Doctor Who: The End Of Time trailer

Trailer Simon Brew
16 Nov 2009 - 07:13

If you’ve not seen The Waters Of Mars, this is one trailer you might not want to watch…

"My name is The Master."

How can those five words give us geekbumps the size of Alps (proverbially speaking, of course. It'd be a bit freaky otherwise)? Because just as we were sitting there reeling from the hour of Waters Of Mars that had preceded it, the Doctor Who team then threw the first broadcast trailer for the Christmas episode The End Of Time at us.

If you thought The Waters Of Mars took the Doctor to very dark places, then the two-parter finale to the David Tennant train potentially makes it look all upbeat and happy.

In case you missed the trailer, or if you're anything like us and want to watch it on loop, here it is...

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