Doctor Who 50th anniversary: live episode planned?

News Louisa Mellor
29 Aug 2012 - 08:44

Matt Smith has dropped one or two hints about what the BBC may have in store to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th birthday…

Appreciating that this is a speculative leap based on little more than a few words from the incumbent Doctor, the old rumour that plans are afoot for a live Doctor Who episode to mark the show’s 50th anniversary next year has re-emerged. 

The facts, so to speak, are these: Matt Smith chatted to Forbes about the show’s golden jubilee over the weekend, and uttered these words: “It won’t just be a televised event, I think it will be a live event. […] The way it’s transmitted on TV will hopefully be an inventive thing – something different.”

A live episode of Doctor Who then… Eastenders has done it, twice now, as has Coronation Street and a raft of US shows including ER, 30 Rock and plenty more besides, though it bears mentioning that all of those shows tend to be somewhat lighter on FX work than Who. 

Any thoughts?

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