Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy trailer

News Louisa Mellor 10 Sep 2012 - 08:35

Stetsons, preachers and cyborg-gunslingers. It must be Toby Whithouse's newest Doctor Who episode, A Town Called Mercy...

Now that the dinosaur fun's over, it's time for some good old-fashioned Western thrills. We'll have our spoiler-free preview of Toby Whithouse's A Town Called Mercy up shortly, but in the meantime, here's a teaser trailer for the episode. Two of them, in fact...

A Town Called Mercy, starring Farscape's Ben Browder, alongside Adrian Scarborough, Garrick Hagon and more, will be shown on BBC One at 7.35pm on Saturday the 15th of September.

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Reminds me somewhat of Gunmen of the Apocalypse...

Looking forward to this. Given it's a genre Who hasn't plundered since 1966's The Gunfighters, there's plenty of scope. If it comes across like a mixture of Back To The Future III and Gunmen of the Apocalypse, I'll be more than satisfied.

The TV trailer makes me want a soundtrack already.

How?!? Nothing like it!!!

It was rather pointless of you to first demand an explanation ('How?') and then invalidate that previous catechism by declaring your own opinion to be the only cogent one ('Nothing like it!').

Since you have, essentially, disagreed with an opinion, a subjective statement which, logically, can never be amenable to antithesis, allow me to enlighten you as to, as you so succinctly put it, 'How'...

* It features a six-shooter wielding robot wearing a stetson, as does GotA.

* It is set in a frontier town, just like GotA.

* At some point in the episode, just as with GotA, there is a duel between the protagonist, a fish out of water in the western setting, and an adversary who, while also belonging to a different culture, seems to have adapted to their surroundings much more adequately.

* As with GotA it is filmed in a location famous for making westerns (GotA filmed in Laredo, Kent, ATCM filmed in Almería, Spain).

* If nothing else, it is a sci-fi series featuring a western episode, exactly like GotA.

That is 'How' it is, leastwise, 'Something like it'.

You cannot deny that I have provided ample reasoning for why, TO ME, it reminds ME of GotA. If you cannot see it, then that is your problem really, not mine. If, on the other hand, you wish to share your own list of reasons why the trailer for ATCM should not remind me of GotA then I am all ears.

I do not doubt that ATCM will be very different once broadcast but you cannot deny that the trailer reminds ME of GotA, what with you not being me.

I wonder if it will be a) crap like GotA, but also b) extremely popular like GotA.

It's a good question because I never liked GotA all that much but it seemed to get an awful lot of praise - in fact I was not a massive fan of series VI at all when most people rated it quite highly.

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