Rumour: Matt Smith to quit Doctor Who

News Simon Brew
16 Jul 2010 - 08:24
Matt Smith

You might want to take this with the usual pinch of salt, but it's being reported this morning that Matt Smith might be quitting Doctor Who next year...

A tabloid report this morning is suggesting that Matt Smith is set to hand back the keys to the Tardis at the end of his second series in the role.

Smith, who is currently filming the Christmas special of Doctor Who, is reported by The Sun to considering quitting the show once he’s filmed the next series. The Sun quotes “a pal” as saying “Matt plans to quit after the next series. He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood beckons.”


The Sun has a hit and miss record when it comes to Doctor Who rumours (although, to be fair, it’s got a better batting average than the Daily Star), and Smith’s immediate future is clearly in the role come what may.

Is he really going to quit, though? There’s precedent, given Christopher Eccleston’s single-year stint as the Doctor, but until we hear anything more concrete, we’re going to apply a pinch of salt to this one.

A BBC spokesperson, quoted in the article, confirms that Matt Smith is committed to the next series, but “Beyond that, the BBC and Matt won’t speculate on things.”

We’ll keep you posted if you hear anything more, and here’s the story at The Sun.

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