David Tennant on Doctor Who 50th anniversary

News Louisa Mellor 8 Aug 2012 - 14:32

The tenth Doctor has been wagging tongues with US TV’s Attack Of The Show about Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, being cut from the Olympics opening ceremony, and more…

After next year’s 50th anniversary special has aired, interviewers are going to have to think of a new question to ask the former Doctors. For the past six months and probably for the next, Baker, Davison, McCoy, and the rest of them haven’t been able to go and buy a pint of milk without being asked whether or not they’re returning for the anniversary.

Their replies have veered from the straightforward: “They don’t need us”, (Colin Baker), and “There’s been no invites” (Paul McGann), to the guarded “If they ask me nicely” (Tom Baker).

David Tennant’s the most recent of the lot to have been subjected to the question, and his jovial response (watch the clip courtesy of Attack Of The Show here) came as follows:

"I cannot be drawn on anything. Who knows what will happen next year? I’m sure there are lots of plans being discussed in quiet rooms by men with long beards and great power.”

When told that was being taken as a yes, Tennant, laughing, replied “Well you can take it any way you like. I’m not confirming or denying anything. Twitter nothing, nothing to do with me". Well played Tennant. When asked if he still had the pin-striped suit on stand-by though, the tenth Doctor joked yes, “I do have it in a very secure location”.

In the same interview, Tennant expressed his (not entirely serious, we should say) fury at life not imitating art when he wasn’t the one to light the 2012 Olympic flame à la Fear Her, and at the Doctor Who sequence being left out of the recent Olympics opening ceremony, saying, “…there was this Doctor Who sequence that was cleared, we all had to sign off on it and they cut it the day before!”

As for more news on those anniversary appearances, we’ll keep you posted.

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If you look at the Mystery Timelord (the one who has voted No to wiping out all of Time along with The Woman) with his enormous, long-fingered hands covering his face in The End Of Time (Tennant's last ep, where Ten becomes Eleven) , it's not hard to jump to the conclusion of that being the 11th Doctor, and drawing out a possible plot from there for the 50th...

I read on someone's blog that the 50th anniversary will see the 4 (yes 4!) new series Doctor's battle Omega. Eccleston and Tennant would appear along side Matt Smith and a fourth actor playing a future doctor. The person that posted this news knows someone at the BBC who sees things that no one else ever gets to see and was desperate to pass the news on to her friend who is a massive Doctor Who fan...

It might be added that the person who runs this blog also threatens to post naked pictures of herself to get people to read it so it might all be one big attention seeking lie. I guess we won't discover the truth until next year.

I would take this with a huge pinch of salt. For one thing Chris Eccleston would seem to be very unlikely to return. He seems to have very little interest in talking about Who these days, let alone potentially reappearing in it. Please prove me wrong Chris! I like the idea but just can't see it being true. Omega is overdue a comeback, although I would love to see a showdown with the Zygons or a rematch with Morbius, personally. I really hope it doesn't get bogged down in Time Lord mythology. Maybe have Matt Smith's Doctor revisit the time he stole the TARDIS and got Susan to accompany him. In An Unearthly Child, they mention an un-televised adventure wherein the TARDIS takes the shape of a sedan chair, this would be another interesting idea to make a one-off episode from, a story which would end with them landing in the junkyard in Totters Lane, perhaps with the 11th Doctor looking on in a kind of Back to the Future II type way? Really don't think the multi-doctor route does the series any favours. Partly because of the age of the older actors and partly because it's not an especially original idea. It would really only work with Doctors 9,10 and 11 - if you were able to get Chris Eccleston. If Steven Moffat could include former Doctors and companions in unusual cameos that would be far more interesting than a more blatant line-up of former stars.

Love David as the Doctor. He will always be my Doctor. I hope they do a multi-doc story I'd love for 10 and 11 (and 9) to meet up.

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Aresian Saga" (just Google the title) and let me know what you think.

Steven Moffat is a very clever man - I wouldn't expect him to go down the traditional multi Doctor story route - He might incorporate previous Doctors but in a more subtle way - maybe ex Doctors could play aspects of Doctor 11's personality that guide him on a particularly dangerous journey - echos of their former selves but not necessarily playing their older incarnations. I think this would work better.

Ecclestone had plenty to say about Who - all positive, I hasten to add - in a recent Q&A in July at the National Theatre (where he was appearing on stage).

I'm not sure what this fetish for Omega is all about. It's a character who appeared in two rather substandard storylines (The Three Doctors is only remembered fondly for the obvious reason, and Arc of Infinity is often ranked as one of the lesser Davison stories). Remember one thing - the Time Lords are all supposed to be gone. Omega is a Time Lord. In order for him to be brought back Moffat basically has to rehash the Master storyline Davies did with End of Time and the trilogy at the end of Series 3. I for one don't want to see the 50th anniversary pegged as a rehash, so that's why we won't see Omega, the Rani, or any other Time Lord characters - I'd stake a paycheck on it. And frankly multi-Doctor stories don't have a great track record on the TV, with the exception of Time Crash and that's because it lasted all of 7 minutes - I don't think a 90-minute story would have worked. All I want is good, solid story that celebrates the show's legacy and looks to the future. A regeneration story would be perfect for the latter. Unfortunately I think we already had the perfect anniversary story - it was called The Doctor's Wife. Moffat will be hard-pressed to top that.

Id love to see all the doctors back but id rather see an episode called the 40 companions. also bring back every person to be on the show za or kal from an unearthly child is still alive as is some original thals.

I will be extremely disappointed if we don't get to see all the Doctors for the 50th anniversary. And not just for selfish reasons. Newer viewers (especially fangirls) believe Doctor Who started in 2005 and they need to see that the series has a rich and varied history with many actors paving the way to where we are today.

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