Doctor Who: has the next Doctor been chosen?

14 Oct 2008 - 11:39
Paterson Joseph - the 11th doctor?

A breaking rumour has identified the man who may be replacing David Tennant in 2011.

A major rumour is emerging about the future of Doctor Who, and more specifically who will be replacing David Tennant in the Tardis.

With Tenant – as we reported earlier this week – likely to stick around now until 2010’s fifth series, it seems that a change will be taking place in time for 2011’s series 6.

And the name that’s now circulating as the next occupier of the famous blue box?

Paterson Joseph.

Joseph has already appeared in Doctor Who before, in the season one concluding two-parter Bad Wolf/Parting of the WAys (he played Roderick). He’s also appeared in Peep Show and Green Wing, and most significantly of all, Jekyll.

Jekyll, of course, was the last programme to be overseen by a certain Mr Steven Moffat, who takes up the reigns on Doctor Who from its fifth season onwards.

This information has been broken by the excellent, and reliable, Comic Book Resources site, and you can read their full story here.


Paterson Joseph's agent denies the rumour to us, claiming that this was the first they'd heard about it. "If Paterson had the part, it would have come through us, so I think that's a no..."

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