Doctor Who: Paterson Joseph set to be named as new Doctor?

News Simon Brew
25 Nov 2008 - 09:39
Paterson Joseph - the 11th doctor?

With odds slashed and speculation mounting, is Mr Joseph about to be named the 11th Doctor Who?

It was on 14th October that the name Paterson Joseph first cropped up in relation to the role of Doctor Who. By that time, David Tennant hadn’t made the announcement that he was quitting the role, but nonetheless, speculation arose that Joseph – who starred in Steven Moffat’s Jekyll – was in line for the keys to the Tardis.

On that same day, we spoke to Paterson Joseph’s agent, who said to us that “If Paterson had the part, it would have come through us, so I think that's a no...". You can read our story here.

However, in spite of that denial, speculation has begun to rise again, to the point where at least one bookmaker has stopped taking bets. Meanwhile, odds on Joseph have now been dramatically slashed, and if you believe the reliable folks at Comic Book Resources (who have a good track record on this sort of thing), then Joseph has been given the role already.

In their story here the site says that not only has Joseph been cast, but he has also accepted the part. And for good measure, the article also reveals that the Tardis console room will be getting redesign for 2010. This could, if true, faciliate the shooting of the show in high definition for the first time, something that the BBC and Russell T Davies had held back on due to the amount of work that would need doing on the key sets.

Now? We sit back and wait. The announcement may yet take some time…

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