Doctor Who series 7 trailer analysis

Feature James Peaty 2 Aug 2012 - 11:56

James unpacks this morning's Doctor Who trailer, pondering the place of Daleks, dinosaurs, and the Ponds in what looks like an action-packed seventh series...

Warning: this feature contains potential series 7 spoilers.

After almost nine months off air Doctor Who is once again gearing up for transmission.  

With five episodes – kicking off with the intriguingly titled, Asylum of the Daleks – slated to air from late August, the BBC has released a new 90-second trailer to promote the upcoming season.

But what does the trailer contain? And how much does it tell us about the episodes to come?

Daleks, lots of Daleks...

After a brief shot of the TARDIS tumbling through space, the trailer cuts to the Doctor (Matt Smith), Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy (Karen Gillan) being captured by a fleet of what appear to be Dalek saucers.

From there, our intrepid trio are whisked up into what appears to be some sort of court filled to the rafters with more Daleks than we’ve ever seen.

Interestingly, these are not the much-derided New Paradigm variations which debuted in 2010’s Victory of the Daleks, but rather the classic bronze and gold models of the Russell T Davies era.

Clearly the New Paradigm Daleks haven’t been completely ditched as there are several red ‘drone’ models present in these scenes, but whether they make more than a token reappearance remains to be seen.

However, what is clear is that this opening story is about restating core Dalek values. After the firestorm surrounding their fumbled relaunch two years ago, that seems both wise and necessary. 

Dinosaurs on a spaceship

Mass Daleks aside, it would seem that most of the money shots in this trailer have been taken from the Chris Chibnall-penned second episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

From the impressive shot of Solomon’s (David Bradley) outer space pirate ship, through to the snarling shapes of what looks like a pack of hungry T-Rex, episode 2 seems to be every inch this season's visual effects extravaganza.

Intended by Chibnall to be more of a ‘gang show’ than most other Who stories, we get brief glimpses of Rory’s Dad (Mark Williams), British explorer Riddell (Rupert Graves) and Queen Nefertiti of Egypt (Riann Steele) who all appear to be aiding the TARDIS trio in this seemingly madcap adventure.

Before the trailer ends, we’re bombarded with shots of Solomon’s visually impressive, but rather goofily voiced robot henchmen, the Doctor being chased along a beach by some pterodactyls and, finally, the rather wonderful image of the Time Lord riding a Triceratops through the bowels of a spaceship.

It’s not clear what the story for this episode will be, but from the brief snatches seen so far it certainly looks like  Dinosaurs... is a definite throwback to the action-led episodes of the RTD era.

Guns at the ready!

While much of the teaser trailer shown back in the spring played up footage from Toby Whithouse’s wild west-set A Town Called Mercy, this trailer seems to feature far less from that particular story.

However, while we do get to see the obligatory highly cinematic shots of the Doctor riding a horse, wearing a stetson, and engaging in a High Noon-esque showdown with a cyborg gunslinger, it’s a dialogue scene taken from this episode which makes the biggest impact.

In a seemingly tense exchange between the Doctor and Amy, the clearly flustered Time Lord is invoking the names of the Daleks and the Master to damn his own mercy and justify what would appear to be his own ruthlessness. Amy seems unconvinced by his argument and says this is clearly what happens when the Doctor travels alone for too long.

These five episodes mark the end of the 11th Doctor’s time with the Ponds, but they’re structured in a way where the Doctor intermittently drops in on the couple and whisks them away on adventures rather than travelling with them on an ongoing basis. 

As a result of this, tension has clearly built up between the Doctor and Amy and the Last of the Time Lords does seem to have been changed by the events of the last series. Is this exchange paving the way for the Ponds' full-time departure or is it seeding the notion that once again the Doctor needs to find himself a new, full-time companion?

Either way it certainly hints at some of the ongoing character strands at work within this shorter run of stories.

Down to the Asylum

Later in the trailer we see the Doctor and Amy (but not Rory?) fired down a tunnel of white light towards a snow-capped world.

Judging by the hexagonal pattern surrounding this planet, this is some form of Dalek force field and it would suggest that this is the site of the aforementioned Asylum of the Daleks. But what’s inside this Asylum? And why have the Doctor and Amy been sent there?

Adding to the mystery is the quick glimpse we get of a rather old-school Dalek (it appears to be a Genesis of the Daleks model) firing at what looks very much like a modern example of Skaro’s finest as the Doctor ducks out of the way of the blast.

Is this Asylum a place where Daleks of every shape and size are being held captive? And if so, why are they being locked up by members of their own race? 

New York, New York

It’s already widely known that Amy and Rory depart from the show in the fifth and final episode of this run during a battle with the Weeping Angels in New York City.

While the footage we get from that episode is minimal, what we do get to see are: an establishing shot of Time Square, flashes of a new, cherubic looking Weeping Angel blowing out a candle, a decayed ‘classic’ Angel posing menacingly and a rather enigmatic shot of a trilby-wearing River Song (Alex Kingston).

With the production team usually avoiding screening the season finale in advance, it’s hardly a surprise that footage from the later episodes is being kept strictly under wraps.

However, perhaps more of a surprise is the seeming lack of any footage from the fourth episode of the series. An old school Earth invasion story told with a twist, this is another Chibnall-penned adventure and features not only the return of Rory’s Dad, but also UNIT for the first time since 2009’s Planet of the Dead.


But domestically scaled stories are not what this trailer is selling and it’s clear that the ‘blockbuster every week’ format is being pushed very hard.

Is this a response to the criticisms of the more knotted and internal series 6? It’s hard to say for sure, but I doubt those criticisms have fallen on deaf ears.

In addition, the Doctor himself appears to be a little more haunted, fallible and vulnerable than he has been in the past couple of years.  As great as Matt Smith has been playing the Doctor, he’s rarely been given the opportunity to grapple with the sort of complex emotional material that his two predecessors were given on a regular basis.

Certainly the final scene of the trailer, where the Doctor emerges into a room of ruined Daleks while holding the body of a seemingly out-cold Amy, is the sort of direct, emotive and iconic image that the show hasn’t really dealt in since Russell T Davies’ departure from the show.  

On first glance, all of this augurs well for the series to come and it would appear the short production break has reinvigorated the production team.  However, what remains to be seen is whether the departure of Gillan and Darvill will pack the punch of previous companion exits or whether this truncated run of stories is merely marking time before the show's 50th Anniversary season next year. 

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thank god the amy pond show is ending soon. let's get back to some real doctoring.


I think it will be impossible for the show to match the dramatic impact of, for example, the "death" of Rose Tyler seeing as how one or more of the regular character dies most weeks. How many times can you kill off characters and then resurrect them without a bit of emotional fatigue. The boy that cried "bad wolf".

Still can't see why many hate the New Paradigm Daleks.

I don't mind the amy pond show so much (although I'm not a huge fan), but I absolutely detest the River Song show - even the brief glimpse of her in the trailer was enough to send my heart plummeting.

Can't wait on I'm countdown for the opening episode already.....if I knew when that was it would help but hey ho !

25th August, at least that's what is being rumoured, but it sounds pretty definite going by reports.

Cheers Jezza!

I thinks its about time to start a campaign to get James Dreyfuss in as the doctor. ive got nothing against matt smith its just imagine James Dreyfuss as a new incarnation a more wiser less clumsy incarnation.

Can't say I've seen him in much so I don't know how good he'd be, but just leave Matt Smith as the Doctor for now. He's well established and I can't see him leaving until at least 2014, so why should be worry about the 12th Doctor or who will play him?

But who says they have to die right? If done well, it could, it could have a huge impact.

RTD fanboy much?!

Can't wait for the Dalek or Angels eps, and I hope the Dinos get the epicness they deserve. Now, about the "blockbuster-every-week" thing, I had no problem personally with the 6th season. A larger budget doesn't mean a better show (hopefully it does in this case), and episodes like "Blink" and "Night Terrors" show just what DW can achieve when it's a lil quieter. Just saying'. Otherwise, extremely excited!

Really, i actually think River is a great character, i mean, she has been part of Doctor Who since 2008! She's not going anywhere anytime soon, so, erhhmmm, GET OVER IT!

You are James Dreyfuss's agent and I claim my £5

The thing is, new Doctor Who is not on BBC America's schedule for August 25th. They'll be airing a Doctor Who special that night at 9 instead. What IS on the BBC America schedule is a blank spot at 9pm Saturday Sept. 1, after a full day Doctor Who marathon, ending with The Doctor, the Witch and the Wardrobe at 8pm. Since it's unlikely that BBC America is not going day and date with the BBC, I'm putting my money on Sept. 1.

Well it seems then that BBC America might not be airing it the same date as the UK this year then.

If you look at the BBC's schedule Merlin begins on the 29th September, which means in order to get the first 5 episodes in then Series Seven will have to star airing on 25th August, as the two shows have very similar time slots.

I wouldn't go by BBC America's schedule as that's for a foreign market. You always have to go by the domestic market schedule and although we don't have it yet taking everything into account 25th August seems to be the certain air date for the UK.

Actually, if you look at BBC America's schedule for Aug. 25, there's no new Doctor Who on it - they're airing a Doctor Who special at 9pm. On their Sept. 1 schedule, though, they've got The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe lined up at 8pm after a full-day DW marathon, and they don't have anything else listed until 10pm. So that leaves an empty block at 9 for the premiere. Assuming BBC America is going day and date with the BBC again (and it seems unlikely that they're not), that makes Sept. 1 the date.

I don't wish to be rude but did you read what I posted, because you're just repeating yourself.

I was going by the BBC One schedule, not BBC America. My point was that it seems the US will be airing a week later than the UK, unlike last year.

As great as Matt Smith has been playing the Doctor, he’s rarely been given the opportunity to grapple with the sort of complex emotional material that his two predecessors were given on a regular basis."

Are you kidding me? I think he's been given more emotionally complex scenes than his two predecessors. Series 5 and 6 have delved deep at the heart of the Doctor and deconstructed him one episode at a time. The part of the sentence I challenge is the "regular basis" bit, since Eccleston's and Tennant's episodes were far more standalone and and less intricate than Smith's series. Nine fought the Time War, Ten fought time and Eleven fights himself, and the dark future that lies ahead of him. He faces himself in ways the others never did. The Doctor lies, and that makes his scenes far more complex and layered. Nine and Ten didn't reveal that much of themselves, which makes it so paradoxical that whilst Eleven seems more distant at times we know more about him and what he goes through. And then he lies!

and I like the new Daleks. They're much more devious than the old ones and more mysterious.

Sorry - I didn't think my first post went through, didn't mean to be rude and double post. I'm just looking at yours now. That's interesting. I think Americans will be pretty pissed if it turns out BBC America is going to do a week lag.

you people have no imagination. its not like im saying kathy burke should be the new companion although maybe it is time to introduce Lycra into the tardis

Obviously to be fair Junior , we here in the UK have had a fair bit of lag on quite a few shows you guys have produced- while it doesn't compare to Who, the Brit-led US Who spin-off Torchwood: Miracle Day didn't air in the UK until around 1/2 weeks after you've got it. I'm not trying to say either network should get Who S7 first, but justifying it if this does come to pass.

She's lovely but I agree, but apparently a load of teen soap fans don't.

because they look horrible, especially the bright colours and because there is absolutlely nothing wrong with the old design, the kharki color design earlier in the same episode looked even better than the previous versions so comparison of seeing both on screen at once highlighted the poor design of the new versions.

Who isn't?! :D

Yeah, agreed. Some people mistake the tween drama of the RTD years as "emotional complexity". Moff's stuff has been dramatically far heavier and emotionally intricate, dealing with real-world "love" (the non-romantic, you-have-to-work-hard-at-this kind) & real-world fear (aging, growing up, becoming disillusioned with childhood dreams & the false sense of security therein). The Moffat Years have been a fairy tale wrapped in a layer of sincere personal adult reality, rather than RTD's CW-inspired angst-and-emo exploration of obsessive co-dependency via the emotional capacity of a high school crush...

Thank you!

Anyone with taste.

Listen El, I'm no huge fan of him either, but if it wasn't for RTD, we would not have Who back on the air after 10 years, so shut up and enjoy the sight of the Master taking out a lady with killer robots.

"I'm just a madman with a box"

"Because there was absolutley nothing wrong with the old design"? Eurgh. I mean I don't particularly like the new Paradigm Daleks but which old design, they change frequently.

Yes we would have, the project was going forward anyway regardless of producer.


Where did the fiction that "without RTD we wouldn't have Doctor Who" come from? That's absurd. RTD just happened to be the guy at the time. He was pretty good at some things (P.T. Barnum-styled hype, mainly) and really, really bad at others (plots, resolutions, consistency, character stereotypes, etc.) Without RTD, someone like Mark Gatiss, Paul Cornell, Rob Shearman, or yes even Steven Moffat would have brought the show back. It was on for over 30 years before RTD. It will be around in one form or another 30 years from now. DOCTOR WHO is no one person. Just ask Tom Baker. :)

Why aim that at me? That's what I was saying.

Absolutely. It's their show and they can give it to us whenever they darn well please, of course. That doesn't mean we have to like getting it a week or more late (see also, getting Sherlock several months late), and for the record, if I ran a US network you could have all of my shows right away (don't hold your breath for that one).

But there's been such a big marketing push for DW in the US recently, and there were such pains taken to show it day and date last season, so it would just be confusing to me if they backtracked and went back to a week delay.

Which he would never have done if RTD had written him the way he should have. RTD turned The Master into the Joker.

I think he made a mistake.

Matt Smith is the best Doctor since Tom Baker, IMO.

River Song is sex on a stick! What is wrong with a bit of sexiness in the Who universe?

Velociraptors, surely? There's nothing obvious to scale them against, but since the Doctor's not craning over backwards to look up at them, it doesn't look like they're T-Rexes

I don't think that Nine fought the Time War. I think that was Eight. Doctor Eight was mortally wounded, had to regenerate, and Nine is racked by survivors guilt. So in a way, Nine fights himself. You can tell, because in the episode Rose, Nine sees his reflection for the first time, and comments on his big ears.

I'm not that keen on Amy, she just seems like a bit of a bitch to me! I would say Rory deserves better, but if he's going to be a doormat he deserves what he gets. I'm shocked to hear myself say this, but I think Donna has been the best companion so far. She seemed more like an actual person than any of the others. Maybe I'm just bored of looking at the same young pretty people on tv!

I feel that in terms of post 2005 Doctor Who, we've been rather spoiled by the quality of companions overall. I'm not sure how long most on this thread have been watching, but think back to 1986 and Bonnie Langford. Bonnie shrieking Langford. Shudder...Opinions of Rose, Martha, Donna (I think she's my favourite too), Amy and Rory, Captain Jack and River Song may differ somewhat among fans, but I'm sure that anyone that has been a long time fan remembers what a staggeringly misjudged character Mel was and how utterly insane it was to cast Langford. She did do Sophie Aldred a favour though. However Ace had turned out (rather...ace actually) she could only be a blessed relief after the squealing abject horror of Mel. Langford even made the interminable whining of Peri a fond memory which is I suppose some kind of achievement.

That said, it might be interesting to cast a slightly more mature companion again at some point.

Oh dear. Series 6 involved some of the worst stories in Who history, although they did improve towards the latter half of the season, and I'm afraid the trailer for season 7 has confirmed to me that Moffat needs to leave the producers chair. It just seems like one of the most loved sci-fi series in the history of television has been slowly starved of that very aspect which makes it so special - imagination and originality. Daleks - again. Weeping Angels - again. River bloody song - again. Amy Pond looking miserable which probably means loads of boring soap opera style interaction - again.

I mean, come on. What happened to the programme I loved? What happened to intelligent story telling which didn't rely on catch phrases or having the Doctor upstaged by his companions? I despair.

Maybe I just need to accept that it just isn't the same series anymore. Maybe it's time to say goodbye. I will give season 7 a go for sure - after all, you should never let a trailer decide whether to stop watching something which has entertained you for so long - but I honestly believe this may be the season when I finally give up on our favourite timelord.

I can't help feeling that way about her ever since she was going to give it away to the Doctor on the night before her wedding. I far prefer Rory as a companion.

Correct. I meant to just add it to the conversation. Wasn't "aiming" it. Sorry! :)

I meant to just add it to the conversation. Wasn't "aiming" it. Sorry! :)

Your humble opinion is shared. And I AM aiming this at you. LOL! ;)

oh come on there has been minor variation here and there but nothing as huge a change as the new paradigm, the big mistake IMHO was the variety of colours, if they had started off with 1 or 2 it possibly might not have seemed quite so bad, so obviously pandering to the toy market.

Alrighty then, guess it's time to apologize. Opened my big fat mouth without checking the facts, as usual. What I was trying to say was, be grateful for what we have. 10th Doctor was AMAZING, the comps were awesome all around, and individual episodes were AMAZING.

Okay, I think John Simms had the right balance of insanity and some of that Machiavellan gentlemanly stuff left over from Delgado. The Joker is an anarchist, who just simply wants to see the world burn. The Master always has a reason, and is very much a 3D character. Although I now concede that showing Master as a kid was a HUGE mistake. But as long as he isn't a snake or the Terminator, I'm happy.

Second best. David Tennnant still is, and always will be, the best New Who

You get a full day of DW?
I mean, sure, we got repeats, but a full day? Nu-uh. They do repeats of everything anyway. I know I'm going to sound like a spoilt two-year-old, but NO FAIR!

Thank you.

Too right. RTD seemed to have a problem coming up with anything original, as well. Two Dalek story arcs and two Master story arcs? I'm sorry, give me variety or give me death.

Daleks again? Seriously? How many times did RTD use Daleks as a plot device? And, also, how can you get sick of the Daleks? Or River Song, for that matter?

Not only lots of daleks, old & new daleks to boot. Take a look at the pic above thats definetely a classic series style dalek.

Surely you jest? Can't see what's wrong with them? I won't dignify that with a response. Anyway, as for the up and coming series. I agree that Moffat seems to have finally listened to the criticisms of the past two years.
He will never admit it, but RTD version of Doctor Who was a damn sight better than his 'vision' of the show.
Throughout all of RTDs tenure, it made Doctor Who must see TV. Which I am sad to say, was lost when Moffat took over. I suppose now, the Moffat fans will flame me. Well so be it, but before you do, think about this. During Moffats two years, has Doctor Who made anyone excited for the next episode as much as when The Stolen Earth was aired?
He tried with the Doctor and his so called death. However, we all know what a flop that was.
Hopefully now, Matt Smith will truely shine as the Doctor and get the credit he deserves. Maybe then, he will come out of Tennants shadow and people won't go on about the 10th Doctor so much.

I simply can not agree. I do not blame him though, it was the quality of the writing that spoiled his version. Matt Smith has yet to fall in love with anybody the way Tennant did with Rose Tyler.

I just could not believe a person who could go anywhere and anywhen would fall for such a annoying chav like Rose Tyler.

I like the old Daleks, they have far more character then the new ones. I think the next episodes are going to be more exciting because of the old Daleks. It will finely give Matt Smith the time to show the doctors action and emotion which will give him the credit he deserves. Matt Smith is a great acter and I am looking forward to his next episodes

The Paradigm Daleks are the leaders, like the Emperor Dalek when he used to be big and red. They don't do much but order the other daleks around and maybe fire off a round or two when they get the chance.

I'd make the distinction that Alex Kingston is sexy, but River Song is a cinrgeworthy character due to the writing and direction.

What are you talking about? The previous changes have included the addition of slats (the Dalek paradigm actually return to the classic 60s), numerous variations in colour. The RTD redesign was a huge change. The Paradigm Daleks are closer to the 60s ones than the RTD ones were.

I can take one or two paradigm daleks floating around in the background, the voices are pretty menacing, but they should never have tried to do a dalek re-launch with them.
It's a shame some people are fed up with the daleks turning up too often. I'm obsessed with the daleks, but I find it hard to watch the newer episodes now because of all the companion nonsense that goes with it. In the classic series, there was some genuine horror, they really were the monsters in the basement and, importanly, it took TIME for a plan to develop. It's ok that the show has had to change in style, but some of the subtlety has been lost. I can see that they tried to get a classic dalek episode out of Daleks in Manhattan, but that turned into a real mess. It's changed from a family show into a kids show, it really has that CBBC feel to it, which is a shame.

I think Matt Smith is more suited to the writing, he doesn't overact to cope with some of the poor writing. CE and DT are both heavyweights who ended up having to ham it far too much. It reminds me to some extent of decent actors like Ewan McGregor in the Star Wars prequels, who just couldn't make enough of the material. excited as when the Stolen Earth aired? Me and my girlfriend at the time watched that, thought it was so bad, such purile, non-sensical childish nonsense than neither of us watched Journeys End the following week.

RTDs nonsense may have been must see to you, but I gave up watching regularly mid series 3, now I'm absolute obsessive since Moffat took over. Hate what you like, but don't try imposing your opinions on everyone.
I mean where on earth do you think the "Moffat fans" who flame you come from? People with nothing better to do pretending to like the show? Grow up kid.

I think in Asylum Of The Daleks when the doctor and amy get teleported to the snow planet they will discover the asylum and all the past daleks who have managed to survive have been locked up in there to make sure they dont get destroyed but during there time in there they have went a bit mad making the prison be named the asylum. And i think the reason the doctor and amy have been sent here is to test that the old daleks can still fight. Actually that sounds quite good.....

I'm inclined to agree. I loved Davros and the Supreme Dalek, but the different sets of compantions on the monitors made me cringe. The Rose obesession really ruined it, and the tearful endings and goodbyes made me sick.

"I have had it with these motherfucking Dinosaurs on this motherfucking Spaceship !" - Amy Pond

The Pandorica Opens was WAY better than Journey's End.

I'll stick my neck out and be shouted down as a troll by saying the Trailer of series 7 has completely put me off the show. This trailer showed 90 seconds of more of the same - more of the same bloody monsters, more of the same heartless, smug characters making the same faces, and the same "everything is at stake!" plotlines. Personally I think I have had more than enough of all that, thanks.

At least we had some good Big Finish plays on BBC4 extra recently featuring Sylvester McCoy. For all the valid (and some unfair) criticisms of his era, frankly I'd rather have McCoy's sincerity and compassion (and indeed Ace's moxy) over Moffat's soulless Whoniverse any day.

I thought when I saw that trailer that it was going to be the usual RTD overblown OTT mess and it was, it was fun but still a huge mess. As for more exciting, pretty much every other week there was a more exciting trailer, particularly Time of Angels, Vincent and the Doctor, Pandorica, and virtually all of Season 6 barring Closing Time. Oh and for the record I have no problem with RTDs time on the show apart from the twee, comical first episode of each Season and the OTT mess of the last 2 episodes of each season.

As for Tennant, it took me half a season to accept him as the Doctor (mainly because of the memory of the magnificent Chris Eccleston) OTOH it took me about 5 minutes to accept Matt Smith as the Doctor - Fish fingers and Custard did it for me...

Exactly - is there anything as emotionally heavyweight as The Girl Who Waited? I watched that again recently and it really brilliant and almost as good as the Doctors Wife.

Seriously? Everything that was in that trailer and you want to complain about the Daleks? It doesn't matter what they look like... they could blow you into oblivion in a microsecond. Let's get some perspective, people. Be happy with the brilliant show that is Doctor Who and stop intentionally crapping on it. No one appreciates you for it.

Stolen Earth had the best build up but the most HORRIBLE Deus Ex Machina I've seen. DoctorDonna, WTF? And I hate the happy ending Rose finally got. I loved how she was ripped away from the Doctor in Doomsday, because it felt so tragic and sad. Learning that Rose got a doctor clone to spend the rest of her life with. RTD, no.
However, I love the storyline with Moffat's series... each episode flows and despite most being stand alone, they still seem linked (cracks in time, Amy's mysterious pregnancy and the silence/doctor's death). David Tennant, while being an AMAZING doctor imo didn't get the quality episodes he deserved. Christopher Eccleston and Smith did. IMO of course.

This morning's Radio Times (Aug 18-24) doesn't feature Doctor Who in the next week panel. the Paralympics look likely to be on the cover. The RT would surely never miss an opportunity to feature Doctor Who not to mention all those Daleks? September 1st is looking far more likely and this would chime with the trailers that say "this Autumn" which many would say begins in September...

Erm? The Russell T Davies era was no where near as good as people actually think it was, in fact the majority of the episodes objectively speaking suck! RTD's Doctor wasn't so much the Doctor as he was a whiny human teenager lusting after teenage girls from council estates, key characters from the series such as the Master were completely retconned, there was so many false 'ethics' to the Doctor that ended up contradicting himself. Most of the episodes were riddled with plot holes. I'm not saying Moffat is amazing far from it, but the RTD era was so much worse for the criticisms people like you throw at Moffat's, all of his finale's were so much worse than anything Moffat produced, plus he created the most fan (as in fans of the show and not Tennant) insulting episodes of the entire series, The End of Time, an episode that systematically ruined the Doctor as a character and his attitude towards his death, the concept of regeneration and what it was, the Master and the time lords in one episode? Not to mention creating one of the most, selfish possessive and sociopathic characters in the shows history (yes I'm talking about Rose) it's mind boggling how any true fan can claim that the RTD was good and that Moffat's is terrible when RTD's is more guilty of the criticisms people fire at Moffat, it's nothing but hypocrisy.

And on a side notes, what's worst, a mis-step Dalek redesign that the makers have addressed or a complete butchering of the Daleks and their credibility as characters?? (Journey's End portrayed them as idiots, who keeps a console capable of destroying themselves in the prison of their own ship, you know a prison primarily designed to attain enemies?)

Can anyone "Read the fine print" on the billboard that says "Read the fine print"?

@ David Fullman - "can't see why many hate the New Paradigm Daleks" Ummm, because they look like hunch-backed studded vibrators..!

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