Peter Kay on his Doctor Who regret

News Simon Brew 15 Nov 2011 - 13:41
Peter Kay in Doctor Who

Peter Kay has revealed the regret of his career: appearing in the Doctor Who episode, Love & Monsters...

As he launches his latest DVD into the world (which I’ve seen, but won’t bore you with my thoughts here, save for saying you’d be mad to buy it), Peter Kay has given a rare interview to The Express. And as part of that interview, he was asked if he had any regrets in his career.

His answer? His appearance in the Doctor Who episode, Love & Monsters.

It’s probably fair to point out that Love & Monsters is hardly a fan favourite episode (er, quite the contrary), and Kay himself seems quite critical of it. “I loved making it but when I saw it, I thought, ‘Oh my God. I’m big green lizard running around Cardiff? Is that it?’”.

As he then pointed out, “It’s nice to have been in Doctor Who but that is regarded by fans as the worst episode ever.”

He ended the interview by saying that “in ten years time, I’ll be able to do the Doctor Who conventions and charge people a tenner for a photo!”.

He’ll only need to do that, of course, if he’s finished peddling the same material, or variants on it, across his DVDs and books (I say that as someone who's been to a few of his gigs).

The full interview with Kay can be found here.

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Oh come, it wasn't that bad!

Okay, I'd just like to clarify something, My name is Will Grantham, I was the kid that designed Abzorbaloff and I did mention that the original monster concept was the size of a double decker bus. Never was I disappointed with Abzorbaloff at all and I understood why he wasn't so tall the minute I saw him. I did mention this in part 2 of the DVD Documentary Who Peter but unfortunately this was cut. I hope this clears things up.

Haha! No I'm really not sure where you heard that from. The whole disappointed thing is just a media rumour. I wasn't disappointed whatsoever with the Abzorbaloff's final look.

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