Is this the recurring theme of Doctor Who series 7?

Feature Simon Brew 15 Sep 2012 - 20:18

Spoilers: something keeps happening in Doctor Who this series. Have you spotted it yet?

Even though the plan with Doctor Who series 7 has been to give us a standalone blockbuster each week, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t elements that haven’t been underpinning each of the episodes thus far.

Hence, we’ve had constant reminders that the Doctor has been erased from the history of the universe, for starters, and that feels like it’s building to something. Then, for reasons fairly well known, the Doctor has also been having chats with his companions reiterating that they all seem to be drifting apart.

Yet there’s another. This might be us just being a bit sad – it wouldn’t be the first time – but is there something more to what we’re about to show you?

Firstly, then, Asylum Of The Daleks. You might recall that when the Daleks acquired Amy in that episode, she was at a fashion shoot, before retreating to her dressing table. Said dresssing table was in front of lightbulbs, that started flickering. Here are some pictures to refresh your memory:

Next, let’s go to Dinosaurs On A Spaceship. At the start of that one, Brian Williams – played by the wonderful Mark Williams – is seen changing a lightbulb, too. Here he is fixing it...

And then at the end of the episode, Rory is finishing the job off (he's switched it for a more energy efficient one, if you want us to be nerdy about it).

Finally, at least for now, there’s A Town Called Mercy. Two or three times in the episode, we see lightbulbs (sometimes flickering), courtesy of the electricity that has been rigged up by Kahler-Jax.  So there's one out on the street...

And then another eyefull of lightbulb when we move indoors...

Sadly, we’ve just got questions, rather than answers, here. Is all of this linked to the Doctor’s disappearance from records? Does that affect lightbulbs in some way? Is some nasty thing always in the background, that can only be picked up by the flicker of a lightbulb?

In fact, that seems possible. After all, the lightbulbs flickered at the start when the Dalek-human-thingy was present. Does that mean more Daleks are coming? Have we met some of them already? Or have we gone mad again?

We’ll leave you to speculate below…

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Well if I was to take a wild guess, it's because the Angels are coming?

oooh, really good spot. For the 3rd week in a row we've seen the Doctor being prepared to send someone to their death - in fact ever since he took off he bracelet in Asylum. Maybe Dalek nanobots in him effect lightbulbs?

Strange you could bring that up. In the last episode of Pond Life, it opens with The Doctor changing the light bulb on the top of the TARDIS. That is very strange but you may be onto something, DoG.

We'll just have to check out next weeks episode for any bulb related shots. Keep them peeled, people.

Are the weeping angels trying to turn out the lights all over time and space?

Maybe its Oswin trying to get through to the Doctor through the Dalek technology, but I think its just a massive coincidence!

As I recall, the last time a bulb flickering and going out was really relevant, was 'Blink'...does this all point to Episode 5 and the Pond's departure...?

I wonder what would happen if you were surrounded by Angels and the lights start to flicker....

I'm wondering why he's suddenly so interested in everyone getting their just desserts, i.e. death. Pulling guns on folk? Letting Solomon die in a fiery inferno? That's just not the Doctor!

A coincidence? In Moffat's Who? Please!

But the Angels make the lights flicker...are they in the background somehow...altering things? Was there any flickering lightbulb in TEH, cos we know there's a clue there to the Pond's apparent departure...

Amy said it in this episode. He's going too long without companions. But... to me that seems like the Ponds fault this season. Can't we just stay at home? We've got friends who'll think we're older than them because we've been on two week long adventures in a row! Logic?


You could go further back to the last series too. Episode 12, Closing Time, had flickering lights. That was at the time atributed to the Cybermen, but with this relevation, maybe the lights going out has been happening for longer without us even really being aware of it?

Apparently episode 5, with the Pond's departure, is to do with angels.. (and New York City) and light bulbs flickering is also to do with angels. Maybe this lightbulb-related arc is shorter than we think, though I think it's probably more likely that it's going to last the whole season.

That is genius. Something that no-one would pick up at first.

The angels affected the lights in 'blink'. I hope the arc is more imaginative than this, although if each individual episode is the same high quality as the first three, then I'll willingly accept a simple arc.

Just seen this on Tumblr relating to the Ponds' departure, and why they won't die:

> Remember little Melody’s room at the orphanage in 1969 > i.e. photo of Amy holding a baby Melody.> Little Melody regenerated in New York.> The Ponds’ last episode is set in New York, The Angels Take Manhattan.> Rory uses past tense in The God Complex.> In conclusion, the Ponds are moving to 1960s New York.> The Ponds get to raise Melody.

So the lightbulbs connect to the Angels, who appear in Ep5, resulting in the Ponds' being stuck in 60s Manhattan

Still wondering about the throwaway line about Amy looking pale. There will have to be payback for her treatment of the Frances Barber character. Me thinks she is dreaming the whole thing. Or turning into an Angel or even a Dalek.

It's not just the lightbulbs... Eggs have featured in each episode too:
- Asylum of the Daleks: eggs...terminate
- Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: dinosaur eggs
- A Town Called Mercy: a bit of a stretch, I know, but the spaceship was egg-shaped.

Well, we all know the Weeping Angels are in the final episode featuring Amy and Rory. And there was a flickering bulb way back in that episode suggesting a link. But if it was, that'd be very impressive and would mean they'd have had to plan that the whole time, surely?

Also there has been a link to Christmas in the three episodes.... in Asylum... The Doctor shouting Well come on then. You’ve got me. What are you waiting for? At long last! It’s Christmas! Here I am!... and in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Rory and his dad talking about his Christmas list... and then in Mercy talk of the Doctors Christmas list

Isn't that the Vashta Nerada's job? "Hey,who turned out the lights?"

There was a time when Rose returned from an adventure and was shocked to find a year had passed because she'd only been away for a week, or something along those lines. Anyway, would their friends be noticing they're ageing a lot slower every 9 months or so?

There may be eggs every week, but also every week the main protagonist has died (or at least appeared to) in an explosion (eggs-plosion)

"Just not the Doctor" - clearly you DON'T know the all.

It's also a recurring theme in everyroom in my house whichever room I walk into there are always lightbulbs!

I love that theory! It may just be random, though most who things aren't, but this could be something to with the angels and/or the Pond's exit

I think the main story arc with the Silence is put to rest until after the 5th episode...

Love that theory - hope you're right

Love the way you guys pick on these details. Seems a bit dubious to me, but then, remembering the whole thing with the doctor's jacket in time of angels, you just never know with Moffat....

I think most of us have been focusing so much on the doctors greying morality, that we haven't really been taking heed of Rory's. Right now Amy is pathos and Rory is logos( Rory had no qualms about killing other doctor, while even a furious Matt clearly did) my guess is that this has to do with the whole Rory is the master thing. Notice the light bulb started flickering just as Rory entered Amy's set? meaning he caused it most likely and in every other moment of flickering he's been present. I see this half of the season resolving with Amy's death unfortunately, perhaps no less then at the hands of a reincarnated Rory... Man that would be sad ) :

But yeah its seems the angels are the most likely.

Yes, that's what I think.

Rory as the Master... did I miss this idea somewhere... first I have ever heard of it... don't see it, the Master wouldn't have let himself get killed so many times...

Yes, most of that is my theory.

That is very much the Doctor. I have watched DW since it began all those decades ago - and the Dark Doctor surfaces with alarming regularity.

Amy and Rory both know that when Dark Doctor surfaces, something bad will happen. As much as Amy loves travelling with the Doctor, I think her instincts are telling her to try to keep sae.

Simplicity is genius.

I watched each ep quite a few times before the lightbulb in my head went off.

Nothing is a coincidence, according to Moff!

The silence draw electricity from wherever they are, thought that arc had run its course but theres no guarantee, the angels would make more sense though.

Another I've noticed is that The Doctor, when there is a quiet moment, often glances at Amy, when she is not looking at him, sadly. It is like he knows something will happen to her, somehow. Timey Wimey I realize, but if the Doc is being erased from memory, what if he will be erased from the Ponds' memories as well? Maybe they don't die, they just stop remembering. Maybe River stops remembering too. Then she comes across him again somehow along the way not having any clue who he is, and the back to front meetings start anew. Mels regenerated into River, and River knew exactly who to try to kill. So obviously there is some other point in the timeline where River meets the Doc for the first time without knowing him and moves forward from there. Wibbly Wobbly indeed. It makes my brain hurt, but I cannot stop pondering the Ponds and so on. The Weeping Angels don't seem to kill so much as displace, and the Silence erase memory. Imagine if the Angels and the Silence got together?

I can't watch DW any more without overanalyzing every little thing.

There's also that look when the Doctor tells Amy she'll be around until the end of him, and she says "Or vice versa"

I do love this theory too! In my mind, it harkens back the Doctor leaving Susan behind in future London to carry on with life. I do really hope the 50th anniversary deals with the Doc leaving Susan behind. He said he would come back, but so far. . . . ? Again Timey Wimey Stuff could let him if he (or the producers?) wanted to.

Love it when the Doctor says, " I Do!!!!!!!!!!"

Yes, very telling or very cryptic. You never know with these story tellers. I love the mystery. Ah, the life of a companion.

i know. Right?

Wow! Rory as the Master? I kind of love the idea. He was so underrated at the beginning! Who is this . . . . this nurse?! It would beg a return, really BEG a return of Amy to resolve things. Or maybe not?

A spin on the idea of DVD Easter Eggs? A hunt? For what? Clues? Red Herrings? Or hatching a plan? I lean towards the latter myself.

Yea, especially with Moffat. Three shots of flickering light bulbs? No way is that a coincidence.

Google it, it's a fairly big theory by now. Lots of little things add up to it. I don't think it'll happen, but it wouldn't surprise me by now. Biggest reason: River. Part Time Lord? Also, after Mels regenerates into River, he says he hears banging. No awe at the TARDIS, some other stuff.

Don't forget the Doctor changing the TARDIS light in Pond Life! The Weeping Angels are stalking the Doctor and his companions.

in all three episodes so far: eggs ie, souffle, dino eggs, spaceship shaped like an egg - flickering lights - mentions of Christmas - blue lights on enemies ie, dalek eyestalk, twin robots and cyberslinger- and shots of the doctor from the opposing side of a computer screen. yep, its getting interesting....

Tomb of the Cybermen he seals the tomb and it is certainly suggested the doors will be electrified permantly, killing everbody who touches them.

The Massacre, The Myth Makers: stands back and watches 1000s of people get slaughtered

Remembrance of the Daleks: destroys an entire planet

Terror of the Zygons: sets the self destruct on the spaceship killing all Zygons on board

Warriors of the Deep: releases poison which kills all the Silurians / Sea Devils on the base

Terror of the Vervoids: killls all the Vervoids, killing of an entire species

and thats just off the top of my head.

that has been the same right from 2005, remember all those Bad Wolf spots and the questions as to what that means?

Also, did anyone else notice matt's expression when standing behind rory and amy while rory's dad eats lunch above the earth? the way he looks from one character to the other and kind of rolls his eyes? yep the doctor is one step ahead as usual.

In Asylum on the parliment ship, the Doctor says to Amy "be brave" she asks" what do we do?" and he replies, "make them remember you" - can someone elaborate on why he would say that? Amy doesn't remember the daleks right?

Also, so far in the first three episodes we have - flickering lights, eggs (soufle, dino eggs and egg shaped ship), mentions of christmas - hostiles that resemble daleks ( twin robots have a somewhat blue hued circle toward their middle and of course, cyberslinger's eye - scenes of the doctor as seen from the opposing side of a computer - and the idea of hate/anger being added while love is subtracted (doctor and solomon, then the anger in tonights episode - and lets not forget the music - the doctor on the triangle in Carmen and telling Solomon he is the 3rd and 4th hands in the Franz List piece....

And why doesn't the Doctor recognize Brian? Wouldn't Rory's dad have been at his sons wedding?

Oh, I think we are being Moffed with.... : )

I noticed that, maybe its because when they wrote the episodes there was a possibility of them being shown in the run up to christmas instead of 5 episodes then a break so they thought they should have some mentions of it through the episodes.

And what about the colour of the doctors tie!?!?

Personally I think the lightbulbs are a reference to the cover of Pink Floyd's live album "A Delicate Sound of Thunder" - Sound of Thunder was also a cause and effect time travel story by Ray Bradbury (involving dinosaurs) Maybe all the changes in time the doctor has made are coming back to haunt him

or maybe its just simply a fault in the system

I was just starting to wonder where River was when I saw this article. I remember her "death" when her consciousness was flickering on the... thumb drive. How long was the Doctor travelling alone? Is it possible River is already gone? He's in a worse mood this series and we knew she wasn't going to live forever.

Right here is my theory. It's very far fetched but I would love it to be correct. Basically we've seen an enemy that causes lights to flicker before. In the impossible astronaut when, amy saw one of the silence in the bathroom, it use a sort of electrical attack to kill the other woman. While doing that he sucked all that electricity out of the walls causing the lights to flicker. What if the silence have other powers, such as concealing their precence completely, that require the draining of power?

But Melody was raised in Leadworth in the 90's with Amy as best friend. Did her mom happen to be a redhead?

Also so many references to christmas!!!! D:

While I don't buy the Rory is the Master theory, it is interesting that The Doctor references him while talking to Amy about mercy. Amy and Rory haven't met, and presumably don't know about, The Master. So why mention him?

and teleportation

I think it's because Amy was infected with the nanites in Asylum. I also think this is what's leading to her end.

There's also that recurring reference to Christmas and Christmas lists.. but maybe it's significant only because we meet Oswin/Clara as the new companion then.

It is a bit strange that they emphasised the "egg" part ... And the spaceship was very egg-shaped. I think you're onto something.

I'd say it was something to do with the Silence if it is important. Like when one of the Silence killed Joy in The Impossible Astronaut. Are the Silence following the Doctor and the light bulbs are acting as a warning for him and the fans?

I wish they'd give Rory some bigger parts. He's such a great character.

Doesn't really sound like the "devastating" and "emotional" end we've been told to expect, though...

Anyone else noticed that Christmas has been mentioned in every episode so far?

I'm getting a feeling that thi is gonna go beyond Angels in Manhatten. Given that a few of the episodes after the Christman Special are set in Victorian times - just after electricity started being used commercially... I hate it when Moffat ties up something so quickly!

I don't understand the line, we take our prison with us. They don't waste words in Doctor Who, not enough time in a episode.

I hope this is true, just because it will show an immense amount of planning on Moff's side. If he can slip something like this in then I will worship him forevermore.

Agreed in regards to Rory. Especially since he's leaving soon.

Christmas comes early this year? Or not? Maybe the Ponds will have a normal Christmas this year. Maybe that is what's on the Doctor's List. Maybe they will have a small cameo at Christmas with family and friends at home around the hearth while the Doc is off somewhere with Oswin having a momentary look of sadness before carrying on as he does. And On. And on. And. . . . .

Another recurring theme is Christmas - each episode has had some kind of reference to "Christmas Lists"

The Silence.

Watch Asylum again. Doctor gets nano bracelet on right wrist on dalek ship - fired onto planet, wakes up - no bracelet. Inside Alaska with Amy- bracelet on his right wrist. Climbing down ladder with Amy-no bracelet. In hallway with Amy - no bracelet.
Amy also says "no they're coming down" as the two run for the ladder - screen shot of ladder with someone in dark pants climbing down- crew of Alaska are all dressed in white-something timey whimey ? Doctor carrying Amy - no bracelet - this clearly contrasted by Rory's blazing blue one. Amy and Rory alone now but Amy wearing the doctor's bracelet. The wardrobe department cannot have missed this...if they did, thats a major mistake...if not, its a major clue

Favorite quote: Humans, you're so linear... : )
Nothing linear going on here - that's for sure...

hahaha, I know right? I can't escape them either...

Let's not forget the fact that even if he isn't actually the one doing he killing it's because his friends do it for him. Look at the threats by Captain Jack and Martha Jones in Journey's End...Not to mention when he blows up virtually the entire cyber army at the beginning of A Good Man Goes to War. Umnn The Runaway Bride = death to the racknos (sorry no clue how to spell that).

I think he is talking about how when "people" do something wrong they always carry guilt with them.

Did anyone else notice that The Doctor is suddenly 1200? I know that he has spent some time traveling alone but he suddenly got a lot older and it's making me curious...

Where was the line? I don't remember it and I'd like to check it out...

yep. thought that too samiam. I have the feeling its all connected to Oswin and the difference between Dalek and humanity. A town called "Mercy" is highly suspect also - isn't that part of being human...mercy? I'm hoping that my more complex outlook is correct. But with Mr. Moffat, one never really knows

True, there has been a lot about human emotion already this season. I.E. remove love add anger, mercy...The Doctor's lack of mercy this season, I'm hoping for the complex too...we shall see

Actually i think you could be onto something here! i will keep my eyes peeled for the next one :-) Could be the weeping angels though as that is there thing to turn out the lights so that don't remain as stone. Did anyone notice the Doctors behaviour though in Dinosaurs on a spaceship? right at the end of the episode before he dropped everyone off, he seemed uneasy about something....? Also the title's at the beginning of each episode seem to be getting darker

It is sort of odd the eleventh Doctor has lasted 300 years now yet the tenth only lasted 4 or 5 at least it leaves lots of gaps for Matt to have spin off novels and comics!

just after she signs divorce papers and rory walks out...her "makeup" artist walks in - and tells her she looks pale but that "we'll soon sort that out" - lights flicker - amy sits in make-up chair - and make-up artist turns into dalek puppet to transport her

Everyone has some deeply held personal belief and/or insecurity that we find difficult to overcome or let go of...for the Doctor, its his survivor guilt. He can't save everyone - even tho he might want to. Some people don't feel good enough/pretty enough so they go for numerous plastic surgeries...or the issue is money so they work work work at the expense of living life. Each of us has our own special "prison" in our mind that we must break free of in order to grow as human beings

one other: Rory keeps getting nicknames.
Asylum: Nina; Dinosaurs: Mr. Manners; Mercy: Fella

Looked at them again, it appears you may very well be correct about the title sequences becoming slightly darker each time.

what about the xmas list the doctor keep bringing up?

There's also the fact that in two of these episodes the Doctor has been willing to let the villain die (though of course, Amy stopped him in the latest, pointing out that it isn't like him to do so). Do you think this could also be leading to something?

"make them remember you" I think that the doctor was sure he was gonna be killed there but wanted to go with a BANG!

The nanites factor in...but review the episode. The Doctor doesn't have a nano bracelet to put on Amy...where does she get it from? The Doctor is wearing his bracelet in only two scenes. First, on the Dalek Parliment ship when they first put it on his right wrist and second, inside the Alaska pod ship when he and Amy are attacked by Harvey and the dead dalek puppets. In all other scenes, the bracelet is clearly NOT on either his left or right again, how does she get it? This is either a major continuity error or a major clue. I have it on dvr and have reviewed it several times...I am not wrong on this...check it out.

no the light went out for those guys because they were already dead and couldnt see anymore

Could it be one of them is a Dalek shell thingy made by nanities?

It's a shame that the Bad Wolf payoff was so lame though. When it was revealed I was flabbergasted that all it meant was that All-Powerful Rose had graffiti'd her name throughout time and space.

At least Moff's payoff's have been a bit more logical.

I really do wish they'd do something more with establishing the Doctor's family connections. there's so many loose-ends especially as to whether he was responsible for their deaths in the time-war.

Not to mention his clone daughter off in space somewhere. Surely she's been up to something that would cause some effect in the timeline for him to stumble across or investigate.

I took the comment about remembering to be something to do with the fact that it was Amy who brought everything back into existence after the big bang by remembering. Perhaps she still has some of that ability left?

Or maybe even that the time spent apart from the doctor means that she's forgetting about him more and more so the universe is too, hence why he's becoming more anonymous again following his death?

There's just too many ways this could go!

A huge deal was made of the flickering lightbulbs in this episode (do I recall even Jex staring at them in confusion at one point?) - too much for them to be insignificant.
And who's been present at every occasion of flickering? Amy, is who.
(Except maybe for that Tardis bulb thing in the Pond Life episode, but he was parked in her street if I remember it right).
No idea where this is going, but I love it!

I thought it looked more like a giant tic-tac.....! Normally the themes (bad wolf, the crack) are inexplicable but pretty in your face, you know its significant but not why. I loved the Abraxas security system, but I'm a bit fan of old snakelegs :)

According to wikipedia there have been three 'manhattan blackouts' in 1965, 1977 and 2003.

The basis for a plot perhaps?

There has been some foreshadowing in the episodes so far alluding to the Doctor having to make a life or death choice regarding Amy that will mean her survival is of greater risk to the universe than any attempt to save her from whatever threat.

I thought it was interesting that when the Doctor said 'Give me a Dalek any day' they cut immediately to Amy.

There's still a big gap between when we saw child Amelia regenerate and when she could have gotten to Leadworth. Mels said the last time she regenerated she became a toddler. There's a big gap there between the 60's and when Melody could have regenerated as a toddler as that would have only been a few years prior to the start of The 11th Hour. It could be that Amy and Rory in fact raised Melody after her regeneration in the end of Day of the Moon, only for her to later regenerate as an adult Melody into a toddler Mels. We also don't know just how she got to New York and WHY she had to regenerate.

Was about to say something smart about the Tenth Doctor meeting them in 1969 when gets stuck there, but remembered he was in England.

'Make them remember you' - the Doctor has been erased?

He's far better/less annoying than Amy, mostly BECAUSE of his underuse.

I've always wondered....what if the Weeping Angels were somehow used by The Silence? Talk about ultimate weapon against The Doctor : the enemy he can't remember and the enemy he must never look away from......

I don't think The Ponds will die. I actually think it's as simple as they will decide to "grow up" and tell The Doctor to stop coming by. Amy/Rory need a normal life, and they know they will never have one with him. Also, if somehow Amy suddenly becomes pregnant again, they will absolutely refuse to go back into the TARDIS with him in fear of another baby with a "time-head" like River/Melody. Honestly, I think this is where The Moff is heading. His Doctor Who story has always been the Peter Pan/Boy That Never Ages/Fairy Tale/Imaginary Best Friend angle. What happens in stories like that? They grow up and move on. Wendy grew up and could no longer go to Neverland. Amy will decide it's time to be an adult and simply say goodbye to travels with The Doctor. The Moff is teasing us with this foreboding. But, does anyone remember the same "she's gonna die" when Rose was leaving? I would bet money it's the same thing. I will be perfectly happy if I'm proven incorrect. I just think their exit will be simple and real. And that's why it's hurts the most. The Doctor can never, and will never, "grow up". And that's why he looked at The Ponds together at the end of DoaS. He sees it happening. He sees them drifting away from him. They have their own life now. He's sad's back to square one as always with him. Back to traveling. Alone. In the TARDIS. Off to try and find a distraction from eternity somewhere out there.....

That is so dramatic! But it really wouldn't be a bad way to go. AT least the Ponds are (for the most part) happy. I really can't bear the predictions that they forget who the Doctor is in the end or one of them dies. No siree.

In Asylum the lights flickered when the human/Dalek lady went into operation. In the other two stories it was when the Doctor was near. In Asylum the Doctor gave Amy his bracelet to stop her transforming. Ever since then his moral compass seems to be a bit off. Coincidence? Probably. But it's as neat a patter as I can think of.

most likely referencing the new companion that we'll meet during the Christmas special

Yes, but which Doctor gave Amy the bracelet? The Doctor is wear his bracelet in only two scenes. First, on Dalek Parliment ship (seen in a close up of it being put on his right wrist) and second, in the Alaska pod ship when he and Amy are attacked by Harvey and dead dalek puppets. In all other scenes of the episode the Doctor is clearly not wearing the bracelet. So again, who gives it to her/how does she get it? This is either a major continuity error or a major clue.

Flesh Doctor?

The Doctor is also changing the lightbulb on the Tardis in "Doctor Who Prequel: Pond Life Part 5, Series 7"

"After all, the lightbulbs flickered at the start when the Dalek-human-thingy was present."- and the Doctor took off his nano deflector in the Asylum....
Then Lights play up near him.........

Flesh can build a body (Rebel Flesh/Almost People) and nanites can
repair damage (Empty Child) - together, they could certainly be a viable solution to the Oswin dilema.

I'm going with the Dr slowly transmuting into a dalek after exposure to nanogenes. He seems to be getting angrier and more ruthless in each episode (+anger,- love). This may also link to Oswin and how she reappears. Its strange what thoughts cross your mind in the middle of a slow night shift.......

Hmm. I just thought it meant not to be scared but instead to make them scared of /you/. Amy does remember the Daleks from her first encounter with them: Victory with Churchill. (Or at least, I've not seen anything to imply that she should have forgotten that thread and all that happened in her pre-Big-Bang-Two adventures.)
The point about Brian is true though, considering the Doctor danced - or tried to - with all the men at the wedding. However, it might just be that Brian was so busy with ensuring everything was working ok that it didn't occur to anyone to introduce them, and they missed each other. I.e., 'Brian Williams' wasn't written into any stories at that point. (I do hope we see more of him, but only if he's got as enjoyable a story as he did in Dinos.)
It's kinda like, we KNOW that Rory's best man was Jeff, but we didn't see him at the wedding either, but we still KNOW that he was.

River did it way better.

Yes, I saw that look! Amy, Rory and Brian looked pleased as punch and the Doctor looked markedly uncomfortable, and then glanced away.
ALSO, guys, guys - Brian's last postcard, with the TARDIS and the dinosaurs - Isn't that Ten's TARDIS?!
Wibbly-wobbly, Angel-remindy...

Anyone else also notice the idea of duality running through the episodes? Maybe I'm reading too much into I'd like another opinion.

Asylem - 2 ballarinas - Oswin's and the one Amy hallucinates
DoaS - 2 dinos coming thru the door - Rory's dad, 2 golf balls - both of Solomon's legs injured - twin robots - Doctor saying to Solomon he is the extra pair of hands in the Franz List music piece - 2 images side by side on computer screens
ATCM - 2 alien doctors - 2 people die (Issac and Jex) - Doctor wearing 2 different coats in the episode (He changes into a black one during the gunslinger battle)- 2 exploding lights right in the begining - war criminal/war hero - is the doctor the alien or are we the aliens (conversation in the saloon) - half human/half machine - war vs. peace - 2 marshals (Issac then the Doctor) - mad scientist/physician - horse with 2 names (joshua/susan) - mother (Amy)/father(Jex saying he supposes he is)

Also, the Abraxas computer sounds a bit too cheeky (kinda like Oswin) when saying ".incinterating intruders for three centuries"...don't you all think?

Or have I been drinking too much coffee?

Also in asylum - 2 Amys in the photo shoot, one with curly hair - one with straight hair and the love/hate written on her hands

And two Oswins - human Oswin and Dalek Oswin

I agree it could be the weeping angels trying to turn out the lights.

This could maybe be leading up to the mid-series finale.

Bleeding Cool have a video that analyses the opening trailers for the last three episodes and apparently they are getting darker too!

They could down lights themselves too though, like in the corridor ("Did we just run away from a power cut?")
But my money's on the Silence for this one. Didn't they draw on nearby electrical power when they were frying people, like Joy in the ladies' room scene?

And also? Eggs.

1)Asylum of the Daleks=Eggs-terminate and where did Oswin get eggs for souffles?
2)Dinosaurs in a Spaceship=Riddel steps on eggshells
3)A Town Called Mercy=Spaceship that looked like an egg

Upon reading the article title I was expecting something about body augmentation. I mean, people turning into Daleks via nanogenes, the Doctor fixing Solomon's legs, and then the Gunslinger being experimented on to become half machine. Surely, thematically, that all ties in with the theory of someone being secretly a Dalek in waiting all this time?...

I've got the impression that every thing is building up to episode 5 with the angels : Christmas 'cause it'll be christmas (simple), no lights for the angels (like in blink with the flickering light at the end), and eggs because the 10th doctor messages in blink were easter eggs on a DVD... (or maybe is that to easy)

How to explain the flickering lights ? I think amy is a desactevated dalek puppet. Just a gess but it would explain a lot : we cleary saw that it's the dalek puppets that make lights flicker in the 1st episode. Since, the light at amy's house doesn't work, and in the town, the lights flicker when amy is around. As i saw below too, the moment when the doctor says : give me dalek any day, the camera turns to amy. Also they explained quiet clearly in episode 1 that those puppets can activate/desactivate, with no notion of beeing a dalek, even the doctor didn't notice, curious... (knowing that episode was written by moffat) Amy also did a pretty good job with the computer on the dino ship, that didn't go unnoticed... Who knows, just an idea.
So imagine, the story for the 5th episode is based on the angels "killing" amy and rory sending them back in time, that because the lights failed around amy without explaining why. And then for episode 12, a big final with the daleks, the return of amy pond as one of them, the 10th doctor back again (eggs!) with jack and the end of the time war with galifrey (because the master will return, but remember, he is stuck there!)

Interesting theory! There have also been repeated references to motherhood WRT Amy in the first 3 episodes...

I've also suspected that there would be more to Amy's infection by Dalek nano-bots...

I'm fairly certain we're not seeing a linear timeline in the first 3 episodes... Remember in Pond Life how the doctor kept appearing out of order??

- Repeated references to Christmas
- Confusing "THE Doctor" with other doctors and/or forgetting his identity (Doctor WHO?? in Asylum, Solomon thinking he was a medical doctor and finding no record of him in his scan) in Dinosaurs, and the Gunslinger looking for "the doctor" in Mercy...)
- References to motherhood wrt Amy

Despite the fact that we've been told we're seeing stand alone episodes this season, it certainly appears that there is a story arc hidden in there somewhere... I also strongly suspect we're not seeing things unfold in order...

Concerning overanalyzing DW,
I watched Silence of the library again today... How very interesting... Maybe this is going to far but Moffat does nothing by accident :
- SILENCE in the library
- Flickering lights (again)
- The importance of the doctor's name
And MOST amusing this phrase : "auto destruct in the Library could CRACK the planet open like an EGG"

What is sooo important about the doctor's name? Why will Silence fall when answered? Maybe is it the key for unlocking the Time War ?? His name, the biggest secret in the universer, and it would explain why! Time lords and daleks back, would that be the borken silence, their silence ?

Hi Omniaural. It may well be the basis for a future plot. I was six years old during the 1965 blackout. I remember very vividly the chaos and fear which ensued. The 1977 blackout saw looting and rioting in several lower income neighborhoods (I had a pleasant conversation with an officer in riot gear while trying to find a store from which to purchase candles). There was an eerie calm during the blackout of 2003 and Mars was in Aquarius (It's closest approach to Earth this century). The Bringers of Darkness are coming! Stay tuned to Doctor Who for more.

couldn't it all be a lead up to the valeyard?

An odd coincidence i just noticed that probably means nothing but has anyone else noticed that all the episode titles have 4 words in them? Maybe they're an anagram or something , or maybe i'm overthinking it too much

Hello all,
I am going to go way out on a limb here. First, remember in The God Complex where Rory didn't have a room? Maybe the room with the Angels was Rory's room. That would tie to the Ponds exit.

Ok. Eggs. Christmas. Lights. No flickering lights. Something is trying hard to keep going but is slowly dying. The Ponds relationship. That is the easy one. You can tie it to the end of The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.

Here is the crazy idea. The Timelords. The Doctor. That is it. He is the last light of the Timelords. Christmas. The Doctor has always loved Chirstmas. Eggs. Well we have a problem. Eggs, rebirth. New life. (Forgive me)

Add River. Our hybrid Timelady. Who is on her last life. (Flickering light.) Christmas. I love the idea of the Ponds going back to find and raise her. Don't think that will happen. Moffat will not screw up his overall plans for the River storyline. Christmas for all four of them. Being together. That is always a good thing. Christmas gifts. Eggs.
Amy can't have kids. Are we sure? River, as far as we know, can have kids. Flickering lights. Christmas. Eggs. Somebody is pregnant. Amy or River.

What does everyone think?

Isn't it also fair to perhaps equate eggs with motherhood and therefore include it in the motherhood references? (And we could possibly include the cubes from "The Power of Three" in this, as they could be considered to have functioned like little incubators.)

Also, when the Daleks were waking up in Asylum and Rory thought they wanted the "eggs" that were on the floor....

I think it's the Angels. Remember, if there's no light, you can't see anything...therefore you can't see the Angels.

Agreed, Omniaural. And as a real "oldie" who was 23 when the very first Dr. Who aired, starring William Hartnell, I would like to see a plot where the Doctor's original grand-daughter Susan (then played by Carole Ann Ford) features, including her origin & explanations of why she was travelling with Doc; was she a real granddaughter, or perhaps a human child he once rescued who grew up just calling him "grandfather"? Or was she a young Time-Lord child who saw him about to vamoose from Gallifrey and stowed away on the Tardis? Etc. Etc. I think there's some mileage in weaving a plot around that (even though I suppose very few people now remember those days. What the hell - it's all about time travel anyway, isn't it?)

Agreed again, Omniaural. Mind you, in my own humble and darkly-humoured opinion, since Rose was basically a super-Chav, the idea of her saving the universe by spray-canning graffiti messages throughout time and space made me burst out laughing when the payoff episode aired - it really was perfect satirical script-writing.

You may have something there, Daibar. It is extremely uncharacteristic of the Doctor to deliberately let someone die, even an arch-villian like Solomon ("Cohen the Barbarian" - same actor). Why, the Tom Baker Doctor had a chance once on Skarro to destroy the entire Dalek species before it started, then hesitated and refused to do it. If the Doctor is growing more callous about causing death, or at least saving life, there has to be a reason... or else bad scripts, which I think is not an option here.

WOW - that's a lot of changes! Big karma! (PS - "Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury - YES! A great story. He wrote another one inspired by his friend Ray Harryhausen, about a studio stop-motion animator whose T. Rex was never savage enough to please the producer, until the animator finally based the Rex on the producer's personality, whereupon the flesh-eating dino worked convincingly on-screen and the producer was satisfied. Very amusing story, but I forget it's title - read it about 40 years ago or more.)

In the past, the Master has a bit of a track record of teaming-up with alien baddies in order to use them for his purposes, especially in the Roger Delgado period. It would be true to his character if he was working with the Angels while keeping his ultimate purpose secret from them. And what could be the Master's only ultimate purpose? Revenge on the Doctor.......? And what better way to do it than by using the very people the Doc loves?...... Even perhaps becoming one of them?.....

Wow! I salute your powers of remembery. You are dead right, of course.

Very good point Kezza. I have stuck with the show since episode 1 in 1963 as well (I was only 23 then!). Also, although short on intricate details, we know that before the Christopher Ecclestone reboot, the Doctor was involved in the "final" war of the Time Lords against the Daleks, and in one episode ("Dalek") he briefly describes some of the horrors, as though he himself had participated in bringing these about. There are a few other references to this war here-and-there. So the inference is, that the Doctor is not always as pure as the driven snow.....

Has Rory ever even seen an Angel?

power of three. there was a power cut but no specific shot of lightbulbs. enough said

Think about it. Silence will fall when the question is asked. The Silence fell and the question was asked and answered... What were the Silence trying to prevent?

I think you mean antagonist as the Ponds and the Doctor never exploded

I suspects she looks pale as she has just signed divorce papers

Who cares? The only recurring theme I have seen in Doctor Who sicne Moffet took over is that it's shallow and a poor image of it's former self. In saying that, I think Sherlock is quite good.

Regarding the lights, does anyone remember Day of the Moon when Amy sees the creepy slience alien in the bathroom? When the old lady appears and the alien is about to kill her, there is also a problem with flickering lights and she says "Oh the lights, I can't believe they haven't repaired them yet" or something similar. Could these issue mean that they've all been constantly observed by these misterious creatures and have been just, forgetting them?

I think we're all thinking way too hard about this.

Since RTD left Doctor Who has been poor.

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