Doctor Who: Matt Smith battling Nazis at the Natural History Museum?

News Stephen Bray 8 May 2009 - 09:16
Matt Smith

...and a 'Quatermass'-style prof thrown in the mix. If we can believe this news...

In today’s edition of The Sun are two unsourced statements regarding what will apparently be two of the Eleventh Doctor’s first stories.

Firstly, the Doctor will find himself stranded at the Natural History Museum battling “a strikeforce of Hitler’s stormtroopers, not to mention rampaging monsters”

Confusingly, they attribute the idea to “Who boss” Russell T. Davies who apparently says “there would be an Indiana Jones type chamber hidden beneath the floor with sliding stone doors and stuff.”

Typical of the eloquent Russell, then. Hmm.

The second story idea seems to be based a little more in reality. Apparently it will be a Mark Gatiss-penned tale based on this writer’s favourite ever New Adventure, Nightshade. This was Gatiss’ 1992 entry in the series’ canon and featured the wonderful Edmund Trevithick, who had played the eponymous title character, effectively a ‘Quatermass’ replica, on the earliest days of TV. The story involves him beginning to see monsters from his televisual past.

However, where the acceptance of the actual Professor Bernard Quatermass into the Whoniverse (through references in both ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ and this Easter’s ‘Planet of the Dead’) will leave the character of Nightshade remains to be seen.

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