Doctor Who series 7 premiere date revealed

News Simon Brew 22 Aug 2012 - 09:38

Doctor Who returns to British television screens on 1st September 2012...

The eagerly-awaited Doctor Who series 7 (well, the seventh series since its revival) is kicking off with Asylum Of The Daleks, for which you can read our spoiler-free review here. But the question that had been left hanging was when the show would return to our screens.

That question, friends, has been answered.

The latest television listings for Saturday 1st September 2012 have now been revealed, and from 7.20pm to 8.10pm BBC One will definitely be premiering the new series. There's a five episode block to start with, which means the show will run until Saturday 29th September. Then it's back with the Christmas special, before the back end of series 7 screens in the spring of 2013.

In the US, it's looking like BBC America is starting the show a week later, on 8th September. We'll have lots more on Doctor Who in the weeks ahead, then!

UPDATE: BBC America has confirmed that Doctor Who will premiere on 1st September in the US, too. Hurray!

Radio Times.

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Hurray! Except I am away for the first and last weekend of September. Sob.

PS - What's wrong with the message board? I can't connect with Facebook any more :-(

Poor Americans...

Enough of this split-season nonsense; simply a way of dressing up a reduced season for costing purposes. The Spring run is Season 8. Different cast, different production block, different year. Different season. I don't blame Moffat - this is just the BBC saving money.

Moffat was the one who specifically requested the split season--look it up!

BBC America will probably regret the decision to show episodes a week later, they had their best figures last year when they were on the same date as it cut out fans desire to look for 'alternative' options to watch on the day.

Im pretty sure the Moff said we would get the longest run of unbroken episodes yet, but saying that he does tend to tell the odd porkie pie!

I'm a bit puzzled with the BBC's obsession with making cuts to Dr. Who - surely it's one of its biggest money makers and deserves a large slice of the BBC's budget. There must be other areas they can cut such as comedy shows that weren't in the least bit funny, eg My Family.

I'm also a bit puzzled why Den of Geek has me down as a parent; I have no children at all.

No, he said they were going into PRODUCTION for the longest period yet. We know we're getting atleast 2 specials on top of series 7, but they're airing in pieces.
I'm happy so long as the runs stay at around 6 episodes each; that's the length of most British dramas and I think it's a good length. If it splits up any more than that I shall be unhappy.

I pretty sure the split was so that they could line up the anniversary special with the actual anniversary in November. (I could be wrong and it could be for financial reasons, but god knows why, it must be the BBC's biggest show, merchadise alone should bring in a hell of a lot of money).

Hurray. The photos on the other link for Asylum look great. But the bl**dy Guardian or Independent I think it was, in a review of the first episode at the BFI the other week, without any spoiler warning revealed the story location, which I'd have much rather not known!

I do think the split season timing is a mistake. If I recall correctly, we're getting 5 episodes, a break then from early October til the Christmas episode, then a break for the remaining 8 starting April. The stop start effect is going to confuse viewers or at minimum not exactly sustain any momentum. It's a bit like going on a few dates then saying I'll see you again in 3 months!

I really cannot understand why they don't run the remaining eight episodes from January or February. The series will hit the light nights again by April and the odd hot weekend which is bound to hit ratings. For me a November to February 13-part run with the Christmas Special in the middle would be best. It would garner the best ratings and a more captive audience qv. Waters of Mars shown on a Sunday in November...

It is worth pointing out that nowhere has it been confirmed that the second half will resume in the Spring/April, that's just something Den of Geek and others are speculating, most likely brought on by the Episode Five/Christmas Special split and/or because that's when Who usually starts.

I think it's more likely the second half will be shown from January-March, because they'll want to introduce the new companion with as many episodes as possible, rather than just a one-off. Also Moffat has been very vocal in saying that he thinks Who works better in the winter on the long, dark nights, so January-March would be the perfect time. And finally if the rumoured anniversary specials turn out to be true then it's more likely they'll be shown throughout the whole of 2013, something which wouldn't be possible if they resumed in the Spring.

Of course I'm speculating no more than Den of Geek over when the second half will be shown, but it just seems more likely it'll be shown in early 2013 rather than Spring.

All evidence suggests the Sept. 8 date given in the trailer was an error that was caught quickly, which is why it was removed. I don't think there was ever any intent not to show it the same day as the UK, for the same reasons you state.

I don't know where people are equating splitting a season with budget cuts. First, if the show is being cut - how come it was able to film one episode in Spain and one in New York City this season? How was it able to attract some pretty well-known guest stars (Diana Rigg and David Warner don't charge $1.98)? Everyone says the budget was slashed last season too but frankly I can't see any evidence on screen of this. British TV doesn't do 22-episode seasons. Doctor Who has been a 13-episode series since it came back. That's why it's so good - there is little filler. This year, the Christmas special is officially tagged as a 14th episode (rather than a standalone) so we actually have a longer season this year. The split is because Moffat believes in mid-season cliffhangers and last year it worked in terms of retaining interest and ratings. I honestly don't see the problem. It's not as if this is Sherlock that produces 3 episodes every other year...

Not really, large numbers of them will inevetibly resort to illegal downloads.

HALLEY-LOOYAH. Doctor Who on 1 September for EVERYBODY!!!!!

Yup - I'll have the ol' torrent machine all warmed up on Sept 1 if they delay it a week for us here in the colonies.

ABC just announced it will air in Australia on 8th September at 7:30pm.

I believe the reasons are more to do with spending more time (and therefore more money) on production. The split in the middle allows budget redistribution as well as simply more hours on set/location. The same model's been used by the US for years to support their bigger stuff- Fringe, Heroes, both shows with similar demand as Doctor Who, use season splits.

The only thing that's nonsense is your asserting this is to reduce the number of episodes. Your forgetting the fact that Moffat has already confirmed there will definitely be episodes airing in November next year too. This is a full season, and smart money is on that being one too. The only difference between this and the last season is that the split is over christmas rather than over summer.

My cynicism with Moffat is actually starting to go into the background, and seeing the trailers, teasers and everything has started to make me pretty bloody excited. It's times like these that remind me why I love Doctor Who.

Let's just hope we get Empty Child/Blink/Eleventh Hour/Time of Angels/A Study in Pink Moffat and not the smug sexist deliverer of shallow-but-pretentious stuff we've been having recently.


Couldn't agree more. But I wouldn't count on it. He doesn't see the problem with the latter.

You might not have seen the update.:)

You're right! Huzzah!

Ermahgerd I'm sew ecsiterd!

Not americans

Yes, Americans. It says so on this very article.

see you on september 1st Doctor!

I'd like to also point out how quickly Heroes and other shows were Canceled due to not enough ratings.

I hate the fact that we hae to wait like months to watch something American but they get it on EXACTLY the same day. It doesnt seem fair! If they are going to watch our things on the same day that they are aired, why cant we watch their theings the day they are aired?!

Its also going to lose ratings to people who watch it out of interest because they will not know when it is on.

I haven't watched an episode since Victory, this better be good otherwise they will have lost me as a long time fan entirely. After doctor number 10 the show went downhill quickly and has yet to IMO bounce back

actually no it doesnt, yanks get it on the 8th :)

So then I read this feckin' line wrong then:
"UPDATE: BBC America has confirmed that Doctor Who will premiere on 1st September in the US, too. Hurray!"

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