected twists and turns for the 50th - I'd love nothing more than to see 11th Doc meet up with McCoy, McGann or Davison - but I want to find out in the episode, not via the headline of an article on a blog.

But the Earthshock Cybermen did the marching thing too...

Yes - they even had a classic Cyberman helmet in the first Dalek episode of Eccleston's tenure so we know they are out there somewhere!

Yes they did, you're right. What I meant was the constant, annoying marching sound effect (even when the march on grass). I should've been more specific.

The new Cybermen march with every movement. Nothing like Earthshock. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.

Fair enough

Yep, it is one of their wonderful article-in-a-headline moments yet again.

I'm feeling good things about this. Gaiman is always great value and if
Warwick Davis gets upgraded, we could have the trippiest looking
Cyberman yet...

Although this latest incarnation of the Cybermen only use the head - the rest is cybernetic so it would be a large body with a little head!

But, to be fair to them, the episode will probably be called something like "The Lair of The Cybermen" anyway.

This is good news. Neil Gaiman is about the only person I can think of that could do something with the cybermen to make them interesting and frightening again. After the superb Doctors Wife story he did, I now have high hopes, and I HOPE I am not disapointed. I totally agree with Zaphod 99 that the new Cybermen design is horrible. The whoosh, stomp sound effects, the really CRAP voices, compared to the David Banks versions are dire. David Banks was the cybermen. It was the best design they ever had, Earthshock, Five Doctors etc. The new cybus men have lost the chest grill and look like Robocop mixed with some bad throwback to the 60s version. The ears are terrible and I miss the large sloped grill style ear helmets. The only thing they got right about them is the eyes, the rest is just horrible. Especially the crap louvered vent at the top of the helmet when the originals had various accents such as lights, guns or glittering vents that looked like they did something. All of the photos of the behind the scenes re designs from the time just before 2006 when they were bringing them back are better than what we got on screen in the end. I cant understand what went wrong, because some of the half mummified cloth and metal versions would have been cheaper to make than the full suits and look better on screen than what we got. As it stands now what we have is robocopmen. With the worst bits and not something that looks creepy and part organic. The 80s earthshock ones looked got the feeling that it was still humanoid under it with part organics and the clear see through chin with the ruined corpse like silver mouth just visible was inspired. They should go back to something like that, and then go and find David Banks and pay him what he wants to come back and voice them. Add in Neil Gainman on the script and ideas and you would have the best cyberman adventure since the 80s. I can always dream I suppose....

I feel vaguely instulted by that, because they were my first Cybermen and I have quite a soft spot for them.

Yay, Ewoks vs Cybermen...I see silver between those tree trunks!

I love these Cybermen. I really wish people would stop complaining about the new designs of classic monsters - I think people are just unhappy because they're new and, of course, because Steven Moffat had something to do with it (not the case with the Cybermen, I know.) Time to move on, people!

No need to be insulted. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. The fact is the new design of the Cybermen originated on an alternate earth and they were converted humans. Fine! However, when we finally encountered the "real" Cybermen they should have been a different design. The chances of this 2 designs beings identical are zero, even in the world of Who. To me, that is a pretty massive cock-up. Don't get me wrong, I love love love Who. I just don't like what they have done with the Cybermen.

It seems a bit unfair to laud the use of major villains on repeat occasions Russell T Davies did this with the Daleks EVERY SEASON IN A FULL STORY (at least they just got a small cameo and nothing more in Series Six), and in the classic era the vast majority of the time the return of an old villain (bar Earthshock, yep) or Doc/companion departure was announced WAY before the episode, so it's not as if much has changed here.

Technically Sherlock has never done a properly new story, getting its excitement from announcing which stories it will adapt, and bear in mind we're still questioning how well Season Three will work without the return of Moriarty! This monster-of-the-week format is Who through and through for its 50 years, and we've already had Dinosaurs, Solomon, the Gunslinger, Kahler-Jex and the Shakri emerge as great new villains in the first half.

Steven Moffat had nothing to do with designing the Cybermen. Even if he had, who cares: I love the man. I think he's a genius! I love all sorts of the new designs in Who, but my opinion is that the new Cynermen are kinda lacklustre. Maybe they just need a proper story.

I just like the more flexible costumes and the more subtle movements and the more manly voices. Everyone can have opinions.

I totally disagree about there not being a place for Doctor Who's most iconic monsters,it would be daft not to give a quality,creative writer like Gaiman the opportunity to write stories with monsters who contributed to his interest in the show and scared him when he was younger.I really feel the cybermen actually need some care and attention in the new series as none of the new series episodes have successfully portrayed them as well as in the sixties.They still have a lot of story potential as none of the stories they have featured in, have ever been set when they were dominating the universe and conquering systems of planets with their advancing technology before they practically became extinct in the Tomb of the Cybermen.What destroyed their empire and nearly wiped them out?I'm more than satisfied that they are being used this year especially since this year has already produced effective and scary stories with daleks and weeping angels.

I'm not keen on the cast but I'm a big fan of Gaiman.

That is a good example of where they are telegraphing big plot points but I think it's all part of the hype of selling the show in modern media where they would have had a difficult time hiding the fact that the actors were leaving so they embraced it.

Contrast it with the secrecy around the opening episode and I think it was probably just a case of give and take where this was concerned as the news media needs something to feed off in order to give your show the time of day.

Why, God, why? Are there no other classic Who villains in the well? I mean ... I guess I have no problem with yet another Cybermen episode; I just wish we could get something that's a new take on an old foe if not a new baddie altogether.

Better than 'The Cybermen Decepticons,' though.

Amen to that sentiment. I like a little surprise, every now and then. I understand that, to a certain extent, it's difficult to accomplish something entirely spoiler-free in the modern age. I just wish showrunners would actually give it a try.

Jesus wtf are you talking about?! RTD had every villain back once or twice EVERY season. So far the under Moffat we've had two cameos from the Cybermen and one episode where they weren't even the primary focus. You already had a season where classic villains all but disappeared it was series 6, one of the most polarizing in the shows history.
Show some common sense in your postings ffs.

They've at least removed the Cybus Industries logo from their chestplate now.

True enough. I'm just venting really. I'm looking forward to see what Neil can do with this story!!

*clenches fist* Exxxxcellent...

Agree. Angels were used in 3 eps, how is that overusing? And Cybermen never appeared properly in moffat era, only cameos. Moffat introduce so many new foes, what the hell are this people talking about? Anyway, i hope that Gaiman does a great history.

In other thoughts. Den. Of. Geek.
E.g. This could EASILY, have been called: "Villains confirmed for Niel Gaimen Who Episode" with a nice 'Who' logo as the picture.
Not everyone wants to know the entire series plotline before it's aired.

Much agreement. Moffat's overuse of the Master is criminal.

What episode was that? I think you're a little confused. If you're referring to Oswin, she didn't have fingers nor was she using a keyboard. If you're going to criticize, shouldn't you have a correct understanding of what it is you're criticizing?

Regarding Tardisexy,s comment concerning how controversial the impossible astronaut season was ,i think it was so radical that it was always going to generate criticism from traditional fans.The biggest problem is that it so dependent on how much people like River Song as a character.I'm impressed by the innovative arc structure with Moffat's episodes combining as a sort of giant size secret origin of River Song,introducing the Silents and book ended with the death and marriage of Doctor Who.I think Moffat did an incredible job negotiating his responsibility to his regular cast by coming up with the plots for multiple Ponds to cover the pregnancy reveal and his own version of the Doctor's death and funeral to counterbalance how much of Doctor Who was all about who River was.He probably hoped the stand alone stories by other writers would satisfy traditional fans who wanted more conventional Doctor Who.I wish i was surprised that some people can be so critical about how original Moffat's writing is after what he dared last year.

The reason I want to see them gone is because we've had these same designs for almost 7 years! In the classic series they changed in almost every story they were in, especially in the Troughton era. you could see them slowly getting more and more advanced. I do quite like Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel, but the design is now overused.

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