Doctor Who: 'Wholigans' force Tennant to flee Tate play

News Gaye Birch
11 Aug 2008 - 14:21

Doctor Who fans force the Doctor himself to retreat with singing and fake sonic screwdrivers. Legions of villains take notes...

Doctor Who's David Tennent tried to show support for his most recent companion's new gig by attending a performance this weekend of Under The Blue Sky in London's West End, where Catherine Tate, the former Donna Noble, plays the part of Michelle.

However, Who fans got wind of this and showed up in full force, some with props, including sonic screwdrivers. Tennant was reportedly civil to the bunch until things escalated to singing the Doctor Who theme song which threatened to ruin the performance. He chose to leave the theatre rather than let Who mania disrupt the theatre-goers enjoyment of the play.

It's unknown if special sonic screwdriver-detecting equipment will be installed at the door in future or what measures are currently being used to keep the rowdies among the fans from causing a ruckus during David's lead role in Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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