Doctor Who: find out what happened to Rory, Amy and Brian after The Angels Take Manhattan

News Louisa Mellor 12 Oct 2012 - 12:29

The BBC has released an unshot scene that tells us what eventually happened to Rory's dad and the Ponds…

Warning: if any of you are in a public place and don't want to be seen with a tear in your eye, then save this for later.

Here's a storyboard scene, written by Chris Chibnall, that tells us what finally happened to the Ponds, and to Rory's dad, Brian after the Angels took Manhattan...


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Just brilliant.

Why didn't they shoot it?

rather lovely really

can understand why it wasnt filmed, the episode itself was emotional enough

I actually did start welling up at this. It's so beautiful, such a shame it wasn't filmed as it would have made a perfect final scene to the episode.

No. That's not a tear. My ceiling is dripping. Or something. Shut up.

That would've been the real killer scene that Angels was missing. How sad it was never made...

I like this ending better than the one in the episode. But really, the featured ending tied up Amy's story - which really was what it was all about, and the idea of the last page fit the episode perfectly (I love that that page was there all along...with them being completely unaware). I think Amy talking about adopting a child would have been a bit clunky in her message to the doctor, and certainly having both that scene and this one with Brian one after the other would have been overkill. Wish they would have just shot it for a bonus feature, I'm guessing they didn't have it ready while they had access to the actors.

Great scene but... it doesn't fit in either The Power of Three or The Angels Take Manhattan. In the former it would have utterly spoiled the finale and in the later it's unnecessary, adding another ending on to a story that already had two. Worse it would have meant the Pond era wouldn't have ended on The Doctor but on a five minute piece with a character we'd only been introduced to four episodes earlier. Shame they couldn't shoot it for inclusion as a bonus feature on the box set but, IMO, it was the right decision to keep it out of either of those stories.

I like that it would have made the end even more emotional and then we the viewers would have known Brian was not alone. I liked Brian and glad he had a happy ending of sorts. One of chi malls best bits of writingIMO

Surely,this must have been devised for the Pond life web content but they couldn't afford to get other actors apart from Karen or Arthur so no Brian or Anthony and we're deprived of our treasured glimpse of the Ponds living alone without the Doctor as a proper family.It could never reasonably have been part of the Power of Three.It seems a terrible waste.The bbc giveth and the bbc taketh away.I don't exactly feel spoiled rotten.

Last comment should be chibnall not chi mall proxy apple predictive text. Also this run of doctor who I think 3 out 5 were good the other 2 were just ok

They should shoot this as a prequel of sorts to the Christmas special.

Not a tear, but I did choke up a little. Awww.

They didn't shoot it cause it's too bloody much!
Damn you Doctor Who. Too Good. Sniff...

They really, really, REALLY should have shot this.

Damn. That was heart breaking.

It's very similar to a scene in 'Blink' with Brian playing the role of Sally Sparrow. Heartbreaking nonetheless.

a real shame that this wasn't the ending they went with. don't get me wrong angels had a good ending but this one is better. it not a good ending to a doctor who series (or season break) unless it makes you cry i say

Yup, someone just splashed water in my face too. Just round the eyes *sniff*

That is a beautiful scene it should have been at the end of the Angels Take Manhattan so we got closure with Rory and his Dad

Love it.

I have only one question - WHY WAS THIS NOT INCLUDED AS THE FINAL SEQUENCE OF THE EPISODE? It is, quite simply, wonderful storytelling, wonderful characterisation and brilliantly conceived... AND THEY CUT IT???????!!!!!!!

But still, why couldn't they film this! Put it in the Christmas special!

Well now I am crying! Why didn't they film this?

I'm not CRYING.
It's raining on my keyboard.


I said I wont cry..........I'm crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's working on the iPod now - wasn't earlier.
Thank you for this. It's a lovely ending.

Nope. The quality of the storyboards, and the production of the clip was great. It was perfect really, in that it leaves so much to the imagination and since we know the characters so well by know, it was so easy.

I'm still confused as to how Rory's dies 50 odd years after being sent back in time when he is technically over 2000 years old!!

They clearly didn't shoot this because they knew people were upset enough already as it is.

Shame it wasn't filmed. I found this a lot more affecting than Amy's farewell to the Doctor. That said, I'm a bit biased because I preferred Rory as a character, personally.

Why can I never find tissues when I need them *bawl* Anyway, this was such a moving end to the story of the Ponds. Brian was only in two episodes, but I loved him immediately, like father, like son! It's lovely to see him get some closure, so sad though :(

Also, he gets to know his grandson, but...did no one ever bother to tell him he's got a granddaughter as well?

Well....he's human now, as opposed to being an Auton

Who left all these chopped onions lying around *sniff sniff*

My opinion on why this was not filmed and included: this would lock them in to Rory and Amy's fate. It will be less complicated for the doctor to visit them or for them to figure in subsequent adventures without this "final ending". Although this is DW, I guess anything can happen at any time, so maybe it wouldnt make much difference after all...

Got to me! I didn't think it would - but it had everything in that I wanted to say to my Dad after he died. ... minus the time travel grandson stuff of course.

It probably would have been an online bonus scene, much like all the others they've released in recent years. I doubt it was ever intended for either of those episodes

"Dear Dad, I don't know how to tell you this but we're stuck in 1930's New York for ever. Yes, even when they become 1940's New York. We have to stay in New York. I'm not quite sure why, but trust me, I cannot leave New York. Please, don't spend too much wondering why we can't leave, suffice it to say that we can't. yes, there are trains or buses we can take that will get us out of New York but don't dwell on that.
One day, the Police will pay you a visit and ask if you know anything about the disappearance of your son and daughter in law. Please try and think of a good excuse because I'd hate to see you(although, I can't see you, but don't ask why) go to prison or end up in a mental institution. Just tell them that we've gone travelling or something.
Love you, Rory".

they should have filmed this and at the end of the scene end on a lingering wide shot of the two men embracing (maybe even River coming into frame) as the camera slowly pulls out then cut to the doctor bursting out of the tardis in central park. It would have been brilliant and I think some chase scenes could have been trimed in the episode if time was an issue. What about Amy's parents though, god you could do this forever

No chance this could be sadder than the end of Journey's End

So beautiful!

Why did they insist on playing that stupid music all the way through...

I'm OK! I'm OK! Just dont look at me!

Someone else did mention that Brian has a granddaughter as well. Do we assume that Amy wrote a similar letter to her parents?

I think that thing that cinched it is Murray Gold's music. He writes the best emotional music. I cried... I'll admit it. Just like The End of Time. Great stuff!

did you ever watch the end of series 5 ? me thinks not

:'( That actually caused me to tear up really badly!

Gosh, that is possibly the saddest scene I've ever watch in Doctor
Who! Poor Brian! He played a cracking part :)

Great scene. Wish it could have been included somewhere, but not if it meant excising the show's final scene with young Amy. That was the perfect ending to Amelia's arc.

So maybe I'm wrong, but didn't Amy leave Rory previously staying she did so because she couldn't have anymore children? So?

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