Doctor Who: First official shot of Doctor and new companion

News Louisa Mellor 8 Jun 2012 - 10:06

The Beeb has released the first official shot of the Doctor with Jenna-Louise Coleman as his new companion, and we have it right here...

All in all, the Doctor is cutting rather a fine dash in this first official shot of him with Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion. The bow-tie is back, as is a rather natty tweed and waistcoat combo. As for the as-yet unnamed companion (though the smart money's on Clara apparently), she looks to be sporting a modern oversized utility jacket and red leather shoulder bag, which is obscuring what could still be the period costume some have been expecting. And they're both smiling, which is nice.

More news on series 7 as soon as we have it.

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The Doc's looking a little more Dapper Gent and a little less 70s Geography Teacher...

Liking the new waistcoat! Throwback to latter Jon Pertwee, early Tom Baker and Colin Baker eras. "Clara" looks a little nervous. As one might expect an out-of-time/comfort zone companion to be. Reckon she is a period character but not as far back as people seem to think. Fifties or Sixties is my guess...

I agree that if she is a period character then it has to be someone from the 20th century.  The jacket makes me think of World War Two which is also a favourite period for modern Who.

I dig the brown bow tie.

She's not in period clothes under the jacket guys she has on a short dress and dark leggings (unless of course the period is now). It seems that this is what Moffat believes all twenty something women wear lol.

Bow ties are cool.

I like the move towards victorian era clothes. It reminds me alot of the earlier doctors as well as Paul Mcgann. I assume it is in an effort to make him look even more British in an effort to appeal to the american audiences.

Blandly pretty young female companion, how exciting. Let's hope she's 'sassy' or 'kookie' too.

This costume is certainly not Victorian but it may not be the first one she wears in the show. Things being shot out of order, Moffat trying to confuse the fans etc...

Or he doesn't want to cast "generic young girl, wearing generic clothes, who works in shop with no distinguishing features or attributes but is somehow special and worthy of hero worship" LOL!

I had heard she was going to be an alien, doens't look like it  unfortunatly, I hope there is at least something unusual/interesting about her character

 Big fan of "Dear John" I presume? great show!!

Indeed,  Like Dodo or Polly or Melanie.  The show does best when The Doctor has a companion who can stand her ground more as an equal.  Maybe this girl has brains and character, like Sarah Jane Smith or Liz Shaw or Donna.

It's pretty common to shoot out of order *especially* when bringing in a new main character so that they can settle in to the the role and give a more impressive performance in their first episode. (Smith filmed Time of Angels first, and most people agree gave a superb performance in the Eleventh Hour, the practice must have helped).

Don't really get your point other than you're not keen on Rose. 

Pah! Can't he have a male companion? Again?

Every kind of Dalek they say for the first episode. The only one I want to see again is the WW2 dalek :)

I mean how would it be a promising start for a companion if she wore what "all the twenty something" people do? That would imply a lack of originality and individuality on her part. 
And as others have pointed out there is nothing about those clothes that couldn't be from a period as far back as 1910.

I wonder how Tardinsexy is dressed, probably something very original and distinctive that makes him special and worthy of hero worship. Lol!

Are you assessing a book originality and personality by its cover? Apparently yes.

Well I don't mind at all that the companion is female as long as the Doctor is male and as long as the companion is not just supposed to be an brainless underdeveloped eye candy - unconditionnaly in love with the Doctor - for horny teenagers and frustrated adults who couldn't nail the sexy girl at school.

I am a woman and am pretty pissed at Moffat's disdain for woman abilities other than the ability to look sexy, and fall in obsessive love with his main character (Jekyll? Check. DW? Check. Sherlock? Check).

Not to be nit picking, but that isn't a Tweed jacket. Tweed is material made by Harris Tweed. He didn't wear Tweed in series six, just some chinese knock off. I miss his original series five look I must say but I quite like how heavily Second Doctor this is. Not at all interested in this new companion. Bring me the series five dynamic back! Am I the only person who still really likes The Gillan? (I'm writing this from Inverness but I'm sure it's not flavouring my opinion)

 Didn't the Moff' said she was the most most of ever ever the Doctor has ever ever encountered? ^^ Or wasn't it Amy Pound? Or River Song? Or last season's plot? Or next season's plot?

I was commenting on the fact that she is wearing a super short dress and leggings under this coat (as I have seen other set photos with her in this costume) and that it is very similar to Amy's clothes. I really don't think women started wearing short-short dresses till the 70's. But as others have pointed out that's not to say that the new companion doesn't start out in period dress. I can't wait to find out! Please don't feel compelled to respond TARDInSexy.

The thought of her being a period character didn't even cross my mind, but it could be an interesting twist. It could be like a Goodnight Sweetheart in reverse, with her visiting our time and seeing how things turned out for modern Britian.

I like her look. She looks more girl next door.

I believe they're currently filming ep11 (or, that's what episode the photo is from) :)

What an pointless response, given the point was that it was in no way a positive that someone conformed with the majority. Where did I say it was a necessity?
God the internet makes me weep sometimes.

Interesting indeed...

Perhaps a subtle clue that she is from the 60s...?

dye her hair red and you got a mini Amy

I cannot judge her based on her appearance, because that probably doesn't speak too much to her character. However, what I can say is that I like The Doc's new ensemble. I imagine this will be "action figure number 7" that he will change in and out of, along with his original garb. Ala' Ten with his brown-to-blue jumps. And hey, Nine changed his jumpa'! What do you want? ;)

Personally, I love it when The Docs change their wardrobe. It becomes too much a "costume" (like Davison's beige explosion) when they wear the exact same thing always. Besides, Smith is literally aging, physically, twice as fast as a normal human. Look how much older he appears since he took over three years ago. Same with Tennant's run. It's like the Presidency. Everyone that enters turns grey in four years or less. These new darker clothes seem to match Matt's aging handsomeness. ;)

So...uh...who's the mysterious figure behind them?

The production team is keeping info very tight to their chest aren't they? we know pretty much nothing about the new companion, only when she joins...

 LOL!, personally I not a member of the Moffat Backlash Brigade, I have liked a vast majority of the last two seasons, I was rather doubtful about the wisdom of having a married couple in the Tardis but I like both characters..  

Oh and remember Rule 1: Moffat Lies.

Aww. That's pretty adorable. A woman who dislikes Moffat? Like I haven't seen that before. I wonder if Moffat's wife(who works with him on Sherlock by the way) thinks this way. Oh wait... she doesn't. Want to know why? Because she isn't a moron. Ya see, you look at Moffat's characters with a close minded approach. In other words, you nit pick. A few of the women characters he's written are sexy... is that a problem? As if he doesn't have that right?

Which ones are sexy? Reinette? Sure. Irene Adler? Sure. Do they fall in love obsessively with the main character? Eh, when I think of obsessive, I think of Rose Tyler. By the way, speaking of her, want to know when she was the most likeable? It was when Moffat wrote her. She wasn't a snotty little bitch who got jealous over every woman that looked at the Doctor. In fact, look at the way she treats Reinette. Then go back and look at how she treated Sarah Jane. Or how she got jealous of Martha in the season 4 finale. That's obsessive love and quite immature. All courtesy of writers not named Moffat. How about River Song? Is she sexy? No. Quirky and flirtatious? Obviously. But sexy? That's just a laughable statement. Obsessively in love with the Doctor? We can go with that I guess but at least it isn't immature because River knows better than anyone that the Doctor isn't exclusive to anyone. He's a time traveler and meets a lot of people. She knows that very well and accepts it. How about Sally Sparrow? Nope. Neither sexy or in love with the Doctor. How about Nancy from The Empty Child? Sorry for raining on your parade but take your idiotic statements elsewhere.

Glad I could drop some knowledge. Especially on a half wit woman who wouldn't know good writing if she was given the brain of Agatha Christie.

Personally I like the Doctor's new outfit. Very dapper and suave, while the color makes me think of mourning clothes (hint.)  As for Jenna, her outfit is fine, and I will reserve all judgement until I see her, though I hope she isn't the typical Moffat companion. (Mysterious, in love with Doctor, the most important person evar, etc.)

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