Asylum Of The Daleks teaser trailer

News Louisa Mellor 18 Aug 2012 - 08:24

A brand new twenty second teaser has been released for Asylum Of The Daleks, and you can take a look right here...

The teasing for Asylum Of The Daleks, the first in the much-anticipated new series of Doctor Who, has begun in earnest with this fairly creepy mini-trailer for the episode, which carries one very urgent message: save the Daleks...

Doctor Who TV

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I have to admit I'm really looking forward to this one now, I just have one question - How do you get a Dalek in a straightjacket?

Still "Coming Soon"? Why can't they just confirm a date?

The Daleks asking the Doc to save brilliantly absurd!! Hats off to you Sir Moff for still being able to surprise me :)

This looks good! I am looking forward to it. The Daleks should not be dismissed out-of-hand by the program makers (as earlier rumours implied - "We will not be doing any more Dalek episodes..."). What they need - like any aliens in Dr. Who - is brilliant stories built around them, like the Christopher Ecclestone episode "Dalek", which really broke new ground and made me cry at the end (me - a 73 year-old man!). On the meagre basis of what has been revealed so far, THIS looks like it might just be another Brilliant Dalek Story (lets refer to them as a BDS)...

I'm really looking forward to the new series. I hope the stories give Amy and Rory plenty of time to shine as they get ready to bow out.

P.S. It's nice to be able to comment again after replacing my dead computer after a few months!

it is all down to the writers though isn't it? Unfortunately DW still doesn't always have the best writers on the show and tends to go back to the well with a great number of average contributors. Sometimes they write out of their skin and other times they deliver what you expect or something less.

You'd think there would be a queue of talented writers wanting to work on the show.

guys doctor who starts on saturday the 1st of september

Moffat please for the love of god just give us a date.

We all know you're a cruel, sadistic git who loves to torture the fans; we get it.

Just a date.

Open straightjacket, insert Dalek, close straightjacket...

Saturday September 1st 7pm (ish) opposite Red or Black - which is already sinking fast in the ratings!

Agreed. If there is a good story, bring back the big guns. To think, the Daleks were first "killed off forever" as long ago as 1967!

Very true. Notable when we get TWO episodes from Chris Chibnall!

Exactly who I was thinking of! I'm guessing the Moff has some faith in him and sees something we don't.

If the UK pool is that shallow why doesn't he tap into the US fandom where I know a lot of top writers love Doctor Who (i.e. pretty much any major contributor to Buffy).

I thought it was the 25th of August...but I may be getting my hopes up.
Also thought, wouldn't it be funny if this just happened:
Daleks: Save-the-daleks!
Doctor: Yeah, right. Like that's gonna happen. See ya, suckers! *gets in TARDIS*

Has anyone else noticed the moving Dalek mutant behind the Doctor? I didn't notice until just then.

Looking forward to seeing the Special Weapons Dalek again - one of the last Daleks ever seen in the original run, in McCoy's Remembrance story.

Oh dear, this looks truly awful, another car crash from the talentless Moffat.

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