UPDATED: Doctor Who: new series 7 set-pictures

News Louisa Mellor 17 Oct 2012 - 08:30

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman ride motorbikes now. Motorbikes are cool...

Filming for the next chunk of Doctor Who's seventh series since its 2005 return continues, and yesterday, London's Southbank was host to some rather exciting looking motorbike action for the Doctor and his new companion.

Oh, and it seems a motorcycle helmet isn't the Doctor's only item of headwear to feature in the new episodes...  

UPDATE: This new bunch of set photos has arrived from yesterday's shoot, courtesy of Digital Spy


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I like the Doctor's new gear. Will the stories mirror the darker tone as in series 26?

He rides a Triumph! Excellent choice

Shame they've ditched the tweed/elbow patch jacket, it made him distinct from the other Doctors. The longer coat just feels too obviously Doctor-ish in a done-to-death kind of way.

They both look amazing!

It could be worse. At least his bow tie isn't covered in question marks.

Maybe should have put 'spoilers' in the title? I love Dr Who, so I knew who was coming back, etc.. but if you didn't, you'd not know who the new companion was or that it was the same girl who appeared to die earlier on.

Much prefer MS costume here! The Doctor should always wear long coats!

Jenna Louise Colman has such a fantastic smile. I'm really looking forward to next year.

See those chrome bars lining the inside of the TARDIS prop? Does this mean the interior might be getting a bit of an overhaul? Also Jenna has a fez in pictures two and three, it's most likely just for a small joke, but still.

Companion casting is no secret. There is nothing wrong here...

I do want to be with her all the time

Looks like they're having fun.

Just don't tell them how many people die on those **** machines...

And the bow tie is given the same coloring. It's a uniform look. I'm surprised there are no question marks, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't change it... like how Martha never changed her clothes despite years' worth of fans wondering about the smell inside the TARDIS because nobody ever changed clothes or washed them...

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