Doctor Who: lots and lots of The Angels Take Manhattan pics

News Louisa Mellor
20 Sep 2012 - 07:04

A bumper crop of spoiler-y new images has arrived early from the The Angels Take Manhattan...

Warning: spoilers lie within...

Written by Steven Moffat, The Angels Take Manhattan is the last in the current chunk of episodes before the Christmas Special, and as we know, it’s the episode in which the Doctor bids adieu to two people very dear to him.

We’ll let Moffat explain, courtesy of the Radio Times:

"Never let him see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn't like endings."

The Doctor has been dropping in on the Ponds for some years now, and he's barely even noticed that his little Amelia Pond is now wearing reading glasses.

Surely nothing has to change now? Surely this can go on for ever? Has the wandering Time Lord at last found a family and the nearest thing to a home he could imagine?

But out there in New York the Weeping Angels are waiting for them all, and a very different destiny is falling into place. Not even River Song can save them from the terrible events to come.

Heartbreak is always a terrible thing. But imagine if you had two of them...

A huge pile of images (we’re very nearly talking the episode in flipbook form) for The Angels Take Manhattan has arrived online, so if you don’t want to go in cold, take a look below: 

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