New trailer for Doctor Who series 6 episode 12: Closing Time

Trailer Simon Brew
19 Sep 2011 - 07:40

Fancy a trailer for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who series 6, Closing Time? Then take a look right here...

It’s hard to believe that there are just two episode of Doctor Who series 6 remaining, but in two weeks’ time, the latest run of the show will be over. Blimey.

Fortunately, the Christmas special is before the cameras, but before then, we’ve got Closing Time first of all. This sees the return of James Corden as Craig from The Lodger, and it’s been penned by Gareth Roberts.

And, helpfully, BBC America has premiered a fresh trailer for the episode. Which you can see right here, unless you don't, er, want to know who or what is in it…

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