Doctor Who: title of series 7 opener revealed

News Louisa Mellor 25 Jun 2012 - 14:36

It's been kept hush hush until now, but we're proud to unveil all four (count 'em) words of the title for the opening episode of Doctor Who series 7...

__________ of the __________, we'd been promised as the title for Doctor Who's season 7 opener, and then, like the gradual, tantalising unveiling of a Catchphrase clue, we found out it was __________ of the Daleks.

The identity of that final word has been revealed today, courtesy of the BFI which is screening the episode on the 14th of August (tickets go on sale from here on the 10th of July), and it's... Asylum.

Asylum of the Daleks then, is the first episode title for series 7, which is now looking likely to come to the BBC not long after its BFI and Edinburgh August screenings. It's not big news, but we thought you'd like to know all the same.

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I am a Dalek whore.

I thought it was going to be 'Return of the Jedi'.
I'll be slightly disappointed if that title points in the direction that I suspect it does. We've already be told the episode features SPOILERS all past designs of dalek. I was hoping for some tremendous historic dalek council, or some such thing. Now I'm expecting a load of cells in an 'asylum' with mental daleks of all kinds, which is fine, but something of a wasted opportunity.

So disgusted by the typo that you couldn't bear to reproduce it?

Oh God the Daleks again please give them a break for atleast 2-3 series.

I seem to recall the BBC doing an international outcry to all the owners of replica Daleks across the world so they can be used in this series. Here's hoping for some kind of Dalek civil war (again) between the crappy new ones and the previous series brass ones.


What a surprise!!!

It's hardly new news. Most Whovians have known for a long time the first episode would be called, Asylum of the Daleks. That said, I hope this series is a damn site better than the dross we have had to put up with over the last couple of years. Apart from one or two gems, Moffat's 'vision' of Doctor Who, has been a massive disappointment.
A shame really, as Matt Smith has the potential to be a fantastic Doctor. However, Moffat's latest attempt of a Christmas, I hesitate to use the word, Special. Does not give me high hopes.
Will be nice to see the Daleks back. I just hope, the older style ones, blast those Teletubbies into teenie weenie bits. Not holding my breath though.

The Last Question.
The only question.
Doctor Who?

Hoping the new Daleks have a design fault which sends them mad, the old Daleks band together, grow some balls and lock the "New Paradigm" in a dayglo, primary coloured asylum! That won't harm the merchandising "opportunities" which they were obviously created to exploit, while restricting their appearances on screen!
More realistically (!) given the previous war between the Imperial and renegade Daleks (which had identical designs with different paint jobs), isn't it unlikely the old Daleks would simply stand there passively and say "OK, we're inferior, exterminate us"?

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