Doctor Who: The Power Of Three promo pics

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13 Sep 2012 - 08:02

Fittingly, the BBC has released three pictures teasing the next Doctor Who episode but one, The Power Of Three...

Apologies for getting a little ahead of ourselves. This Saturday's episode of Doctor Who will be the gunslinging Western-themed A Town Called Mercy (our spoiler-free review here), but as the Beeb has seen fit to release a few promo pics for episode four, The Power Of Three, we thought we'd share them.

The episode is another from the keyboard of Chris Chibnall, following on from his family fun instalment, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship. The Sontaran Strategem and The Poison Sky director Douglas Mackinnon is at the helm, with guest appearances from Gemma Redgrave, Mark Williams, Steven Berkoff, Selva Rasalingam, and Alice O'Connell.

Before you take a look at the pictures, more of which are on their way early next week, here's an introduction to the episode from Steven Moffat, courtesy of the Radio Times:

"The day the Earth got cubed. The year of the slow invasion. The time the Doctor came to stay."

There have been many ways to invade the Earth, and the Doctor has seen them all. Or so he always thought - and then the human race wakes up one morning and discovers the world has been overrun by... small black cubes. Which then proceed to... do nothing much at all. A plan is afoot, humanity is endangered - but by what and how and, above all, when? For the first time in his world-saving career the Doctor has to call upon the least of his virtues: patience. And the Ponds face something possibly more terrifying than any world-ending apocalypse - the Doctor is moving in!

Not just a tale of alien intervention, this is also the story of a nice young couple who happen to have a bow-tied lunatic from space staying in their spare room. It's halfway between an alien invasion movie and The Man Who Came to Dinner. 

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