Doctor Who season 7 spoiler pics

News Louisa Mellor 6 Jul 2012 - 14:24

Warning, plenty of spoilers lay ahead for the currently-filming season 7 episode starring Dame Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling...

Warning: this news story contains plot and character spoilers.

Anybody who wants to go in cold to the currently-filming Mark Gatiss-scripted episode of Doctor Who had best go and put the kettle on, because thanks to Ryan Farrell and the good people at Bleeding Cool, spoilers lie below.

We now have a name for the episode that's currently being filmed (the ninth in the new run and due to air in early 2013), it's called The Crimson Horror, and it's set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Sweetville.

So far,so Gatiss (with a bit of Dickensian irony thrown in with that village name, we're thinking). 

We've known since the beginning of the week that Dame Diana Rigg is guest starring in The Crimson Horror, and now her character name has appeared: Mrs Gillyflower, a woman with a dark secret known to the inhabitants of Sweetville as "the Ice Lady", who does something dastardly to new companion Clara that the Doctor (aided by a couple of old friends) has to reverse.

Now the old friends. It seems that the rumour mill was churning out the good stuff, as we can see below that Neve McIntosh is back in her full Madame Vastra finery, and she's joined by the reappearance of another of the Doctor's alien pals: Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey) in this incarnation sporting a dapper wing tip collar and tie.

It's also been revealed that Sweetville's match factory, which goes by the bame of Brightwell and Hyman, is a place regarded suspiciously by the locals, and will play a part in the episode's story.

Lastly, Rachael Stirling's character (Miss Gillyflower we presume?), has been spotted on set wearing prosthetics that show her to have a burnt face. So that's fire, ice, two aliens, and some crimson horror, any guesses as to how they're all tied together?

Bleeding Cool (courtesy of Ryan Farrell)

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Very interesting indeed. Gatiss is a genius, so fingers crossed for this.

"So that's fire, ice, two aliens..." If you're counting Madame Vastra as one of the two aliens, bear in mind she's not alien at all: she comes from the same planet we do. Though the same might not be true of Mrs. Gillyflower.

Maybe the 'Ice lady' is a female Ice warrior?

So, are we gonna find out why Vastra and Strax owe the Doctor? Please, say yes.

Seriously excited about this.It's been a positive thrill to be aware that Diana Rigg is working on Doctor Who this week.I wish Doctor Who fans would be a bit more generous about Mark Gatiss' scripts.The criticism that Night Terrors didn't relate the Ponds situation with Melody to the parental themes of the story was more the responsibility of the producers than Marks and i liked the peg doll monsters.I hope Diana is enjoying the experience of working on the programme. Thank You Mr Gatiss and Mr Pryor.

Who's directing this episode? Anyone know?


Now there is an idea! Come on Moff bring back the Ice Warriors. They can be good or bad which makes them all the more interesting.

Love a good historical or even a pseudo-historical, nice nod to the original pseudo-historical The Time Warrior with the inclusion of a Sontaran Butler. More backwards in time episodes please! A good mediaeval one is long overdue, would like to see the Doctor meet Caxton or maybe something set around the restoration with Sir Christopher Wren?

Like your screen name. Clearly a Community fan!

Really like a good pseudo-historical and this looks full of promise. Like the nod to the original pseudo-historical The Time Warrior with the inclusion of the Sontaran Butler. Victorian times are a little overdone. Would like the Doctor to visit the 15th century and meet up with William Caxton and his printing press or maybe talk architecture with Sir Christopher Wren in Restoration London?

I seem to remember Bleeding Cool saying The Crimson Horror is directed by Upstairs Downstairs' Saul Metzstien,appropriate considering the inclusion of Jenny and Vastra really.

I'm of the opinion - and maybe this is due to who's in the costume - that the Silurians is one sexy alien lizard.

Absolutely. Medieval is overdue. Restoration has never been done apart from 20 seconds worth in "The Impossible Astronaut." It's the production team trying to fit in with the UK's National Curriculum for History. Yep, that's all our kids do, with a pitiful nod to the Tudors and Martin Luther King. Doctor Who is supposed to show kids how rich history is, not how narrow. I do have a worry - as much as I love Vastra and ANY Sontaran, Doctor Who is becoming such as show for us fanboysandgirls that I can't share it with anyone new to the show without a whole lot of explanations. I just managed to explain "The Doctor's Wife" to my partner, but do you think I had a chance with "The Wedding of River Song"?

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