Doctor Who series 7 press launch news round-up

News Simon Brew 14 Aug 2012 - 22:22
Doctor Who: The TARDIS

The series split, the Christmas special, live events, Matt Smith and more feature in a bumper round-up of new Doctor Who news...

This evening saw the press launch for Doctor Who series 7 (since it was revived), which featured a screening of the first episode, Asylum Of The Daleks. Our spoiler-free review of that is here.

But we also learned a few other things throughout the evening, that we’ve rounded up here. Most of this came courtesy of the Q&A after the screening (highlight: a young girl admonishing host Richard Bacon for calling her “little”). Here’s what we found out:

* The running sequence of the new series will see a first block of five episodes transmitted, then a break, then the Christmas special, then a break, then the last eight episodes in the spring. That’s generally what had been suspected, but it was confirmed at the event.
* The Christmas special, which is currently shooting, is set in Victorian times, revealed Steven Moffat (after conferring with Caroline Skinner).
* The title sequence to the show has undergone a slight evolution.
* There are plans, but nothing concrete yet, for more live events to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show next year. In particular, Caroline Skinner cited the Proms, although she didn’t indicate that a new one was coming.
* Mark Gatiss has been wanting to do his upcoming drama on the creation of Doctor Who, which is set to be broadcast in 2013, since before the show was revived in 2005.
* Reports that Matt Smith has signed a new contract to 2014 are news to Matt Smith. In his own words: “It sounds like you’ve signed something else, when in fact I was always going to be around”.
* Of the episodes he’s written, Steven Moffat’s least favourite is The Beast Below (although there are ideas in it he likes very much). The one he’s proudest of (even if you don’t think it’s his best, he says) is The Eleventh Hour, given just how much ground it had to cover in one hour of television.

As for the transmission date, there’s no formal announcement that’s been made. We’ve read the new Internet rumour that suggests it might be 1st September, but nobody was telling us anything for definite. Expect an announcement soon, though...

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1st Sept? I wish.. Plot crap or not, I can't wait for AotD!

I think the Eleventh Hour is the episode he should be most proud of, as he says, it had a lot of ground to cover. From a fans point of view I would take Silence in the Library, Blink, The Big Bang or Day of the Moon over it, but in the Eleventh Hour Moffat did the impossible; he turned a nation of sceptics about Matt Smith into a nation of believers.

Curious to see the new titles, I'd figured they'd save the changes for the 50th.

I am surprised that they have not announced a hard airing date yet, they(BBC) all know we are chomping at the bit for this, I wonder if it is because of the Mark Gatiss docu-drama news being delayed.

So the Christmas special is set in Victorian England? Isn't the new companion being introduced in the Christmas special? So will the new companion be from that era?
What are we getting this series? Five episodes with Rory and Amy followed by the new companion being introduced in the Christmas special then eight episodes with the new companion?

Didn't Moffat write Don't Blink? That's probably my favourite of his many great episodes.

Well, the next Radio Times doesn't feature Doctor Who in its "next week" panel as it's the Paralympics and it's hard to imagine RT NOT doing a Who/Dalek cover. September 1st is my bet with the five episodes transmitted over the five Saturdays in the month. if that is the case, it will be exactly 33 years to the day Destiny of the Daleks was shown on Sept 1st 1979. Rumour has it Doctor Who will be scheduled against Ant and Dec's game show Red or Black

Wow.. I think I'll get my silver wig on to celebrate. Cheers!

Looks like September 1st to 29th with Doctor who scheduled against Red or Black...

The broadcast date for Doctor Who Series 7: Episode 1 Asylum of the Daleks has been confirmed, straight from the preview screening at the BFI.

Doctor Who Will Return on Saturday 1st September 2012 with Asylum of the Daleks.

Think it's a minor cosmetic change. I know the logo has been modified.

Personally, I'd prefer the series to run on 13 continous Saturdays from November to February - call me old fashioned.

No date has been release.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances is still his best, with Eleventh Hour and Blink right behind it.

It's just Blink, actually. And yes, it was a brilliant episode, but I do agree with Steven, The Eleventh Hour was seriously brilliant and probably his best.

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