New Doctor Who docs coming to BBC America

News Louisa Mellor 25 Jul 2012 - 16:34

BBC America is to air four new Doctor Who documentaries in the run-up to the season seven opener…

Our US chums are in for a Who-related treat in the lead-up to Asylum of the Daleks, as BBC America will be airing four new one-hour-long  Doctor Who documentaries this summer. Starting from next week, the four specials will air on BBC America to get viewers in the mood for the season seven opener.

Following on from last summer’s ‘Best Of…’ series, which took BBC America viewers through themes such as the Doctor’s companions and Doctor Who’s monsters, four docs themed on the show’s science, women, timey-wimey stuff, and destinations are all on their way. Broadcast dates and times are as follows:

The Science of Doctor Who – Saturday the 4th of August, 11pm.

The Women of Doctor Who – Saturday the 11th of August, 9pm.

The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who – Saturday the 18th of August at 11pm.

The Destinations of Doctor Who – Saturday the 25th of August at 9pm.

A little group of teaser images for the specials has also been released, which we've gathered up for you below:

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Meh. Clip shows to grab base ratings. If you're still using Tennant, then you know it's a time wasting rehash. Pass.

I don't mind a good clip show. I'll definitely be tracking these down.

OK. So the Americans are getting these. What are we (Brits) getting? Other than stiffed by the BBC, as usual.

Don't worry- having seen the first three of these on the 2011 Christmas Special DVD, I can safely say that we're not missing much. All they are essentially providing is a couple of ways for US viewers to pass the time until August 25th!

Last year's lead-ins were nothing to get excited over... they REALLY need to include classic Who.
I know most of my country is ignorant of the rich history of the show (especially the cheesy SFX of the older era) but I'd hope these 'documentaries' acknowledge what came before RTD. After all, that's what the show is built on.

Take heart, the new series is coming soon. I'm slightly sceptical, but Asylum of the Daleks sounds good, at least.

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