What’s in the trailer for Doctor Who series 6?

Trailer Simon Brew
14 Dec 2010 - 05:46

We’ve seen the trailer for Doctor Who series 6! And here’s where we try and remember everything that was in it!

After the screening of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol last night at the excellent BFI Southbank in London, we were treated to a brief trailer for what's coming up in Doctor Who series 6.

If you don't want to know what's going to be appearing in series 6 (although we're not giving massive things away here), then look away now...

So, what was in there? Well, we wrote it down as fast as our little hands would allow us, and we spotted:

  • The Doctor in the Oval Office. Jammie Dodgers, too.
  • New fashion tips: "I wear a Stetson now," proclaims the Doctor. That's cool, too, he asserts. He might just be right, too.
  • Men in military uniforms looking in bad moods
  • A bearded Doctor
  • A few clips of River Song, one of which seems to find her at least partially bereft of clothes
  • Someone in a spacesuit
  • Even though our memory is trying to convince us otherwise, we're pretty sure there was an Ood in there, too
  • Plus, there's a monster in there we've not seen before

Now, granted, all of this may be our memory playing tricks on us. It had been a long day. But that's what we wrote down on our pad of doom. You can find out for yourself when the trailer screens straight after the Doctor Who Christmas special on Christmas Day.

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