Neil Gaiman To Write For Doctor Who?

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9 May 2009 - 14:21
Neil Gaiman

Matt Smith's first series in the TARDIS could have a 'Hollywood' writer on staff, no denials so far...

Earlier today on BBC Radio 2 Neil Gaiman was interviewed by Jonathan Ross. The topic of Doctor Who was raised by the broadcaster and when queried about his possible involvement the author enigmatically replied, "It would be nice."

At no point in the interview did Gaiman deny that he would be writing for Steven Moffat's first series as show-runner. Rumours about the possibility of the award-winning writer scribing for the science fiction show have been circulating for for some time, a point raised by Gaiman himself. Many fans see him as the perfect choice for a contributor due to his works such as the comic book series The Sandman and the novel Stardust (which was adapted for the film of the same name). His novella Coraline was recently transformed for the big screen in a hugely successful stop-motion animation film.

So far no confirmed details have been announced regarding the writers for Series 5 of Doctor Who (other than Steven Moffat) though a UK tabloid newspaper, The Sun, 'revealed' that Mark Gatiss could be writing two stories.


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