Doctor Who: Planet Of The Dead trailer

Trailer Martin Anderson
2 Apr 2009 - 12:50

The first of the Doctor Who specials gets a trailer over at Auntie Beeb...

It may only have a stated runtime of 45 minutes, but the Dubai locations and wrecked London bus certainly indicate where the money has been spent on Planet Of The Dead, as indicated by the new trailer over at the BBC website.

Click here to view the trailer at the BBC

The deserted location, abandoned transport and terrified stranded passengers reminds me a little of the setup in The Langoliers, particularly when our heroes are menaced by vast hordes of rapidly approaching bitey flying creatures. Luckily the SFX are notably better than the fying Pac Men of the 1995 Stephen King TV adaptation (though that's not hard - check out number 2 at Top 24 Worst Special Effects Of All Time if you're interested in seeing how bad it was).

You can get a better look at the airborne legions of flying jellyfish by clicking the thumbnails down the page a bit.

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Thanks to Rob McLaughlin.

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