Doctor Who docudrama on the way?

News Louisa Mellor 23 Jul 2012 - 07:44

Doctor Who News has good reason to believe that the BBC is planning a docudrama special to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary

The canny folk at Doctor Who News recently spotted the following BBC Two job ad:

“You will be producing high-quality, cost-effective drama and will be accountable for the delivery of the drama on time and within the agreed editorial brief and production budget. One of your main responsibilities will be to help develop the script to the highest standards as well as encouraging, fostering and developing creative talent and ability on behalf of the Drama Department.
You will need drama-producing experience. A passion for drama and a knowledge of Doctor Who is essential.
Ideally the successful candidate will have a wide-ranging knowledge of the television drama production processes, preferably including period drama and use of CGI, and an understanding of the jobs of programme and resource personnel who are engaged to complete the production.”

Before anyone rushes off to tart up their CV, applications for the role closed last Wednesday. More interesting than the job opportunity though, is that the ad looks to be revealing the BBC’s plan to produce a period Doctor Who docudrama to celebrate the show’s forthcoming 50th anniversary.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first behind-the-scenes TV series dramatisation the BBC has produced in recent years, and if that is what’s up the Beeb’s sleeve, then we couldn’t be happier. Let the casting speculation begin!

Doctor Who News

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David Warner or David Bardley as Hartnell!

Or they are planning on replacing Stephen Moffatt!

That just looks like a job ad for doctor who, I see nothing there that suggested anything else.

We can always hope. ;-)

What's a docudrama?

I really hope that they do, it will be brilliant! They did one for Coronation Street, Doctor Who definitely deserves one.

That was my feeling at first also, but I'm not sure DW would count as drama, would it be children's or action/comedy?
I'm not sure what part of the DW tale backstage is worth turning into a drama. I'd rather have another episode of the show.

I'd say in the TV world there are 3 main types of production, documentary, studio and drama, drama basically just referring to anything that requires actors.

it's a dramatised version of real events using actors to recreate and more importantly re-enact real events rather than a documentary which - in this case- would usually be pieced together from archive footage and interviews.

The advertisement says they're looking for a producer for a "single drama" - a one-off like The Road To Coronation Street, not a series like Doctor Who itself.

A one off would make sense.

This is pretty cool, but would be dissapointing if it's the only thing they're doing.

I hope they are doing it like the"Road to Cornation Street" That was great TV. Beeb at her best. Who should they get to play Hartnell? or Terry Nation? There's a great story to be made about how Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert got An UnEarthly Child made in what was a rather conservative and risk adverse BBC

Bill Nighy as Hartnell.

David Bradley or Karl Johnson as William hartnell

If it's a period piece then it would almost certainly be the 1963 events. One of the first female producers, a show few people in the BBC were behind, running out of money on the first serial, having to fight to keep it from the childrens department who wanted to make a simpler, more child accessible show, and the initial controversy with the scares and bad examples being set (e.g. stabbing with scissors in the second serial).
Clearly they're looking for NEW staff, so this wouldn't interfere with the shows production, and there is absolutely a tale to be told here. Personally I think it's a super idea if true.

This. Sounds. Awesome. If it is a project at all.

Is this the same idea that Mark Gatiss was linked to on the script front? His knowledge of the formative days of Who cited as making him an ideal candidate to write such a drama? Curious, as that story originally surfaced about six months ago. Clearly, someone thought it was a potentially worthwhile idea... As for Hartnell? How about Geoffrey Bayldon? Though he is a little old. Weird to think the once "youngest" Doctor, Peter Davson, is now older than Hartnell ever was in the series... The roles of Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert need to be particularly well cast. Would be good to see the likes of Waris Hussein, Donald Wilson, Terry Nation, Bernard Lodge and Delia Derbyshire portrayed too.

This will probably turn up on BBC4, perhaps with a rerun of An Unearthly Child and maybe something like Tomb of The Cybermen to represent Troughton. I should imagine a good documentary and maybe (fingers crossed) some repeats of colour episodes of the classic series, possibly the Peter Cushing movies, the McGann TVM and some earlier episodes of the BBC Wales series (Rose and Blink would do me) will be shown on BBC1, BBC2 or BBC3 (at least). Doctor Who is such a valuable property to the BBC these days I would be staggered if this was the only thing they did.

Now, this is the only suggestion I've seen here for the part that might work, and work very well. Bill Nighy is probably the single actor who could pull it off as it should be done. I'm with you all the way on this, Paul. (And I used to live in Mayfield, Sussex, four houses away from William Hartnell, whom I frequently met and chatted with in the local pub, so I think I am qualified to hold this opinion.)

Cool! I have a tenuous link with Hartnell in that the day I was born was Hartnell's last ever living birthday.

Can we change places, Paul? On the day of Hartnell's first appearance as the Doctor (the same day President Kennedy was assassinated) I was making final arrangements for my wedding the following Saturday! My God, I just realised - I am now older than the average Doctor Who actor... how does one go about regenerating?

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