Doctor Who: Matt Smith denies Amy Pond rumours

News Simon Brew
27 Sep 2010 - 06:46

Following rumours that the character of Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillen, may be on her way out of Doctor Who, Matt Smith is jumping to her rescue…

Last week, you may recall, it was revealed that Steven Moffat has something mighty planned for the gap in the midst of the next run of Doctor Who. The current plan, in 2011, is for seven episodes of the show to screen in the spring. Then everything is left on a big cliffhanger, ahead of the show's return for six more episodes in the autumn.

But what is that cliffhanger likely to be? Well, Steven Moffat has promised something that will change the Doctor's life forever, and that Amy and Rory are slap bang in the middle of it all. You can read more on it here.

However, one piece of speculation as a result of Moffat's words was that Amy Pond would be meeting her maker at the mid-point of the season. Given that Doctor Who assistants rarely get killed in action - Astrid, in Voyage Of The Damned, was the last, but before that you're looking back to Adric at the end of Earthshock - this would be quite a seismic moment in the history of the show. However, Matt Smith doesn't see it happening, according to a story at the Press Association.

He said that "She can't die. Amy Pond can't die. No way, I'd be sad. I'd miss Karen." However, further to that he added, "I just think for this particular Doctor, his bond with Amy, I think there's a lot more mileage in it yet. I think there's a long way to go. So I can't see it happening any time soon."

This could all, of course, be part of the game, and as usual, you're not going to find out for definite until next year. But Smith did promise, "Don't worry. I won't let it happen - I'll save her. I'll save the day."

Make of all that what you will...!

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