Doctor Who: Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode

News Louisa Mellor 20 Sep 2012 - 08:12

The Kiwi filmmaker is a huge Doctor Who fan, thinks Matt Smith is fantastic, and would jump at the chance to direct an episode…

This may not qualify as news per se, but the notion tickled us enough to pass on. Peter Jackson, the man currently busy turning Tolkien’s The Hobbit into a film trilogy, has come out as a “…huge Doctor Who fan”, and when asked if he’d consider directing an episode answered “Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!”

Jackson was speaking to the New Zealand-based Waikato Times, who’d just finished chatting to Matt Smith about how much he’d like to shoot an episode of Who in New Zealand, preferably under Jackson’s watchful eye.

No plans are afoot as yet to bring The Lord Of The Rings director on board with Who, but it’s fun to imagine nevertheless what such a collaboration may look like. Would it be just the one episode, for instance, two, or perhaps a three-parter?


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The Doctor vs a Sumatran Rat-Monkey? Or teaming up with the Astro Investigation and Defence Service? Yes please!

Great to hear. I've wanted for years to see what a Joss Whedon Doctor episode would look like, but now that he has devoted his life to Marvel that'll never happen.

Bring him on for the 50th anniversary story, surely the BBC be persuaded that he'd be worth it on that one occassion.

Given how he's a massive Who fan I don't think he'd even ask for much, but just the thrill of directing Who.


This is the problem with the BBC. They would probably think first of the budget rather than the prestige when getting A-list movie talent involved.

That said, if he's angling to do the Who movie rather than David Slade that's an open door that needs to be walked through.

It would start off as a two-parter, sure.

Or perhaps an epic 2-1/2 hour long episode!

Actually it was David Yates. But please, no movie.

Joss Whedon? No no no no no no. Just what we need, more wise-cracking teen drama.

The article says he's "come out" as a Doctor Who fan. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Jackson liked Who. He owns Sylvester McCoy's original costume!

No, he wouldn't be able to work under the budget pressures of a regular episode. A feature-length special detailing the history of Gallifrey and the Time Lords however...

Directors with the experience of Peter Jackson are more than capable of working with a smaller crew and a two week shooting schedule.The likes of Spielberg and Jackson started their careers this way before they started to make movies for the major studios.The biggest obstacle to the idea is the movie studios they're contracted to complaining and the BBC being concerned that freelance directors might steal their crew if their impressed by them.I know Edgar Wright has also suggested he would like a crack at a story to Moffat.It would be a lot of fun to invite some major directors like Jackson,Wright,Spielberg, Scott and Burton to work on the show to celebrate it,s anniversary.It could get quite competitive.

Well i think he would do it justice, he's quite a talented director. Although they are talking about doing a Doctor Who film.......maybe he could do that, who better to direct a film of Doctor Who than a fan of it in the first place!

Have a look at his early work, Peter Jackson has worked with considerably less budget than the BBC. I.e. virtually zilch. Not that a feature length would be unwelcome.

I used to live without ac, the internet, a car, or cable television. Doesn't mean I wouldn't go crazy without those things today.

This needs to happen. This is how you get your 'Who' movie, in fact.

But it does prove you CAN live without those things if need be. I'm sure Mr Jackson would see a reduced budget as a challenge, one that I'm sure he would rise to marvelously.

If Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode, then you bloody well let him. Where's the petition?

Instead of wise-cracking 20/30-something drama?

Awesome, but he should co-write this episode too!

Then he meets the Feebles when a temporal paradox plops them inside the TARDIS....

lol my mistake!

Get him on for the 50th!

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