Doctor Who: Lots of The Angels Take Manhattan trailers

News Louisa Mellor 25 Sep 2012 - 08:28

Not one, not two, not three, but four trailers are here for this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan…

These trailers contain potential spoilers for The Angels Take Manhattan

It’s safe to say that there’s not a small amount of anticipation leading up to Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, the last in the current series chunk, so much so that not one but four trailers for the episode have appeared online.

The first two are from the Beeb, and you’ll have seen the first as the ‘Next Week…’ tease after The Power Of Three. The third hails from Auntie’s US cousin, BBC America, while the last, most spoiler-y one comes from Space. Yes, that’s what we said. Space.

Watch each one in turn and you’ve about two good minutes of episode there, or you could play them all at once like an avant garde Doctor Who video installation, though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

The official BBC one:

The 'Next Week' BBC one:

The BBC America one (narrated by Mark Sheppard):

The particularly spoiler-y one from Space:

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OMG statue of liberty is a weeping angel - i knew it!!!!

Err... Isn't the Statue of Liberty made from Copper not Stone.

Off topic slightly but I really don't like Mark Sheppard, his american accent is rubbish to the point of distraction. If they'd hired an actor with a real american accent I would have enjoyed Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon a lot more. I didn't like him in Medium either. Rant over.

Whatever holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel. Guess what the designer of the Statue of Liberty used for a model.

Anyone else notice what looks like regeneration energy at 0.15 on the space trailer? By the clothes, it looks more like Amy than River, but that's not possible right?

Or are all the Rory/Master theorists wrong about which parent is a Time Lord? The Doctor always thought there was something special about Amy and this would tie in with Karen Gillan's comments about Amy not exactly dying, if she were to regenerate into the next Master. Would maybe explain why the Doctor seems to have "imprinted" on her, he always had a connection with the Master.

Might even have the bonus of getting people to stop going on about one of the Doctor's being a woman, not that I'm against it, I just get tired of the arguments.

Anyway, very slim chance of this, but I love how Moffat makes you believe that anything can happen, no matter how outlandish.

Is it me or did we just see Amy and Rory jump off a roof together

Thanks. I'd forgotten that.

oh holy god yes the statue of liberty is a an angel i knew it i just knew now i cant wait for this episode to air. now be scared of an angel that big

I really shouldn't be reading the comments here...

I had no idea that such theories exist, but they're fascinating.
Still, I don't really want to see Karen Gillan take over from John Simm, as his are bigger shoes than she can fill, and moreover, It would eliminate all hope that Simm reprises the role opposite Smith.(not that that would happen, but you know... one dreams.)

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