Lots of new Asylum Of The Daleks pictures

News Louisa Mellor 21 Aug 2012 - 18:36

Gnawing your knuckles in anticipation of the new series of Doctor Who? Here’s some pictures from the first episode to placate you…

There are plenty of serious faces in this new pile of photos from Asylum Of The Daleks, which includes a teary Amy, a blurry Rory, and the Doctor recreating an iconic image from the Dalek’s first ever appearance…

Officially, the Beeb is still being typically coy about revealing the episode air date, but we’d strongly advise you to keep Saturday the 1st of September free in your diaries.

Take a look at the new images below: 


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Yup - they know how to light a scene, that's for sure. Can't wait!

Enough to make a grown man squee. I canny wait!


Enough to make a grown woman squee! If I had a TARDIS, I know what date I'd go to.

Looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to find out what happens before they all explode. Love that little nickname for the BBC, too

Third pic from the bottom looks like Amy has walked in on a Dalek version of Strictly.

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