Doctor Who: title of series 7 opener revealed

News Louisa Mellor
25 Jun 2012 - 14:36

It's been kept hush hush until now, but we're proud to unveil all four (count 'em) words of the title for the opening episode of Doctor Who series 7...

__________ of the __________, we'd been promised as the title for Doctor Who's season 7 opener, and then, like the gradual, tantalising unveiling of a Catchphrase clue, we found out it was __________ of the Daleks.

The identity of that final word has been revealed today, courtesy of the BFI which is screening the episode on the 14th of August (tickets go on sale from here on the 10th of July), and it's... Asylum.

Asylum of the Daleks then, is the first episode title for series 7, which is now looking likely to come to the BBC not long after its BFI and Edinburgh August screenings. It's not big news, but we thought you'd like to know all the same.

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