Doctor Who: Alex Kingston on the future of River Song

News Simon Brew 2 Feb 2012 - 14:33
The Wedding Of River Song

Will River Song return to Doctor Who? Alex Kingston has been asked that very question, and you can read her answer here...

The Radio Times has posted some hints of what to expect from Graham Norton’s interview with Alex Kingston, which is set to be broadcast on his chat show on Friday night.

Kingston, soon to appear in the second series of the BBC’s new Upstairs Downstairs, was asked whether the character of River Song would return to Doctor Who at any point. And she notably refused to rule it out.

"You may see her again. Who knows?" she teased. "Let's just say, Upstairs Downstairs and Doctor Who don't film at the same time."

She also revealed to Norton that she knew “for the whole of the last series” about her character’s specific relationship to Amy Pond, although the other actors didn’t. “They discovered it in that episode when they read the script”, she said, referring to A Good Man Goes To War.

Our suspicion is that we might be seeing River Song at some point during the show’s 50th birthday celebrations, but that’s just us speculating. The story at the Radio Times is here.

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love alex. what else do i need to say?

I wouldn't lose sleep over her not being in all the S7 eps, but I'd like her to be in some for the sake of continiuty. She's the Doctor's wife now, and we can't ignore her for ever, she has to crop up somewhere. Though it is a mystery why, in Dinosaurs on A Sapceship when Nefertiti started hitting on the Doctor, Amy didn't tell her off for coming on to her daughter's husband.

I'm just about unable to stomach any more of her tbh. RTD got flamed for overusing the Daleks, but everybody seems to overlook the fact that Moffat as seriously overused this insignificant non event character!

ooooh fanboi's getting irate cuz his name got spelt wrong:)

But what about RTD and the Daleks??????

Good point. I did not think about that til you mentioned it. I felt very sorry for Alex Kingston. Looking at her character with Matt Smith's Doctor (though its not the actor's fault and I do like him) gave me the creeps worse Steven Moffat "married," her off to a guy who can pass as her son! Oh yuck! Maybe they should have waited when Smith decides to step down from the role and cast an older actor. Might have worked a little better and much more believable.

Hey, hey, wait. When River said "Yo're so young!", she was referring to his eyes. The Doctor goes through a lot of trauma between SITL and when she knows him (Journey's End, The End Of Time, etc.), which made him seem a lot older.

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